News: Eel, NYC Gay Romance, Tammy Baldwin, DADT Celebrations

Road Play about Prop 8 trial readies for Broadway debut.

RoadAP POLL steady: 53 percent support same-sex marriage while 44 oppose.

RoadSLDN: Guidance for service members participating in 'DADT' repeal celebrations.

Eel RoadSix-inch eel swims up man's urethra.

RoadIan Schrager now has a Chicago hotel: "Ian Schrager, whose indefatigable pursuit of buzz over the last 30 years has produced memorable hotels like the Royalton and the Gramercy Park in New York, the Mondrian in Los Angeles and the Delano in Miami Beach, is about to open his first new project as an independent hotelier since the 2008 financial crash."

RoadVictory Fund endorses three congressional candidates, in D.C., Wisconsin, and California.

RoadRyan Gosling gets all gangster.

RoadCharlotte, North Carolina woman could become first lesbian to serve on city council after primary win.

RoadRyan Reynolds is one degree closer to Kevin Bacon.

RoadMadison-based political consultant on Tammy Baldwin's chances: "Maslin says Baldwin resembles other mavericks Wisconsin has embraced, from Bill Proxmire to Russ Feingold to Herb Kohl, all elected as U.S. senators. She may well be what a Wisconsin maverick circa 2012 looks like, he implies. 'We have a longstanding pattern of senators who march to their own drummer.'"

RoadWATCH: Bill Condon's take on the Twilight series in new full-length Breaking Dawn trailer.

Galentine RoadAmazing 60-year gay romance in the townhouse next to Carrie Bradshaw's in Sex and the City: "It lasted almost six decades, linking two men from their first meeting at the Rockefeller Center skating rink during World War II until one of them, Harold Eliot Leeds, an architect and professor of interior design at Pratt, died in 2002."

RoadLGBTs at the University of Iowa want their own dorm floor.

RoadIranian TV bans shirtless men and love triangles: "Pouria Alemi, a satirist for the pro-reform Etemaad daily, ridiculed the decision in a column Tuesday, noting that state channels currently do not show such scenes anyway and wondering if the measure should instead be aimed at Hollywood. The only half-naked men on Iranian TV are in wrestling and swimming competitions, he wrote."

RoadPoint Break was apparently so great they're remaking it.

RoadJude Law and his pornstache are here to say hello.

Manhattan RoadManhattan: In a 9-foot block of marble.

RoadFormer Belgian football star Jonathan De Falco now acting in gay porn. “For several months I have had a boyfriend. Previously I had a girlfriend, but I always felt attracted to men. I never hid. Since I was 20 I have been in gay circles, but when I played soccer, nobody noticed anything. If my orientation would have been known, there would have undoubtedly problems. The soccer world is not ready for openly gay players. There are still too many prejudices and too little tolerance. “

RoadD.C. police identify murder victim initially thought to be transgender.

RoadB Vitamins may slow onset of Alzheimer's.

RoadAre Jon Hamm and Fabio long lost brothers?

RoadNCAA updates guidelines for transgender players: "The NCAA—which governs sports for more than 1,200 colleges and institutions—worked closely with the National Center for Lesbian Rights’ Sports Project and Griffin Educational Consulting to develop the policy, which according to the announcement 'will allow a transgender student athlete to participate in sex-separated sports activities so long as the athlete’s use of hormone therapy is consistent with the NCAA policies and current medical standards.'”


  1. dms says

    I don’t believe these polls. not only did anti-gay sentiment play a part in weprin’s defeat in NYC, but NC is going to pass anti-marriage in NC.

    These polls are dangerous. Not only do they give a false sense of hope, but it makes it seem like obama is out of step with the mainstream and gives gays false expectations.

    When a major, purple state votes to pass marriage equality by a popular vote (not by the courts) then I might be less skeptical.

  2. searunner says

    The lead-in to the AP poll is misleading. It’s not that 53% support marriage equality (according to this poll only 42% do and 45% don’t), rather, 53% believe the government should give legal recognition to married same-sex couples. In other words, 53% support repealing DOMA.

  3. Rick says

    You mean there is actually a Chinese guy with a penis long enough for a 6-inch eel to climb all the way into it, without it even being erect? Now, if it were an Ethiopian guy, I might believe it, but a Chinese guy?…..(LOL)

  4. Michael says

    You’ll have to forgive Rick. His knowledge of anatomy is on a par with his good sense (i.e., non-existent).

  5. gregory brown says

    those poor Iranians…It’s either “Let’s go watch some sodomites being hanged in the town square” or ” Did your cousin manage to smuggle in any of those hot Hispanic telenovelas where every man over 11 is shirtless half the time?”

  6. Scott says

    Yeah, I’m glad I’m not the only one confused by the AP poll. I think the “majority support” claim is a little misleading, because it seems that answers (from this and other polls) vary greatly with the question. At this point I wouldn’t count on the fickle support of people who probably don’t think about us very often.

  7. Paul R says

    I don’t believe the eel story. Sounds far too much like those urban myths about the parasites/fish/whatever in the Amazon that swim up a man’s urine stream and enter his urethra—all utterly false.

    Even if this were a common “beauty” treatment, something like this would have happened before. And the guy could have grabbed a towel or myriad other things to prevent it from entering him. It was six inches and would take time to get inside him entirely, no matter how lubricated.

  8. metroptomist says

    That story about the 60-year relationship… absolutely beautiful. The photo of them in Rome is one of the most romantic photos I’ve ever seen… I can’t imagine what it must have been like to been deeply in love with somebody of the same gender in the world of the 1940s. Sigh…