1. Dastius Krazitauc says

    I didn’t think Santorum could sink any lower, but chalking up gay soldiers NOT being removed from duty as indulging “sex” and as a “special right” for gays, he’s done it.

    And now that we know how Megyn Kelly feels about gay topics, the longer she stays at Fox News, the more a whore she is.

  2. eds says

    the booing was by me at least expected and he was right about one thing Santorum: “Any type of sexual activity has absolutely no place in the military” but that’s not what DADT was about it prevented any of the brave and honorable men and women who chose to serve from having a personal life outside the military if the happened to be gay and that’s why it was so unfair and wrong not that I expected that animal to admit that

  3. C says

    Disgraceful…even at our basest, most partisan moments, those in the armed forces should be treated with the utmost respect for their sacrifices and dedication to our country.

    Although I already thought pretty lowly of the candidates, I’m shocked to hear they let this happen. It’s shameful that those people were so focused on his sexuality that they couldn’t show respect for his service for America.

  4. Stephen says

    I was watching and couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I found this more disturbing than when the Repugs applauded Rick Perry’s execution record. Thank you Stephen Hill for your service and your coming out.

  5. HadenoughBS says

    No, Santorum, you disgusting piece of GOPer crap, it’s your f**cking party that’s playing social experimentation with this nation. You people are beyond disgusting. You’re nothing but trash deserving to be expelled from humanity. Go to Hell!

  6. andy says

    Well we’ll always have the new definition of that turd’s name. He’s batshit crazy. U all know he brought his wife’s miscarried fetus home from the hospital. Named it. Introduced it to its “brothers and sister” and slept with it in their bed overnight before burying it. I swear its true. Look it up.

  7. kyle Michel Sullivan says

    Yet once again the silence from “Snow White” and her seven dwarves was deafening in response to the disgraceful conduct of members of the audience. Booing a soldier serving in Iraq just because he’s gay? That’s perverse.

  8. Will G says

    Lost in the controversy about the crowd’s reaction was Santorum’s statement that soldiers should “keep it to yourself whether you’re heterosexual or homosexual,” which means he would impose DADT on straights too. This is a brilliant new idea. Kick ’em out if they come out as heterosexual! I say we give it a try.

  9. Scott says

    Come on, there were like three people booing. When santorum received the applause and the camera cut to the audience, I didn’t see anyone clapping. Did anyone else find this strange”?

  10. Akula says

    I wonder how many of those “patriotic” Americans that booed this soldier would trade places with him? I’d bet my life on it that not one of them would they are all cowards of the worst sort. I wouldn’t piss on any of them if they were on fire. It would be really interesting to see what would have happened if there were some iraq/afgan vets in the room.

  11. gr8guyca says

    @ Zack

    What does that comment mean? I infer that you are being sarcastic. If so, of course, there should be discussions about fiscal and international policy, but that’s not what this question was about. It was about DADT and equality in the military.

    btw, the boos this time, were like the cheers for the death penalty
    in the last debate. Disgusting. These people are living in a very bizarre world. Rachel Maddow calls this, “Republicanland.”

  12. paul b. says

    When I was a young boy I was abducted by aliens and brought to this far away planet.
    They call themselves “humans” and this big planet “earth”. I’ve been here almost 60 years and I look to the sky every night…hoping my ship will come and take me home. Tonight, after watching this display by Rick Santorum…I’m praying extra hard.
    I can’t even imagine that he and I are of the same species. I absolutely refuse to acknowledge that.

  13. Dback says

    I made the mistake of reading some comments on today about Obama and his economic plan–they go straight to the most stomach-churning racism, straw-man arguments, name-calling, and grade-school level thinking (including the misspellings) you can imagine. This sort of blind hatred at the expense of reason seems just part of the pattern.

    I keep trying to believe that conservative Republicans really have the best interests of the country at heart, and just have different ways of expressing their passions; however, clips like this just reinforce to me how frightened and pathetic and hate-filled so many of these people really are. And Stephen Hill is putting his life on the line, defending the “American way of life”–which is to have these Americans dishonor him, slime him, and boo him. Wow.

    I honestly don’t see how the red and blue sides of America can come together in the near future–there just seems to be a chunk of the population that is very happy to live with the trolls, and based on some of the clips I’ve seen lately (including the Republican crowds that yelled “Let him die!” when discussing the man without health insurance and cheered when discussing the death penalty), I have a strong opinion on which side seems to be cornering the troll market right now.

  14. David says

    I think that was poor taste and if he was to make it as president I will move to Canada! These holier than thou candidates needs to just get over their negative thinking. Gay people can give their lives for this country and that is OK, but God forbid you tell anyone that you are GAY!

  15. dms says

    I’ve been saying for ages now, we live in a two party system. Either a dem or rep will be president. All of you who have piled on the obama hatred are helping to elect one of these folks. When dadt is reinstated, I hope you are proud of what you have done.

  16. Redebbm says

    There’s no reason to vote with Republicans guys, they have become the party of mean in attempt to find their “soul.” They cheer for letting uninsured die, they cheer for the death penalty. They boo Soldiers who don’t fit in with their perfect fantasy of a country. This crowd and Santorum, as well as most of the Republican party continue to show that they want to sweep LGBT individuals into the closet, they are on the verge of admitting it. They don’t care for soldiers or the average American, they only care about their right wing agenda which envisions a fantasy “Republicanland” that doesn’t exist. Its time we vote these extremists far away from public office.

  17. radical53 says

    It is really time America grew up. Times have changed. Many nations throughout the world have gay and lesbians in their armed forces. Australia has had them for more than a decade.

    There is no threat to the role of the military. It is treated the same as any job which has to be enacted on. Time and place for everything.

    Get a grip, America.

  18. Alosjs says

    LOL! This man is saying “Cancer is good. The sun is green. The sky is pink.” everywhere in this video. If you listen carefully all he is saying doesn’t make sense at all. And people just clap because they are homophobic & don’t even pay attention & are not intelligent like this man.

    “Any type of sexual activity has absolutely no place in the military.”
    There was & is NO sexual activity in the military, it is just that when a straight man says that he misses his wife, nothing happens & know when a gay guy says I miss my husband, not nothing will happen, he will not be kicked out.

    “that we are going to recognize a group of people and give them a special privilege”
    There was & there is NO special privilage to the LGBT community, the ones who had a privilege before were straight men, who could say they miss their wifes and they would not be kicked. A gay guy would say he misses his boyfriend, he would be kicked. So IT WAS the straight people WHO ONLY had this right, to talk about the person they loved. But NOW it is equal, & for no reason it is a SPECIAL PRIVILEGE. WOW!… It’s like “It was forbidden for blacks to eat, only whites (so they have the special privilege), but now that blacks can eat here too they are receiving special privilege (Ummm… Now it’s just the same…).”.

    “I think tries to inject social policy into the military and the military’s job is to defend our country.”
    No, DADT INJECTED social policy, before if a gay man would come out, he was kicked, & a straight would say something nothing happened & no one cared. So it was a problem is the person said he was gay. NOW if a gay man comes out or straight man NOTHING HAPPENS & NO ONE WILL CARE, & IT WILL NOT AFFECT ANYONE SO THERE IS NOT AN INJECTED SOCIAL POLICY ANYWHERE.

    “It should not be an issue. Leave it alone. Keep it to yourself whether you are heterosexual or homosexual.”
    This just proves how stupid this man is, again. & again, keep it to yourself? Why straight men don’t have to keep it but gays do? Also, if IT SHOULD NOT BE AN ISSUE, then DADT MAKES IT AN ISSUE, by making gay soldiers being kicked because of it while WIHOUT DADT no one will care if a soldier says he is gay & nothing will happen, SO THERE WILL BE NO ISSUES. If there are no issues without DADT, then why put it again back as a policy if it is going to bring back the issue if a person is gay or not? This guy just said it shouldn’t be an issue, but he wants it back, when by coming back it’ll bring the issue back, so he doesn’t even know what the hell is he talking about. Oh, and finally, “Keep it to yourself whether you are heterosexual or homosexual”? So, just as gays need to keep it to themselves or they will be kicked, then should heterosexual men need to keep it to themselves or they will be kicked too?

    LOL! ‘Cause he just said that, he said that gay or straight should keep it to themselves, so, that means that just as gays were kicked for saying their sexual orientation, straight men should too. This man doesn’t pay attention to what he is saying, he just throws in the word heterosexual to make it sound “equal” to the stupid people there & who follow this thinking. XD

    This man is SO UNINTELLIGENT! I can’t believe this man’s words. WOW!

  19. Steven says

    I really don’t know what else it’s going to take to convince these ridiculous fence sitters to open their eyes to what could be a living hell on Earth if the Republicans take control.

    Gotta love the arm folders so busy rolling their eyes and sarcastically saying things like “WELL SOME FIERCE ADVOCATE HE TURNED OUT TO BE!” – all the while these loons are sneaking in the back door waiting to snatch away any progress for LGBT persons made under our Democratic president.

    If there’s one thing I “love” it’s spiteful queens playing out their revenge fantasies at the expense of other people’s lives.

  20. MichaelD says

    @John Ozed: Looks like another example of Faux News doing a Breitbart and re-editing video to play the way Rog_er Ail*s wants it to. Santorum appears to be a little sl_ow in his thought processes. What’s up with that?

  21. thebluejackal says

    Alright, the thing that pisses me off is this guy is insinuating that just because someone is gay, they are unable to abstain from sex when it is required of them to serve an important function such as military duty. It’s as if his perfect vision of a military would be one gender of one sexuality. Welp. They shore done screwed that up when they let them wimmin in.

  22. terry says

    I hate to say this but maybe this wasn’t the right forum for the soldier to say this. That crowd reaction was disgusting but I guess we shouldn’t be surpised.

  23. says

    The Santorum answer is only the tip of the homophobic GOP iceberg. Many Republican advisors (including Joe Scarborough and most FOXNEWS pundits) & think tanks put the word out that social issues like gay rights & abortion must be kept low key in the 2012 campaign. Once the GOP has power in all three branches, the rightwing fundamentalists will get their way.

    Any gay person who rationalizes their support for any Republican is a fool.

  24. Quill says

    DADT is a threat to our national security. Any solider who has to stay in the closet in order to maintain their job is potentially blackmail-able. What secret information might a closeted solider pass on in order to maintain their position?

  25. Rovex says

    It always comes down to this for me. Other nations have open gay service members and many are better forces on a man for man basis than the US military. They havent collapsed, they havent suffered, so why is the US military so inferior in the eyes of the GOP that it cant handle gay service members?

  26. BEAHBEAH says

    TJ: “Where’s RICK when there is a perfect example of why being “masculine” will never be enough. Sickening.”

    I was going to post the same thing!

    This video is disgusting on so many different levels. I cannot believe someone would feel comfortable saying this in front of a crowd in this day and age with absolutely no shame. And then the boos and the cheers… What world are these people living in?

  27. sparks says

    Social policy has no place in the military?


    Are we talking about the same US military that gives special privileges and benefits to heterosexual soldiers who are married, and extends health, housing, and social benefits to their spouses and families? The same US military which maintains hundreds of policies specifically dealing with social and behavioral guidelines related to sex and sex-related conduct?

    Okay just making sure…

  28. Robert in NYC says

    Oh I get it, we’re all craven sex addicts and predators joing the military for sexual activity. Disgusting! This is the face of the republican party which includes civil libertarians and tea party scumbaggers. Gay republicans of any label equals oxymoron in my book. How can they sleep at night voting for a party that clearly doesn’t want us to exist, let alone any semblance of equality or respect? I’m sick of all this talk about engaging conservatives to win them over. With hateful rhetoric from Santorum and that bigoted repblican crowed booing, it’s evident they don’t have any intellectual curiosity or common decency. They’re all sociopathic very sick people. Never trust them, ever.

  29. Chris says

    Santorum – what a pandering piece of crap. Here’s what he is:

    He said 3 things which set me off:
    1. “Any type of sexual activity has no place in the military.”

    ANSWER: CORRECT – and allowing open gays to serve doesn’t change that. Sex of any kind is not permitted on-duty.


    2. “Removing DADT is giving gays a “special privilege””.


    3. “Sex is not an issue, and shouldn’t be an issue [in the military].”

    CORRECT – so, if sexual orientation is not an issue, and given that any sort of sex while on-duty is not permitted, I CANNOT FATHOM HOW TWISTED YOUR THINKING IS TO PROPOSE REINSTATING DADT!


  30. kodiak says

    That soldier had a nice set of guns!!

    It’s interesting that Santorum would call himself conservative, when in fact he is functioning from a pathological perspective. He wants to deny humanity to a group of people, he denigrates them with falsehoods, he wants them invisible and voiceless, and he distorts the truth to achieve his needs at the expense of others.

  31. says

    I wish these Republican candidates would publish a list of acceptable occupations for lesbian and gays. I’m an archaeologist- is that acceptable? Probably not because you never know when I might decide to rip my clothes off and start having sex with whichever male is nearby.

    Really, Rick Santorum needs to stop watching gay porn and fantasizing about gay sex.

  32. AJ says

    I’m not trying to Pollyanna out on this but are the antics of people like Frothy Mix starting to seem more and more desperate lately? The public overwhelmingly supports DADT. I don’t think Frothy Mix even knows what it is. The immature booing and being out of touch is shrill and desperate. These people’s days are numbered. Mark my words.

  33. Rin says

    If “sex” has no place in the military, then why is every USO show about scantily clad women walking on the stage and making suggestive comments?

    This guy has no clue about the military because he never served. Go by any military post in the US and there are nothing but strip clubs surrounding it. They swarm the bars looking for chicks and its just this “accepted” part of military life. I wonder if Rick understands that separating sexuality from someone who believes that he may died shortly goes kind of against Nature and that whole propagation of the species thing. More sex occurs during and after natural disasters than at other times.

    Quite frankly, if someone is shooting at your ass and this is your job…you should be able to do whatever you want after hours.

    And when he’s talking about the psyche of how straight men might feel…how, conversely, did gay men feel having to look at nothing but hoochie mamas when they went out with friends in their units? It would be like having an allergy to shellfish and being taken to Red Lobster for dinner.

    The problem with Republicans in general is that they speak about a world that does not exist, never existed, and then attempt to hold people up to those standards.

  34. says

    OK, so… the GOP audiences have cheered lustily for 234 executions, have shouted “CRUCIFY HIM!” (sorry, I mean) “LET HIM DIE” at a hypothetical 30-year old uninsured guy, and now they’ve booed a gay man serving in Iraq.  Is there anything ELSE we need to know about today’s Grand Old Party?

  35. kit says

    Frothy Mix is just a distraction. People can now vote for Romney and think to themselves, “Well, at least I didn’t vote for one of those crazy whack-jobs.” But Romney is just as vile. They are ALL just as vile.

  36. Jeff says

    @David don’t fool yourself about Canada. I live here. It isn’t as socially forward as our press lets you think. Just ask a non-white immigrant (or even an American) how polite we are here and how open we are. BTW not I’m not defending Canada. I am apologizing for it.

  37. Francis says

    Just representative of how much homophobes truly do, from the depths of their souls, hate LGBT people (and supporters). I think we all knew that already, but it’s chilling to see it so blatantly. These people truly in their hearts hate us, and no matter what we do, what we accomplish, how we behave, it doesn’t matter in their eyes. Especially a guy like Santorum, who thinks we’re basically Hell on Earth.

    These conservatives, who are known for being war-hawks and love to tout how much they support our troops and our country, boo this soldier because he’s gay, and their hatred of gay people is stronger than their love of this country, of America, stronger than their very own belief systems.

    The one good thing that comes out of this is it simply highlights just how awful these Republicans generally are.

  38. Reggie says

    Not only were there some that booed, there were many more that did not defend the soldier. In any event, they were ALL shown to be disrespectful, and cowards. Oh yes, it was a rethuglican debate.

  39. says

    for the first time in my entire life I am impressed with a statement from a member of GOProud.

    That said…I’d like them to take it a step further. This wasn’t just an ugly and shameful moment for Rick Santorum, this was an ugly and shameful moment for that room full of Republicans who jeered a brave man and cheered a cowardly bully.

    GOProud needs to address what this video actually shows – that the Republican base has a massive issue with anti-gay bigotry and that their chosen leaders feed it, encourage it, and indeed build political careers out of it.

    That was not a response from “evil leftist liberals” but from the chosen-allies of GOProud.

    They need to address this.

    The Right always wants to “support the troops” but allowing for openly-LGBT service means these Right-Wingers have to be aware that they’re supporting LGBT people.

    and they don’t want that.

    do they love The Troops more than they hate gay people?
    Doesn’t look like it.

  40. Donald Price says

    I don’t think what he said was bad concerning homosexuals in the military. Individuals should be able to make a moral stand against something that is clearly INCORRECT. Homosexuality is not natural and it is not a genetic trait or biological trait, etc… so basically it is something that was picked up after birth. I am not saying we should beat, torture or kill homosexuals but rather continue teaching the correct natural way(heterosexuality). I feel when a person doesn’t genuinely agree with homosexuality from a “moral” standpoint due to it not being natural then that is something that is completely understandable.

  41. says

    Who let the trolls out?

    Donald, dear simple Donald, if openly gay people should be kicked out of the military because homosexuality is not a genetic or biological trait (not that you know it is not), what about the religious? If there’s one trait that’s definitely not genetic or biological (i.e. natural) it’s religion. So to kick the religious out would be completely understandable, right? Soldiers–and Rick Santorum, if he’d ever been one, which he hasn’t–don’t set policy, they follow it. DADT = Dead.


  42. Donald Price says

    LITTLE KIWI, Race and Homosexuality are 2 completely different things. Race is not a choice, Homosexuality is a subconscious or conscious choice based upon environmental factors. I am not homophobic and have some mutual gay associates through my girlfriend but I don’t agree that homosexuality is correct and/or something that is natural. I would not raise or teach my child to be homosexual because I feel it is incorrect. However, I would teach my children the correct way(heterosexuality) because that is what is natural.

  43. BEAHBEAH says

    You wouldn’t TEACH your kids to be homosexual? Are you still living in the Bronze age or something? Who even still thinks like that anymore…

    Get an education and do some research. Clearly you are out of the loop on every study and in depth analysis of homosexuality over the past 100 years.

  44. Ozymandias71 says

    Folks, don’t let ‘Donald Price’ deflect the discussion (which he’s trying hard to do) from GOPers booing and jeering a brave soldier who happens to be gay, to the ‘being gay is wrong, being gay is a choice, blah blah blah’ circular argument.

    Don, I don’t care what your opinion on being Gay is – but what happened at the debates last night is beyond shameful – contenders for the office of the PRESIDENT allowing open scorn and hatred toward a man protecting their freedoms. If a soldier had been so-disrespected at a Democratic-led debate, you can be damn sure that Faux news would be screaming from the heavens about Dems ‘disrespecting our brave men and women in uniform’ – of course the sad irony is that I can’t see a soldier being treated so at a Democratic debate – gay or straight, but apparently the rabid homophobes only ‘support the troops’ when they fit into their own rigid ideology.

    So take your ‘Gays = choice’ blather and save it for a post that’s appropriate for that discussion. Here, we’re talking about the Republican utter disdain for a soldier who happens to be gay – a far cry from ‘supporting our troops’.

  45. Rin says

    @Donald Price

    I’m sorry, but are you from the past?

    Or have you just not read any of the research studies on the physiology of gay men and lesbian woman, such as the makeup of their brains, the amygdala, or statistical protocols on birth order and gay men?

    If this was not something they were born with then why is the brain of gay men different than that of straight men?

    You say its “unnatural” and yet it is occurring in nature, ergo it is “natural”. For all you know it is Nature’s built in population control system, like a shut-off valve.

    And even IF it is 100% environmental, what’s it matter to you? Unless someone makes it a prerequisite for a job or place to live it really shouldn’t bother you at all.

    Just like someone liking the Bruins doesn’t bother me.

    Okay, bad example…

  46. newcityspot says

    WOW. What’s he talking about with sex having to do with anything in the military? And privilege? WTF!!! It’s a privilege for gays to serve openly in the military? Experimentation? He says this as a politician? He doesn’t know about the studies done to see that there would be no negative effect upon others if gay soldiers served the country openly?

    I actually hope this makes Republicans look unpatriotic to the public in general because it is, and we don’t need anyone running the country that would sacrifice our already highly-funded military.

  47. Eric & El says

    We all know Dingleberry is a nitwit…what my problem with his answer was why weren’t the other candidates rebutting his comments that DADT is about sexual act? …..oh i forgot, they are all homophobes and racist (love you Morgan Freeman!)

  48. Whatever says

    Letting gay people do something everyone else can do, in the same way that everyone else can do it, is a “special privilege”? What? Rick Santorum doesn’t know what words mean.

  49. Chuckfll says

    The NOPes are obssessed with sex…All sex. But especially what they see as “dirty, filthy, perverted, dexiant sex. Until they get caught with their pants down at least.
    “They hate most what they fear most.”
    Equally pathetic was Sen Sanitarium’s comments the day after the debate that “I didn’t hear the boos from the crowd…If I had, I would have condemned it.” He was the only person in the hall that didn’t I guess.
    Once again the DOPe party shows it’s true built in honophobia…I grew up in the Jim Crow South…After a while, one gets to know the sound of dogs responding to political whistles. They should be ashamed, but it’s difficult when one has no shame.
    They “want their country back”….Indeed back to 1911. when only white males voted. And “Crimes Against God’s Nature” was a felony in Georgia punishable by electrocution.
    There are tee potty members who, I’ll bet would be happy to holler “YEAH !” at that possibility…

  50. ian says

    it took me a couple of days to calm down over this. generally, as hateful as the repugs can be i shrug it off and then make sure to vote against them, but this is beyond vile and truly enraging. i’ve now come to hope that more moderate republicans, you know, the ones who aren’t insane, and independents will be driven away from the GOP.

  51. mark says

    Sex is not an issue?

    Not an issue among eighteen to twenty one year olds in the military?

    What planet does Rick Santorum live on?

    Was he ever in the military?

    Was he ever eighteen?

    Someone that out of touch with reality is not fit to be “commander in chief.”

  52. Hopefully Evolved says

    You guys have heard about Darwin, right? I think he was not a Republican, but I’m not sure. Anywho, Darwin said the drive to preserve the species (procreation) was the strongest force in nature. So I’m trying to figure out how being gay fits into that. Picking on Santorum because he sides with Darwin is very backwards and bigoted. What’s next, teaching that evolution is wrong? Talk about turning back progress, do you Queers want to go back to those “good old days” when schools taught (and people actually believed!) that “God created the world”? Please tell me you’re not that close-minded and regressive. Let’s preserve the hard-earned progress that we’ve achieved and honor the truth of evolution.

  53. Jeb Goodcarver says

    I noticed that none of the other candidates spoke up in disagreement with this retard. I dread even the concept of a Republican regime taking office after the next election!

  54. Homo Erectus says

    The guy does have a point:

    You guys have heard about Darwin, right? I think he was not a Republican, but I’m not sure. Anywho, Darwin said the drive to preserve the species (procreation) was the strongest force in nature. So I’m trying to figure out how being gay fits into that. Picking on Santorum because he sides with Darwin is very backwards and bigoted. What’s next, teaching that evolution is wrong? Talk about turning back progress, do you Queers want to go back to those “good old days” when schools taught (and people actually believed!) that “God created the world”? Please tell me you’re not that close-minded and regressive. Let’s preserve the hard-earned progress that we’ve achieved and honor the truth of evolution.

  55. Brains says

    Donald Price,

    You simply are not qualified to make such ” incorrect” statements. As a physician and a Phd researcher in genetics, I can inform you that your statements simply do not hold up to scientific fact and research.

    Sexual orientation is genetically predetermined : as we not only see the differential evidence in gene banding, but we also see identical mutations in other primates and species.

    So where do you extrapolate your evidence? In addition, your denial of self is an issue you need to address with a competent psychiatrist: as self denial is distructive.

  56. Brains says


    No he does not have a point: and neither do you!

    Both of you are simply wrong, and out of your intellectual depth on this subject.

    Darwin’s theory of evolution is based on “adaptation of species”, not distinctly survival. Yes, survival is a resulting consequence of this adaptation, but not a causal factor.

    The key aspect to understand is that gene mutations are a result of environmental precursors: which create rapid or slow mutations .

    In a simplistic explanation: all species on earth tend to be bisexual or hermaphroditic in nature.

    The more primitive the species the greater hermaphroditic/asexual reproduction: so, in short, homosexuality has been around for a very long time in the gene pool.

    Evidence in genetic testing also indicates that the particular area of the gene chromosomal band responsible for sexual orientation rarely undergoes genetic mutation: which indicates that there is a “benefit” to populations in its existence.

    The current scientific evidence points to it being the marker for natural population control.

    This is really a very complex field of study; so it is disingenuous at best, given the fact that many vulnerable individuals read these blogs, to make statements that clearly indicate that you are not qualified to make!

  57. TJ says

    HOPEFULLY EVOLVED: Ever study any Evolutionary Psychology? Including how gay siblings support evolution and gene survival by helping the progeny of family members succeed? Just a theory, of course (except for studies showing how younger siblings are more likely to be gay, which sorta support the theories) – like evolution.

  58. TJ says

    HOPEFULLY EVOLVED: Geniuses are rare. Not normal. Their brilliance sometimes promotes the evolution and survival of the species, not necessarily through procreation. And geniuses can be gay. Hmmm…

  59. HOCKEYJOCK says

    I went into this assuming there was going to be a whole audience of booing republicans…and I was ‘pleasantly’ surprised there were only a few boos! Yes, I was pleasantly surprised that ONLY A FEW republicans booed the gay soldier. It’s a funny world when not having a whole audience of republicans booing homosexuality makes it a great day.

    Yeah, it’s bizarroworld though. Republicans boo gay soldiers…yet they cheer for the deth penalty and people dying from not having health insurance. MESSED UP, people. These are the same people who think teachers are selfish and bankrupting the country, and that the EPA needs to be destroyed.

    Also, his argument is ridiculous! Oh, so it’s only gays who make ‘sex’ part of the military…? All heterosexual soldiers keep their heterosexuality 100% secret, unlike those blatant, in-your-face gays, right? Whatever. Such bullsh!t.

  60. Joe says

    No, the “audience” did not “boo” the soldier. I heard only a couple boo’s. The “audience” was in fact respectful. Granted, the answer Santorum gave was not a good one. But you can’t point the finger on the “GOP” for a couple of bad eggs. I swear leftists look for any and everything to attack the GOP.

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