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Oregon GOP Strips Anti-Gay Language from Party Platform


The Oregon Republican party has stripped anti-gay rhetoric from its party platform in a move toward the political center, the Oregonian reports:

Wording that essentially condemned same-sex marriage and civil unions, and that stated such couples were unfit to be parents, was removed from the official party platform during a weekend convention in Bend.

"We want the public to take another look at the Republican Party and our policies," said Greg Leo, spokesman for the state party. "It's fair to say we're more centrist."

The once-dominant party has faded in Oregon. Democrats hold every statewide office and no Republican has been elected governor since 1987. The one bright spot is the Oregon House, where Republicans managed a 30-30 split with Democrats last election.

In remove the language, the Oregon GOP hopes to attract more gays and lesbians and young voters to the party.

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  1. If by removing the language they're changing their position then fine. But I doubt that's the case. It seems more like a "don't look at this thing there in the back".

    Posted by: Syrax | Sep 13, 2011 2:10:58 PM

  2. Changing language is a nice, superficial gesture. You all deserve a nice, superficial pat on the back for it.

    Now try dropping the ideology that wrote the language in the first place.

    Also, the next time you want to convince people you think a certain way, try to not present it as a politically advantageous move. It defeats the whole purpose of your 'nice gesture'.

    Posted by: snooze | Sep 13, 2011 2:26:10 PM

  3. I live in Bend, which is surrounded by a lot of right wing Tea Party craziness. My fear is that this is a Trojan Horse strategy by the Republicans, not to attract LGBT voters, but to get a gay marriage referendum on the 2012 ballot. Once in place, we would see the same thing that happened in California during Prop 8-- millions of dollars in funding from Mormons and other right wing Christians spent to defeat the initiative and at the same time elect Christianist candidates in Oregon. Be wary.

    Posted by: JohninBend | Sep 13, 2011 2:33:39 PM

  4. Anyone who fall for this ploy gets what they deserve if they jump into bed with these bigots. Just because they took out the words, is by no means proof that they have changed. The gop hates gays... period. They also hate the poor, and the working class.

    Posted by: Reggie | Sep 13, 2011 2:49:44 PM

  5. I see. We've reached that stage in our quest for equality where it's no longer chic to be a bigot, and so the Oregon GOP has decided to lie about its real feelings and intentions in order to get elected. They've decided to become wolves in gay-friendly sheep's clothing. One wonders what Oregon's own bigot-in-chief Gary Randall has to say about this?

    Posted by: Keppler | Sep 13, 2011 3:46:36 PM

  6. According to Just Out, the party still defines a traditional family to be between one man and one woman:

    Posted by: KL | Sep 13, 2011 4:08:58 PM

  7. yeah but oregon GOP peeps would not be considered repubs anywhere else in the US. They would most likely fall into conservative dem territory....but in like mississippi they would probably be considered socialist satanists

    Posted by: say what | Sep 13, 2011 4:49:49 PM

  8. I resent that The Oregonian calls Republicans doing decently in the state House a "bright spot."

    They also say that Democrats hold every statewide office. I would consider the state legislature to be a statewide entity.

    Posted by: Paul R | Sep 13, 2011 4:53:42 PM

  9. it's still a wolf in sheep's clothing . no matter what you say it is what you believe that counts. repuks don't like gays no matter how they write their platform. just wait until they are elected they will prove it. don't be fooled by the rhetoric.

    Posted by: walter | Sep 13, 2011 5:02:54 PM

  10. JOHNINBEND, I think you forgot Measure 36 in 2004. The voters of Oregon passed a marriage amendment to recognize marriages only between one man and one woman. So...I don't think the Oregon GOP could put anything else marriage related on the ballot. No fear my friend; I have a feeling Measure 36 will be repealed sometime in the next decade.

    Posted by: CHADINPDX | Sep 13, 2011 6:49:09 PM

  11. ChadinPDX-- The Trojan Horse scenario plays out as follows: Members of Basic Rights Oregon, placated by the perceived change in Republican ideology, move forward to collect signatures for a ballot measure. Once the ballot measure is in place, the Republican Party backpedals, citing feedback from its conservative constituents. Meanwhile, Mormon money starts pouring into the state. The Repubs are just one seat away from taking the assembly and only a few seats away from taking the senate. Congressman Wu's seat has been redistricted in a manner that makes for a more conservative constituency. What an ideal opportunity for a bit of monkey business!

    In response to "saywhat". I understand that Repubs in the Willamette Valley are fairly reasonable, but in Central and Eastern Oregon we've got wingnuts who believe Obama is a Muslim and Social Security in unconstitutional. Read Andy's later post today about the mobilization of Evangelicals in 2012. We could be in for some rough times ahead.

    Posted by: JohninBend | Sep 13, 2011 7:27:38 PM

  12. it's all well and good NOW, but what about when they become the majority again? DO we go back to being unfit parents destined for the fires of hell?

    Posted by: Ryon Mikeska | Sep 14, 2011 4:19:31 AM

  13. @Paul: The paper clearly was referring to that 50/50 House split as being a "bright spot" only from the perspective of the State GOP. The Oregonian is not FOX News.

    Furthermore, the paper is correct in its use of the term "state-wide office," which refers to offices (such as the governor) that are elected by a state-wide electorate. State House members are elected only by voters in their respective districts. How do you not know this?

    Posted by: AtlantaGuy | Sep 14, 2011 6:24:48 AM

  14. Everybody has a right to decide what their life will turn out to be after the age of 18. gay parents are better parents than alot of others who totally ignore their children. my son is gay and very happy with his partner. i feel that everyone has a mind of their own. leave the gay marriages alone.

    Posted by: elaine wright | Sep 14, 2011 12:31:18 PM

  15. Everybody has a right to decide what their life will turn out to be after the age of 18. gay parents are better parents than alot of others who totally ignore their children. my son is gay and very happy with his partner. i feel that everyone has a mind of their own. leave the gay marriages alone.

    Posted by: elaine wright | Sep 14, 2011 12:33:33 PM

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