Oregon GOP Strips Anti-Gay Language from Party Platform


The Oregon Republican party has stripped anti-gay rhetoric from its party platform in a move toward the political center, the Oregonian reports:

Wording that essentially condemned same-sex marriage and civil unions, and that stated such couples were unfit to be parents, was removed from the official party platform during a weekend convention in Bend.

"We want the public to take another look at the Republican Party and our policies," said Greg Leo, spokesman for the state party. "It's fair to say we're more centrist."

The once-dominant party has faded in Oregon. Democrats hold every statewide office and no Republican has been elected governor since 1987. The one bright spot is the Oregon House, where Republicans managed a 30-30 split with Democrats last election.

In remove the language, the Oregon GOP hopes to attract more gays and lesbians and young voters to the party.