1. tom says

    hmmmm back to the future…
    are any of you readers out there old enough to remember the Saturn V series rockets? looks like this one is pretty similar.

  2. Lee Keels says

    So essentially, the best they could come up with was something bigger, but that still only barely measures up (in payload) to what we could do 40 years ago? That’s sad…and we’re stuck with it for 15-20 years. What a horrible step backwards we have taken.

  3. Brian in Texas says

    Lets just all be happy that they have a manned mission on deck. Even though it will take 6 years just for the test flight.

  4. says

    All in all its good news, as Ares was supposed to be the go-between to SLS i.e. waste. Five SSME’s are good, reliable engines. I wonder what the J-2X burns like — wish my daddy still worked at Stennis so I could see a test! 😉