1. ESA says

    The photo alone makes me feel like I’m falling to the ground with needles hammered into my feet. That’s some nutbaggery crazy! I can’t help but wonder what the statistics are for the not-so vertically adept.

  2. Tarun says

    I hope these videos don’t become too popular because we’ll inevitably then see more copycats from kids who are not as adept at climbing such heights and in time, some very tragic accidents.

  3. fritzrth says

    Loved this juxtaposition:

    “… a young man climbs to the top of “Stalin’s Skyscraper” near Red Gates in Moscow at sunset.

    Watch, AFTER THE JUMP…”

    Yikes! B-)

  4. romeo says

    Yikes! When I was young I used to like to go the the observation tower in the Empire State Building after work sometimes because I like heights, but only when it’s safe. LOL

  5. Jeff says

    These dudes can take all the risks they like with their own lives. Thing is, if they did fall, they could take out innocent people just going about their business on the ground.

  6. Hank says

    Didn’t watch- didn’t want to give it a hit. Andy ,I would argue that even posting this encourages copycats looking for attention by putting themselves in danger. This is happening in Russia because it’s a lawless dead-end place full of desperate kids – watching them put themselves in danger is an irresponsible form of entertainment.

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