1. says

    I love it, man fan. It used be called on the down low. Or is it still called that? Well. Whatever it is called now. Did he respond to – for remarks he made on DJ Jo Whiley’s radio show when he referred to gay men as “faggots” and “not real men”.


  2. TampaZeke says

    I liked it all right up until the borderline insinuation that all gay people have AIDS. You get AIDS from having unprotected sex with a person with AIDS, regardless of sexual orientation. You cannot get AIDS from having sex with a gay person who doesn’t have AIDS. This is particularly important for people in the African American community to understand since that community is being hit hard by AIDS; in large part due to ignorance about AIDS AND homosexuality.

  3. jason says

    Yes, I have to agree that the association of gay people with AIDS is disgusting and quite derogatory to gay people in general. When will these rappers learn? We’re thoroughly sick of them. I personally will not purchase anything by a rapper or hip-hop singer these days. They can all go jump.

  4. paul says

    that wasn’t his point…he meant that being in the closet is the damaging thing…he might not have said it in the most articulate way but he does have a point. There is something to be said about men who have sex with men refusing to have safe sex because they don’t consider themselves gay.

  5. C says

    The concern with wording and misperceptions is noted, but really in context it seems like his intent is to criticize being on the downlow…i.e., staying closeted while dating women and sleeping with men secretly on the side, thus possibly spreading AIDS/STDs due to your behavior.

    That’s separate from “gay people” in general. He looks right into the camera and says he doesn’t have a problem with gay people. He even says to be proud of you who you are! I’m glad to have this gesture of support.

  6. Tim says

    He seems, hopefully, to be in the midst of a social evolution. Nice to see him on his journey. Let’s hope he gets there soon and helps stop the spread of rap music using derogatory gay language with such careless frequency. He’s not there, but he’s getting there.

  7. Fenrox says

    Whoa now, AIDS is still a problem and the DL scene has preserved it like it’s 1990. What he is talking about sounds stereotypical but his exposure to AIDS might be limited to just this (I would hope he is aware of the African AIDS problems)

    All that said I wonder how many gay rappers actually exist. I can easily see scenarios where two rappers are in a brief and rare situation of privacy and honesty and one decides that the nature of honest male bonding is kinda gay, cuz it is a bit gay, and then thinking that that other rapper is secretly gay.

  8. Francis says

    I don’t really like that connection he made of gay=AIDS, but at the same time, what cannot be denied is that living a DL lifestyle DOES contribute to a rise in HIV rates. These men ARE living lives as heterosexual men in the outside world. So a lot of people are at risk. And that was what he was insinuating.

    What I don’t like is that people like Game are really only concerned when it’s straight people getting HIV, but don’t make a peep when gay people get it.

  9. Stan L says

    Definitely a big step for a rapper to attempt to be gay-affirmative. Yes, his wording about AIDS/closet cases needs work (lol), but I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

    By the way, the “down low” is not just about Black gay & bi men who are closet. It’s all men who are gay & bi and closeted.

  10. Hollywood, CA says

    An A-List straight rapper defends gay people, accepts gay people, and has said it on video. Amazing. And that’s not to forgive him for his past shortcomings and offensive words against gays, but let’s hope that these positive words linger longer than the hateful ones.

    I also hope that he doesn’t think that all gay people have AIDS, and that he’s just talking about the DL guys who don;t have access to the education and have unprotected sex and then spread it back to unsuspecting partners.

    All in all, a huge step I believe in the hip-hop community. Plus, he is FINE AS HELL!

  11. Dawg says

    Funny how all the people that are taking exception to his “perceived” inference that gays will give AIDS to straight people, but noone has made a comment about the ad on the page that says, “HEART MEN? Volunteer for HIV Vaccine study.”. What’s that implying?! Short-sighted hypocrites. Ever think that the world media is setting it up to appear that it’s gay people’s fault, yet it is much more rampant in black subcultures & societies? Kinda takes eyes off of who is really being impacted the greatest and, therefore, the so-called search for a cure (which I’m sure is already out there) is kept at a slow-progressing rate. Makes it easy to say the cure is slow to come, because it is mainly impacting a small segment of society, that “chooses” their lifestyle. They couldn’t get away with saying that this disease is affecting far more blacks (who cannot choose being so) are dying from this & then not aggressively find a solution. It keeps THEM unaccountable. Think on that.

  12. jeff says

    I kinda liked what he had to say. Don’t so much agree with the AIDS part. The truth is that now more heterosexuals are hiv positive than homosexuals. Anyone with it should be honest. A gay man could sleep with a woman who is infected just as well the he could turn around and spread it that way. Other than that I thought it was great to see someone in his position to speak out positively about homosexuality.

  13. mj says

    Thanks, TampaZeke, that one comment kinda negated any positive in this statement. Not every gay guy is infected with HIV and a lot of straight guys might be infected because of intravenous drug-use. Dude lost me on that one.

  14. Gregv says

    I wanted to like his comment, but the part about AIDS was insulting. I think gay people are so used to being rudely belittled that some of us try to take it as a compliment when we are “politely” belittled.
    Imagine if a white rapper with an already-established history of racist comments were to say that he “has no problem” with black and biracial people and then added that if nobody knows someone is part black then that person should warn everyone so that they won’t catch AIDS from them. Would anyone be talking about how nice he is to say he has “no problem” with other races? Of course not.
    You don’t get AIDS from not knowing someone is gay. People contract HIV from having unsafe sex with someone who has the virus. If you’re keeping it safe, you won’t catch the virus whether you OR your partner is gay straight or bi, white, black or brown.

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