1. Rovex says

    Windows 8 for the easy win here. Im using the developer release on my desktop now. Its somewhat early and has its issues as one would expect for early beta software, but the interface is lovely. It makes iOS and MacOS look very old, limited and dull (which they are).

    I doubt iOS 6 will be out by the time Win8 is released, but even if it was it would have to drastically change to look like a credible rival. Remember Win8 is a unified OS for PCs, Laptops, tablets and even potentially phones.

  2. Gregor says

    I really wonder if Pat Robertson hasn’t lost his mind. Dumping your spouse because they are in the throes of a horrible disease and “the person you married” isn’t “in there” anymore? Is this biblically just? I don’t think Jesus — or even St. Paul — would agree with that.