Towleroad Guide to the Tube #972

TONY BENNETT: His take on 9/11 and what Bush told him about the Iraq war.

JANE LYNCH: "I'm really, really gay."

TRON LIGHTCYCLE: Street legal.

BURROWING OWLS: The coolest time-lapse of a family of burrowing owls you'll ever see, presented by the San Diego Zoo conservation project.

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  1. Tommy says

    Is no one else interested in Jane thinking she was born the wrong gender, but growing out of it? I bet parents with transgendered children would find it interesting. Did/does she consider herself transgendered? If not, why? What made her different from transgendered kids who feel the same way. Fox news would love to exploit this, I’m sure. “Glee Queen: Transgendered kids can grow out of it. I did.” I’m fascinated.

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