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Two trailers for W.E., Madonna's oddly titled feature film, have hit the web. Critics savaged it on its premiere at the Venice Film Festival. The Guardian, in a very British flourish, called it a "primped and simpering folly, the turkey that dreamed it was a peacock" and gave it one star. And so Madonna's directing career continues on its ill-fated course like some unstoppable natural disaster.

For context, W.E. is about the controversial 1930s romance of King Edward VIII and American divorcee Wallis Simpson, and a New York trophy wife who becomes obsessed with them decades later. Judging by the trailer, W.E. delivers the unique awkwardness - crisp visuals, comically wooden dialogue - that we've come to expect from Madonna films. Let's hope her upcoming album is better.

Here's the first, shorter trailer.

Watch the second trailer AFTER THE JUMP.


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  1. Madonna is one arrogant, culture-appropriating, weakly talented hussy. She has done a great deal of harm in her career, including her scams in Malawi. Too bad this failure of a film won't shut her up for good. We'll still see her bloated, surgeried face until she dies. What a let-down.

    Posted by: BRENDA | Sep 3, 2011 11:59:14 AM

  2. Penn: Did you see it, then? What did you think?

    Posted by: Matthew Rettenmund | Sep 3, 2011 11:59:49 AM

  3. Bad reporting/title. Panned is not altogether true is it? Mixed would be a more honest word to describe the reviews. An assortment of reviews can be found here:

    Posted by: Kyle | Sep 3, 2011 12:05:30 PM

  4. This looks pretentiously dull period drama- why would anyone want to make a film about two of the shallowest characters in history?!

    Posted by: jaragon | Sep 3, 2011 12:12:31 PM

  5. If I took seriously every dumb-ass critic who rails against Madonna simply because she is Madonna, I'd never have listened to one of her brilliant albums or seen the wonderful "Evita" or watched her stellar performances in "Dangerous Game" or "A League Of Their Own".

    To deem this movie a failure based on a few negative reviews (there also were some very positive ones that you failed to mention) is a real shame.

    Posted by: shle896 | Sep 3, 2011 12:24:50 PM

  6. People love to forget that he never really wanted to be king. It wasn't hard for him to give up. And it's not like he was penniless afterward.

    Posted by: Paul R | Sep 3, 2011 12:36:29 PM

  7. She was and is talented, yes she's no Streep,"Evita" was fine however.
    Her talent is her music, 30 years now.

    Posted by: Rob West | Sep 3, 2011 1:30:59 PM

  8. She had been trained as hooker and he was a twit- Hitler was planning to put them on the throne as puppet monarchs- they spent their rest of their lives lounging around with the rest of the Euro trash.

    Posted by: jaragon | Sep 3, 2011 1:32:56 PM

  9. Yikes! If the dialogue in the trailer is representative of the whole film I'll be avoiding it (and I'm not a Madonna-hater)

    Posted by: Greg | Sep 3, 2011 2:12:51 PM

  10. Ring a round the rosie. . . .well, that's what they're playing around that tree, ain't it? I felt sorry for the actors.

    Posted by: Christopher | Sep 3, 2011 2:13:41 PM

  11. The movie might actually be terrible, but the media lives to bash Madonna. It's a team sport that brings together all colors and creeds in the media bubble. Again, the film might be genuinely bad, but you simply can't trust the guardians of the culture to be fair when it comes to this woman.

    Posted by: Turtle | Sep 3, 2011 2:31:38 PM

  12. Madonna wants to be an inbred upper class British twit and she made this film because she can identify with the Nazi-loving Wallis Simpson.

    (I mean, she married Guy Ritchie for God's sake, how much proof do you need?).

    "They will never accept me," simpers Simpson in the trailer, and you can hear Madonna sigh. I liked her much better when she was Italian American and from Michigan. Now she seems to think she's the Duchess of Cornwall or summat.

    Posted by: tarraraboomdeeya | Sep 3, 2011 2:46:26 PM

  13. @ Jaragon - I hope you realize the irony in your comment about who would want to make a film about two of shallowest people in history...only someone as shallow - Madonna!

    Posted by: Tagg | Sep 3, 2011 3:09:39 PM

  14. Sheesh. People do love bashing Madonna. If you don't like her, why waste the energy? I don't get it.
    And, yes, there have been positive reviews, but that, conveniently, goes unmentioned.
    Let go of the hate.

    Posted by: GregSD | Sep 3, 2011 3:20:50 PM

  15. That scene made me dizzy.

    Posted by: Karl | Sep 3, 2011 3:22:09 PM

  16. Listing all of you haters. This movie will probably be better than all the F*** remake or prequel bursting from Hollyhood lately.

    If its only a great perfum add like some critics have said, well for me , it enough to go and see it!

    I love Madonna!

    Posted by: Dominic | Sep 3, 2011 3:22:29 PM

  17. For reference, W.E. stands for Wallace & Edward. It was their signature monogram and the late Duchess had it embroidered on cushions, towels, etc. She also had it embossed on some of her spectacular jewelry. Both Their H.R.H. used it in their correspondence. Despite the usual and vicious criticism Madonna receives whenever she ventures into film, I intend to go see it. I, too, have been fascinated by The Duke and Duchess of Windsor. Good luck, Madonna. Most of the people who will tear into you haven't done a goddamn thing with their tired, boring, petty lives.

    Posted by: jamal49 | Sep 3, 2011 3:50:36 PM

  18. Why do gay men only like their women to be tragic? Give them a strong, self-assured woman and they simper like babies, spewing the most vile diatribes they can muster. I love that Madonna is a survivor in a world that likes to throw things away at a rapidly increasing rate.

    Posted by: jamesintoronto | Sep 3, 2011 3:56:29 PM

  19. @JamesInToronto: That's absurd. Gay men are known for loving strong women, even if you dislike them (I dislike most). Cher. Better. Barbra. The list goes on. Even heard the word diva?

    Posted by: Paul R | Sep 3, 2011 4:34:17 PM

  20. I have long referred to the late Duke and Duchess as the most conspicuously useless couple of the XXth Century. If the movie focused on that aspect, I'd like to see it.

    Posted by: Robert | Sep 3, 2011 5:24:20 PM

  21. for the reccord. thats not a trailer. thats a clip.

    Posted by: Alex Paris | Sep 3, 2011 5:27:43 PM

  22. I watched the trailer and got a whiff of it. Sorta musty and dusty at the same time.

    Madonna's films prove one can never outgrow completely a Catholic education.

    Posted by: Something smells | Sep 3, 2011 5:31:47 PM

  23. WOW you guys!

    This wasn't "panned", it had "mixed" reviews, SO FIX YOUR HEADLINE!

    I'm looking forward to seeing this movie, like all movies.

    WHY would I care what some supposed critic says about something that I HAVEN"T SEEN!??????????????

    Again, WOW! with your nonsense and hate.
    I am starting to HATE you queens too, so there you go.

    Posted by: Marc | Sep 3, 2011 5:51:38 PM

  24. I love Madge sooooooooooooooooo much, but she needs to give up doing movies. Can never hate her for any reason.

    Posted by: Chitown Kev | Sep 3, 2011 5:54:34 PM

  25. The background music is more annoying than the dialogue.

    Posted by: Perry | Sep 3, 2011 6:37:20 PM

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