Watch the Trailer for Madonna’s New (Panned) Movie

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Two trailers for W.E., Madonna's oddly titled feature film, have hit the web. Critics savaged it on its premiere at the Venice Film Festival. The Guardian, in a very British flourish, called it a "primped and simpering folly, the turkey that dreamed it was a peacock" and gave it one star. And so Madonna's directing career continues on its ill-fated course like some unstoppable natural disaster.

For context, W.E. is about the controversial 1930s romance of King Edward VIII and American divorcee Wallis Simpson, and a New York trophy wife who becomes obsessed with them decades later. Judging by the trailer, W.E. delivers the unique awkwardness - crisp visuals, comically wooden dialogue - that we've come to expect from Madonna films. Let's hope her upcoming album is better.

Here's the first, shorter trailer.

Watch the second trailer AFTER THE JUMP.