‘A-List: Dallas’ Cast Member Taylor Garrett Insists GOP-Bashing Hate Crime Against Him is Real

In an interview with the Huffington Post, A-List: Dallas cast member Taylor Garrett insisted that the rock thrown through his window with a Republican-hating note attached is a real attack against him (despite the broad consensus of most outside observers, and the face that it took him four days to report it) and not something he made up as a publicity stunt for the reality show, which premiered last night.

Garrett_coulterHe tells the HuffPost:

There's a group of people that have a hate website out on me. I don't think they did it — who knows who did it? Obviously someone who doesn't like "twinkly Republicans" [laughs]…I don't think a straight person would have written that because straight people don't use the word "twink," you know?"

Garrett also says he disagrees with everything Ann Coulter believes about gay people:

I don't agree at all with any of her gay stances. I support gay marriage. I am very happy "don't ask, don't tell" was repealed. I admire her on her other conservative view points, like abortion. She's famous for being out there and I admire her in a way. But I want to make it clear: I do not agree with any of her views on the gays.

Garrett says he now feels like he has to watch his back:

It's actually made me very fearful because a lot of people were tweeting things like, "Too bad the gays don't know how to use guns and bullets instead of rocks." That's really scary. It has made me realize that I have to be a little more careful with my safety.

Check out the rest of the interview here. Does any of it convince you that he might not have made it up?



  1. says

    Telling someone they’re an effing idiot for being a member of the GOP isn’t a crime, it’s a public service. Telling them that with a rock through the window is a crime (not a hate crime). Fine lines, I suppose.

  2. says

    @JIMMYD Yes, he explains that, very acceptably.

    I think I believe him now. This was a much, much more thorough explanation than had previously been given. I also agree with him that this is likely a “gay-on-gay” crime. Let’s be honest, our community is pretty intolerant of anything that doesn’t fit in the “16 – 35 yo., cute, skinny, white, progressive democrat” label – even here in the DC area. Take that intolerance and add a dose of Texas angst.. No big surprise that someone threw a rock through the “twink[‘s]” window.

    I’m not saying that he’s not a crazy, stupid kid whoring himself out for his 15 minutes… I just think that we’ve probably been far to quick to discount his account of the incident.

  3. justme says

    If you’re going to lie, at least have the decency to lie well.

    The entire idea of a note on a rock is so cliche as to be beyond absurd. And it’s not a coincidence that the note just happens to be worded exactly the way this idiot would word it (he only wishes the world thinks he’s a twink — and since when is that even an insult?), as opposed to the way someone in the real world would word it.

    Of course he’s lying. If you fall for it, shame on you. That man’s a moron.

  4. Kenton says

    Obviously Taylor wrote the note using the word “twink” to prove that a gay person wrote it. Gay people don’t use the word “twink” that often. Isn’t a twink defined as 18-21 anyway? Taylor is no twink.

  5. says

    There are three HUGE holes his his silly little story.

    He says there was glass on his balcony. Which… how is that possible if the rock was supposedly thrown from the outside to inside?

    He says there were supposedly (death?) threats about bullets and guns on Twitter. Except searching for anything close to that from Tweets from the last few days has turned up nothing. Zero.

    He says that he didn’t know about it because it only broke the outside glass and not the inside glass… but the picture he deleted from Twitter clearly shows a single-pane window.

    Add to that his silly Tweet about how his apartment had a breeze because of some liberals when later he said that it was just one pane of glass and not the inside one.

    He’s making it up. I’m more convinced than I ever was.

    (and let’s not even start with how he wasn’t “just having lunch” with Ann Coulter, he was literally cuddled up with her in that picture.)

  6. MrJ says

    @AARON since I don’t know where you live, please accept this as a rock through your window declaring my amazement at your gullibility.

  7. Hollywood, CA says

    Where are the tweeted pictures of the broken glass? Where are the pictures of that? Is his home owners insurance going to pay for it? What company replaced the glass? Did anyone contact the manager? Can anyone in the building confirm this? He didn’t call the police right away? I mean… hate crime 101, right? I just don’t get it unless it’s all a lie… that I get. Not watching the show, that’s for sure.

  8. LincolnLounger says

    Have any of you people been to Texas? Why bother reporting it? Because the cops in TX are so diligent in dealing with LGBT issues? He does political fund-raising as a gay Republican. Whoring himself out in that VERY tolerant state would gain him how?

    I totally believe this story because many of the people who post on this site would be the first to throw a rock through any gay person’s window who DARED not march lockstep with the Democrats. The vicious vitriol among those who preach — but don’ practice — tolerance is astounding.

  9. Cassandra says

    Many homophobes online use the term “twink” – and usually, inappropriately. And the “embarrassment to the gay community” is a standard talking point of homophobes when they are trying to shut someone up.

  10. Mark says

    Lovely. A gay male equivalent of Michaele Salahi. And every bit as interesting.

    Are reality show producers recruiting “talent” directly out of mental institutions now?

  11. BBOCK says

    Did anyone notice that “A-List” is capitalized like the title of the show while “Z-list” is not. It’s not conclusive, but I think it shows that someone from the show cooked this up.

  12. Chip says

    I briefly dated a gay conservative Republican Christian and he was the most screwed up guy I ever met, and very dishonest. He lied constantly and even sold drugs on the side. Somehow he was able to justify it to himself, but I was outta there. And regarding the first comment here, no, sadly, he was not a freak in bed either. Bo-Ring.

  13. domicile says

    so in other words: “i cooked up the whole thing with the help of my reality show producers and i only had lunch with coulter b/c I REALLY WNNA BE FAMOUS…please make me famous please please please…”
    reality tv people share the same cesspool of humanity as politicians and religious figures
    and one question…the conservative republican went to huffpost to give his story??? the liberal digest? why not the conservative blogs and papers and the goproud gazette???

  14. jw says

    “on the gays”
    telling language choice
    putting the article before gay
    it’s removing oneself
    it’s objectification
    not me but them

  15. walter says

    any gay man that could be that close to ann coulter and not throw up is capable of anything. this whole thing is a stunt. logo should be boycotted until they clean up their act.

  16. V-8 says

    he should go have some tea with Bethany’s producer, who concocted that boating incident for her show…

  17. Laura says

    There is no way someone threw that rock over a second floor balcony and into a double-paned glass door with enough force to break it. Unless Nolan Ryan is the culprit. Then…maybe.

    Had my apartment broken into once. The thieves had to use a chair while standing in front of the door, swinging full force, to break the glass and that was a single pane.

  18. Jesse says

    Sorry – no sympathy for people who put themselves out there on reality TV and then whine about having to watch their backs. I just don’t have any. If you want the attention, you’re going to get it from all angles so be prepared. No sympathy.

  19. Kyliedawg says

    silly billies, this story HAS to be untrue….everyone knows the gays can’t throw….

    unless it’s a party, a wedding, a shower, a soiree…..

    and i can understand being a gay man who doens’t like a famewhore or desperate attention seeker who happens to be gay, but a gay man who doesn’t like “gay men”?

    that’s kind of sad :-(

  20. Paul R says

    @Kyliedawg: I’ve known quite a few gay men (myself included, as well as others on this blog) who don’t like quite a few gay men. But that doesn’t mean all of them. And there are also plenty of straight people and lesbians I dislike!

  21. Sean says

    He works as a GOP fundraiser in a state where the GOP includes re-criminalizing gay sex as one of their goals in their state political platform. Not that I believe in violence, but I am surprised worse threats or violence hasn’t happened to him. He is a Quisling to the Texas gay community.

  22. says

    Garret is confused and sells himself out to hate and bigotry. It’s no wonder the local LGBT community is fed up with him. That little “twink” has the audacity to pose for a picture with hate monger Anne Coulter? Ick. He disgusts me.