1. Not Udderly Ridiculous says

    I think he came out with gusto. Great, we could use more of that.

    And you can be gay and make no apologies for it, and enjoy it and laugh about it.

    And he just increased his chances of getting a date for Saturday night. Good for him, good for everyone else.

  2. Mike says

    As we’ve seen time and time again, even in the comments here at Towleroad, being homosexual doesn’t mean that you can’t be homophobic. In a society where homophobia is so deeply ingrained, most of us have to deal with our own internalized homophobia at some point, if not for all of our lives.

  3. Mark says

    I think it’s great that he came out, but I’m kind of shaking my head. Being gay isn’t a defense to a charge of homophobia. There are plenty of homophobic gays, just like there are misogynist women. (Look at the Concerned Women for America!)

  4. jason says

    I have to agree with the first poster on this thread. Yes, a person can be gay and homophobic. Your state of sexuality does not necessarily make you favorable towards that sexuality.

  5. rovex says

    The problem is this notion of a homophobic homosexual is being misrepresented. Being gay means you want to have sex with members of the same sex, it doesn’t mean you have to have an affinity for nelly queens or hyper-masculine muscle marys.

    Being homophobic means you hate homosexuality, not some homosexuals. Im gay but there are plenty of gay people (and straight people) who drive me to distraction.

  6. Gigi says

    Homophobia – unreasoning fear of or antipathy toward homosexuals and homosexuality.

    We can be gay and homophobic, both at the same time. Just look at Tony Perkins and Peter Labarbera. I’m glad that Mr. Callan came out in this very public way. Judging from the host’s reaction, this isn’t something people do every day in Ireland. And listening to Mr. Callan’s remarks he seems to have internalized the homophobia around him, stating that he doesn’t have to skip down the street wearing a feather boa and high heels as a proclamation of his orientation. As if. Who could skip in heels?!?!

  7. rovex says

    I agree you can be gay and homophobic, if you self hate, but enough with calling every gay guy who dislikes fem guys ‘homophobic’. Not all gay men are fem, so the dislike of fems has nothing to do with homophobia at all, its simply the dislike of fem guys, be they gay or straight. In fact i find the ones who claim it is are the narrow minded ones, they are unable to accept that a gay guy can be anything other than feminine.

  8. jj says

    While it is nice that he came out, especially on live Irish TV to a warm reception, the parodies he made of Gaelic football star Paul Gavin, basically for being metrosexual off the field and having a Beckham-like interest in fashion, still strike me as homophobic. Or I guess now, self-hating.

  9. ohplease says

    How can he be self-hating when he’s clearly not self-hating? That makes no sense whatsoever. Did you not watch this clip? Publicly announcing you’re gay and joking about it and saying it isn’t important and that gay people are everyone and everywhere sure doesn’t make him look to me like a man who is riddled with self-hate.

    The idea that you can’t make jokes about metrosexuals (not even gay men, but preening, narcissistic, silly metrosexuals!) without being either bigoted or self-hating is complete and utter nonsense.

    And this on a site where gay men rip other, actual gay men to shreds every single day!

  10. Rovex says

    JJ its not self hate!! Being metro, camp, fem, etc has NOTHING to do with being gay. You can be those things and gay, but they arent gay only. I feel quite free taking the P out of such people, because it has nothing to do with sexuality. Straight men can be fem queens as well.

  11. says

    Being Gay does not prove you aren’t homophobic, just like being Black doesn’t prove you aren’t racist. Some of the most prejudiced people I know are African-Americans . . . prejudiced against their own kind!!! A tendency to spout crass jokes about Gay people is a very good indication of internalized homophobia.

  12. Mark M says

    Kudos to Oliver for coming out. He’s very funny up-and-coming comedian, and does sharp impressions.

    Two things are getting mixed up here: some people were getting offended because he was making fun of them in his comedy, especially a metrosexual Gaelic football player called Paul Galvin. Galvin used the homophobia card against him (ironic given that he also continues to insist he is straight, and also fine with being perceived as being different from his teammates). Don’t think that is fair on any comedian, no matter their sexuality.

    The other idea is the extent to which homophobia exists. And the reality is that all of us, gay or straight, have varying levels of homophobia just from growing up in a homophobic culture. Try this test on yourself: Is there someone in your life who you think is too “nelly” or too “butch”, or who uses those terms, and is that a personal judgement or is it homophobia creeping through ?

    So ultimately of course Oliver can be somewhat homophobic even while being gay. The reality is that he is likely to be less overtly homophobic than others, especially after coming out as he has.

  13. Andreas says

    This lad isn’t homophobic! He’s a comedian! He makes fun of many people and in Paul Galvin’s case, it’s just because Galvin wears campy clothes and has a fashion column on a newspaper. He’s also a footballer. That’s why many people make fun of him, it’s just unexpected. Most people thought Galvin was a closeted homosexual since he started talking about clothing and skinny jeans. He’s the one YOU should be calling a homophobe since he feels it is insulting to be called gay or suggest that he likes men. Galvin said watching TV with his mother when Callan was making fun of him about being gay was ‘excruciating’. Who’s the homophobe?

  14. Chitown Kev says


    I may have to go back and read these other comments but I don’t think that anyone is saying that Callan, himself, is homophobic.

    But he’s wrong about the implication that you can’t possibly be gay and homophobic at the same time…

    In fact, many (if not most) gays were homophobic at one time. Many still are.

    Closeted gays are homophobic (and no, I’m not talking about the Anderson Cooper type of being closeted).

  15. Rovex says

    Im not sure its homophobia as such anyway. Some gay guys just dont like other types of gay guys. Its nothing against their homosexuality, its against heir general behavior.

    Get really here, the nelly queens who hate the ‘straight acting’ gay guys are also being homophobic..

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