1. Sancho says

    ‘It’s very stressful, waking up Monday morning and saying, ‘Can I still see the vein in my abs?”

    Must be awful. And to make all that money, too. It’s a wonder the poor man can even get out of bed and function.

  2. Hollywood, Ca says

    @ SANCHO – I don’t think Henry is saying “poor me, my life is horrible.” But, it’s so easy to take something and twist it into something it’s not, especially since he’s not here to defend himself.

    Try not to be an a$$hole for the rest of your day.

  3. david says

    Interviewers ask questions. Actors answer them. If he’s talking about how he was once fat, it’s highly probable that he didn’t randomly volunteer the info.

    Also, this is Men’s Health magazine.

    If you think I’m stating the obvious, I am. Apparently people need it.

  4. William says

    American,British and worldwide school systems should adopt and enforce a no tolerance policy regarding peer bulling of any nature. Insulting,attacking or abusing another student should be grounds to be immediately and permanently expelled. Then,let the parents of these bullies pay out of pocket to educate their evil brats.Parents must be made responsible for controlling their children’s behavior.

  5. Mike says

    My girlfriend has had the hots for him ever since she saw her first episode of The Tudors…honestly, not being gay here or anything, but i can kinda understand why. He is a handsome dude, i can see why the ladies love him. That being said, The Immortals looks like a good movie. I suppose i take her. It will be a win win for both of us, she can look at henry cavil and i can see a good action movie that kinda looks like Gladiator/Braveheart meets 300.

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