1. bandanajack says

    he is a SERIOUSLY good orator. yes, i can see a 2016 run. how establishment he is is worrisome, but he seems to have demonstrated that he can swim against the tide when necessary.

  2. Gary Brubaker says

    I think you’re right, Moony. He’s warm, likeable and has a way of bringing the conversation back to the centre/progressive majority. For a presidential candidate the Democrats are finally figuring out that the candidates might be well-educated but they are also likeable. Kerry picked Lieberman, dooming the election, in spite of running against Bush and Cheney, and everyone fell asleep through Election Day. Now we can see where Lieberman’s bread is buttered. The Democrats also need to bring candidates into the game that can take on the corporate ‘human,’ courtesy of SCOTUS.

    Judging from the line of loonies running against Obama I hope that he can switch gears and, like so many Democrats take charge of the direction, NOT responding from the GOP talking points. Screw them! We all know how they are successful in elections. Whisper campaigns filled with lies, dumbing it down unintentionally, and scare them with gays and lesbians with a side of those evil neighbours to the south.

    Cuomo is much better than his father on warming both sides, in spite of the state GOP infrastructure. In many ways much of the help was made by NOM. The level of hatred spewed by Mary Gallagher, coupled with watching the GOP attempting to thwart the passage of Marriage Equality opened their eyes that the GOP is controlled by theocratic plutocracies, and people throughout the state are not fooled by what has occurred with regards to their intention to filibuster every Bill that is sent to the floor that is from the Democrats. So, in spite of a global disappointment of his first two years being a dialogue directed by the minority GOP Obama needs to throwing back all of the dirt they threw at him, as there are so many points for him and the Democratic Party can use against them. The South needs a strong push, but I would attempt to aim for the States that Obama won, pushing the message of GOP terror and blocking everything that didn’t help anyone, and in the next year turn the tables on the Election year. Biden needs some new teeth as well. We know it’s difficult for cloture for a vote that will pass. He must step up to the mark soon or we might see Cuomo as part of the second election team, followed by his nomination as the presidential candidate in 2016.

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