1. Jack M says

    This all comes from being famous and cocky and thinking it’s cool to use the N word and the F word to prove your dominance and masculinity. IMO, Diddy has always been a legend in his own mind. He needs to take a good shot of humility and realize he’s not the center of the universe.

  2. jakeinlove says

    LOL. Seems like someone has a chip on her shoulder cause she either feels inferior to ‘light skinned’ African-Americans or he can’t get one of the male persuasion to sleep with him.

  3. Bob R says

    Great way to represent Ciroc. If I were President of the company, P Diddy would be P gone as spokesman. Besides, I think Grey Goose is a good vodka although I prefer Stoly. Haven’t tried Ciroc and now I won’t bother. All a matter of personal taste.

  4. AllBeefPatty says

    Hi Mr. Diddy,

    Just so you know, hip-hop,(c)rap, thug-life, and your entire brand is played out.

    Just go away. You’re yesterday’s news.

  5. justinw says

    Is anybody surprised that he would act with less self-control than a typical two year-old toddler? It’s difficult to believe that he somehow became successful – but it’s clearly ruined him.

  6. Paul says

    Children of God promote the devil-juice that is vodka? Sweet suffering Christ! What’s next? Adele sponsored birth control? Repent!

  7. Francis says

    The apology seems contrite and I accept it, but Diddy still is an idiot, which this incident clearly highlights. And dude is what, early 40s? Time to start growing up, Mr. Combs.

  8. Jeffrey in St. Louis says

    @Bob R: Ciroc is good. Distilled from grapes, it retains a nice floral/fruity quality to it while maintaining a nice smooth vodka quality.

    But I also prefer Stoli, and if Ciroc is going to spend money on an ass clown like P Diddy, then I think I’ll stick with Stoli.

  9. Hollywood, CA says

    Ugg, that video looks like my worst nightmare. You would think that once you achieve so much success you would leave some stinky basement club and be seen in a cool joint.

    And I’m not trying to hear any gay slurs coming out of this DL has-beens mouth. Go have some more kids…

  10. StillmarriedinCA says

    @Hoodooguru–I second that. Yes, please remove “Sean’s” comment above. Disgusting, racist, offensive idiot.

  11. princely54 says

    Diddy apologizes for being caught on video whilst being a turd. How unique.

    And @ ‘Sean’, you are no better.

  12. bruce says

    He likes to visit the gay clubs in Ibiza. Why does he go to gay clubs in Ibiza and then troll white guys. All he does (snif shif) there is be really rude to gays.

  13. Danny says

    actually, what causes this is too much vodka. don’t matter what brand. that child drinks too much.

  14. Roman Bolliger says

    Someone who has changed his name as often as this “artist” did is likely to change his opinion whenever it suits him. So dont take his apology as an authentically serious one: He doesn’t really mean it, it’s just because of the money.

  15. Gonzo says

    I don’t think this is what MLK visioned in his dream. Sadly, several African-Americans behave like this today.

  16. Giuseppe says

    So glad that I never splurged on that Ciroc vodka, even if I am eager to find a good coconut vodka… Stoli and Greygoose, I hope you are listening…

  17. jamal49 says

    Really classy @Sean. One of your typical d!ckhead comments. As for Diddy, it’s time for that tired, DL, yoogli little b!tch punk to get lost. Diddy, be careful. Somebody’s eventually gonna rat your homo-@$$ out.

  18. Liam says

    Diddy owns Ciroc so I don’t think he will fire himself unless the Vodka sales start tanking because of this. I don’t think that is going to happen. He is making 50% of the profits which could translate into $100 million.