1. EP says

    Awesome ad Bevan! I had a blast working with you on this ad and I will have a blast voting for you as my #1 choice for Mayor of San Francisco on November 8th!

  2. says

    Bevin is a single Dad and a very good one. It isn’t easy raising a child alone and being before the public eye. He pretty much has the gay vote in SF but that’s about 27% and despite being the “gayest” city in America, we’ve never had an openly gay mayor. He’s got our support.

  3. youngSFlawyer says

    It love this touching commercial. If San Francisco leads the pack in terms of accepting families of all shapes and sizes then I we should remember that our community has made a lot of progress -things have gotten better- but that we have a lot of work ahead of us. According to the Associated Press, 23% of San Francisco county voted in favor of Proposition 8 in 2008.

    It’s wonderful that the vast majority of San Francisco voters respect our community’s interests but this is not the time to stop to rest.

    We are not the hare, we are the tortoise. And no step toward to wider social acceptance, however small, should be discounted.

    Its a beautiful commercial that celebrates the individuality of the family while simultaneously underpinning the collective investment society has in the concept of family.

  4. suede says

    MUNI is the worst run public transport system. Third world countries run better public transport systems than MUNI.

    I’ll take Bevan over Ed Lee, who hasnt let a peep out about #opBart or trigger-happy SFPD cops.

  5. bryce says

    i hadnt heard that bevan was attacked for starting his ‘non-traditional’ family. but he has been roundly criticized for using his child as a political tool.

    bevan was supervisor in my district, and i did not have complaints about him then. i will not, however, be casting my votes for mayor based on the sexual orientations of the (dozen or so) candidates.

  6. tranquilo says

    Again: what are his accomplishments? His vision? He’s gay and is frustrated by MUNI, and….?

  7. justme says

    Tranquilo, I bet if you look you can find a website about his candidacy that could answer all your questions or provide you with contact info so that you can ask them directly of his campaign office.

  8. Charles Lemos says

    Yeah, John Avalos is the true progressive in the race. Dufty is a nice guy and Sidney is a lovely girl. I see them in and around Duboce Park and the Castro. All power to him as a gay dad but keep him away from Room 200. He was a mediocre supervisor and a bland politician. Dufty will finish fourth at best behind Lee, Avalos and Herrera.

  9. PixelWizardSF says

    Makes my skin crawl.

    Apparently reproduction is his only demonstrable skill.

    He never does shut up about that child. His every public speech is, cloyingly, laced with tales of parenthood. It’s no less tedious than an old grandma’s bragging.

    After years of ‘service,’ nothing in Bevan’s record lights up as original or creative. No way I would vote for him (except for dogcatcher).

  10. John W. C. says

    Using any child to achieve political gains does not exemplify liberal values in my opinion.

  11. Bill says

    Bevan Dufty killed Halloween in San Francisco. One year there was random violence and lack of a police presence. The next year there were cops on every block making sure no one had any fun. Seriously three blocks of cops telling me to move along as I walked home after work. Dufty offered no alternatives, just killed the whole holiday. Halloween in the Castro is dead.

    The man can’t fix one holiday in his district and we’re supposed to trust him with the city.

    And his ad is lame.

  12. citizenSF says

    What makes a candidate particularly qualified to be Mayor?

    I know it is difficult for so many San Franciscans to believe that someone who is not a lawyer can be qualified for room 200 at City Hall but those people should be reminded that our last mayor wasn’t a City Attorney or Public Defender. Let us look at the candidates record of service to the city and county.

  13. D8resident says

    I have also heard Alvalos characterized as the “most progressive” candidate. And without challenging his credentials as a liberal option it is worth stating that I’ve heard no explanation for why people consider him the most progressive. All I’m saying is that with so many candidates voters rely carelessly on labels and generalizations. Maybe, however, we should ask direct questions and respond with examples that support our assertions. How much pro-gay praise is rightly due to Herrera for opposing Proposition 8? As the City Attorney of San Francisco, should we have expected any less? Which candidate as mayor is going to find ways to elevate communities living in Hunters Points and Bay View? Has Muni service improved or deteriorated in the last year?

  14. Paul R says

    This election is going to be a debacle thanks to ranked choice voting, which I find absurd. (For those in sane areas, you put your top choice first, then your next two. If there’s no majority vote getter, they keep going down the list and allocating votes based on people’s second and third choices. Basically it’s like saying, “We don’t want to force you to choose one candidate. Choose a bunch! And the outcome won’t necessarily reflect the will of voters!”)

    Bevan is a nice guy and is effective at the local level. But he’s desperate to be liked and uses his daughter as a political tool constantly. And he did kill Halloween. Pretty much every major city has a major Halloween celebration, usually in a gay part of town. San Francisco hasn’t managed that feat in years. It’s ridiculous.