1. Pete n SFO says

    And what we mean by “Fact-Finding” is covering our asses in preparation for a lawsuit.

    Seriously, how could a faculty really claim to be completely unaware?

  2. Marc C says

    Oh boo hoo hoo Heller. If you would have grown some balls it might not have gotten this far.

    Kudos to you for coming out after someone else grew a spine though.

  3. sparks says

    I can’t believe out of the hundreds, maybe thousands of students who were in class with the two lodging complaints and also heard this professor’s comments, NONE of them has revealed his name yet.

    That’s just odd.

  4. Francis says

    By “fact finding”, what they mean is covering up the situation and hoping it goes away. That’s what they do in these parts. Absolutely nothing, anti-gay discrimination is par for the course, and is supported and justified by the school board and local community. I’m glad that this record of discrimination has been made public, and now action can be taken against the teacher and school board to prevent a similar situation from occurring.

  5. Jerry says

    It isn’t unusual for people not to want to be caught in the crosshairs of Hate. The MO is always to shoot the messenger . There seems to be pattern that this professor has and I am sure that others are aware of his opinions since he doesn’t appear to be shy of sharing them with his class. I remember the good ol days when many believed that you could shame the Gay away. I suspect the professor is shadow boxing his own fears.

  6. says

    Of course the Professor needs to be brought to task for his homophobic bigotry, and I know I am going to get slammed for this, however, this hit me like a bullet…Ms. Santiago, a GRADUATE student stated she “raised her hand and ‘AXE’ the professor”…I would think through all that education she would know the word ‘ASK’.

  7. Bob R says

    So far it seems the only one with any balls is the lesbian. What was Heller waiting for, the tears to dry? Why hasn’t Heller or Santiago released the professor’s name?

    This is one reason I oppose tenure for teachers and college professors unless there are clauses that cover this kind of behavior.

    Something sounds fishy about this entire incident; what’s being covered up? How long has this “professor” been saying these things? How long has the administration failed to take action? So many questions, so few facts.

  8. Steve says

    Five years ago it wasn’t that common to take every anti-gay incident the media. He made an official complaint and they ignored it. That probably discouraged him from all further action

  9. Gigi says

    @Steve Very true. And the poor guy was so traumatized after being humiliated in front of the entire class that he probably would never have thought of going to the media. Maybe he was still closeted. A lot to consider. He did go to the school to lodge a complaint. They chose to do nothing.

  10. gwyneth cornrow says

    I find it hard to believe that with all the vetting of professorial candidates, that someone this callous and stupid made it into the ranks, even if he is a business professor. If it is true, then I hope they fire his ass. There are plenty of newly minted PhDs with better teaching skills who need jobs.

  11. walter says

    the school has to act against this professor. his personal beliefs have no place in the classroom. in 5-4-3-2-1 we will hear the same old song he is being persecuted for being a christian.

  12. jomicur says

    This is par for the course for rural PA. This state has the second-highest number of certified hate groups in the country. And since there are no statewide legal protections for gay people, not even in the university system, it’s perfectly understandable that Heller never went public with his accusations. Santiago is very brave for going public.

    But the ongoing efforts to protect the teacher’s identity are puzzling, to say the least. While it’s somewhat understandable that the university wants to protect him (her?), why are the accusers being so, er, discreet?

  13. Caliban says

    The Professor is right, “God” didn’t make Adam and Steve, he made David and Jonathon.

    Ugh. That little pearl of Christian Right “wisdom” is even more than usually annoying. They must have combed the playgrounds of Christian elementary schools to come up with that one.

  14. Mike says

    Tenure will not necessarily protect this professor (and I am a tenured professor). Bullying and hate speech in class are not covered by academic freedom, particularly since there is no rational relationship between the topic (homosexuality) and the course (business). If this professor can be shown to have done this repeatedly in class, s/he could well be fired if the IUP administration has the courage to do it.

  15. Mark says

    I think this is more about making sure there are grounds to fire a professor because of tenure. I had a professor in college who was a total whack job and had no business in the classroom. However, unless he or she does something criminal or along those lines it is hard to get rid of them. Most times universities turn a blind eye. Hopefully enough negative press will pressure them into action and get this bigot fired.

  16. chuck says

    I am a professor at a University and sit on employment committees. We would never ‘vet’ a prospective teacher about their sexual opinions(lawsuits!). However, after hiring, we do have the capability of deciding whether or not to retain the person. A teacher who would drive students out of their classrooms by verbally attacking them wouldn’t stay very long. If they did…it is quite obvious that a majority of fellow professors share the same view point.

  17. mcNnyc says

    @ CB…Seriously…get a grip.
    She “knows” the word ask…she used the word ask.
    She “pronounced” it not according to standard “English” surely with all your education you would have “snarked” her in a more appropriate manner.

  18. SBA says

    I find Marc C’s comment above awfully rude and unhelpful. Mr. Heller said he complained to the university. It seems apparent to me that the university didn’t do enough. Between Ms. Santiago’s and Mr. Heller’s going to media, I think there will finally be some effective action.

  19. MB says

    Let me speak as a graduate of IUP, who was there when the Heller incident happened. There was a fairly substantial furor on campus, and people were talking about it, but of course it went ignored because we had a very conservative administration who was trying to drive up admissions rates. It was appalling then, and it’s appalling now, that the professor is still there, but IUP’s a fairly conservative campus in a very conservative part of the state so it was a no-brainer that they weren’t going to do anything.

    Story time: at a public forum hosted by the IUP Pride group about the incident, the university president fell asleep, and was woken up by his phone going off as another student talked about being run down by Indiana residents on a pick-up truck through campus. He then went outside to conduct the phone call. It wasn’t a safe space for queer kids.

    And as for people leveling Mr. Heller with all the “grow some balls” quotes, seriously, quit. It isn’t the responsibility of every queer kid victimized by cruelty and bigotry to become an activist.

  20. copyhamster says

    FYI Christina has been forthcoming with all her information including the name of the professor. You’ll find the news media withholding the name to protect their companies against slander lawsuits in the event the allegations go south.

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