1. matt says

    The stripmalling of the American soul continues. Do we need any more proof that NYC is a shadow of its former decadent and creative self? Sad.

  2. St. Theresa of Avila says

    don’t forget the third partner in that marriage. Carbohydrates! (and fat…) Most tea partiers I’ve seen could afford to lose a few scores of pounds.

  3. V-8 says

    I thought the old limelight was turned into a retail space, with some cool shops inside…. even if this is the case, it is nothing new in the big apple…

    still can remember the shock when i saw an old navy for the first time in Soho, on Broadway…. there used to be a Caribbean market there…… and look no further than time square, which is like a long lost piece of the midwest (the waist)….

  4. Steve says

    I remember doing coke off the tables in the back bar area in the 1980s…..ah, those were the days!

  5. Jim says

    I was at Limelight for opening night as my closest friend was the “party manager” for the club. A fascinating mix of gay and straight, and it was fun (while it lasted). I remember talking that night to Liz Smith and Randy Jones, not at the same time :-).

  6. says

    While I have never been to the Limelight, I have certainly been to my fair share of gay night clubs in NYC and beyond. And as a Nurse Practitioner who has worked in Emergency and Critical Care settings for the past 11 years, I have seen the very ugly side of the use of club drugs in countless patients over the years. I used to love going out to dance the night away and listen to some great music in my single days. But I never touched a drug and am grateful for that. While the commercialization of an iconic building is concerning; the notion that law enforcement should shy away from social gathering locations where drugs are taken like candy is foolish. Watching young men (and women) die from drug overdoses has been an unpleasant aspect of my career that I would love to see come to an end. Defending these establishments which are nothing but havens for ridiculous amounts of drub abuse is both misguided and detrimental to our community.

  7. KEN says

    I spent many nights on drugs and alcohol visiting this establishment and I don’t regret one bit of it.Regular people became stars as Club Kids, and the way people partied was amazing. However just like studio 54 or the roxy all things in club life come to an end. That was an awesome time, but I don’t do drugs anymore. I just came to a point in my life to say to myself “the party is over, you don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here.” So I moved back to Chicago. Ahh good times they were indeed. Miss you lime light. BTW I love IHOP but I hate that it will be there, just sentimental feelings I guess.

  8. Danny says

    @ O Herro – at Eyetalian at 24th & Bwy.

    I remember when the building was the Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion and was closed by the bishop.

    Some things are just so–strange…

  9. zv says

    This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of. I hate IHOP and their Christian meddling. Pancakes for Jesus. Fat and stupid. I love Amerikkka.

  10. nick says

    In the day-they had the best advertisements-
    The Limelight-A Blessing in Disguise.

    The world needs another IHOP; the character of NYC continues to fade into the hideous sameness that is Amerikkkka.

  11. michael says

    I once had a Grand Slam Breakfast in one of the rooms at the Limelight back in 1989, but I suppose it was a different, sort of, “kind” of Slam than IHOP will be serving.

  12. NHbrooklyn says

    Why would they turn it into an IHOP when they just turned it into an ugly shopping market? But hey whatever it is as long as they keep the exterior structure it’s better than a new IHOP being built on that corner.

  13. says

    I’m not clear on that either, NHBROOKLYN, I was under the impression that the Limelight shops were doing a brisk business? Perhaps this IHOP is to be in addition to the shops? It doesn’t really seem to fit with their “upscale” image.

  14. anon says

    Oh, the irony is that nightclubs are in decline because people are too fat to dance! IHOPS are killing nightclubs even when they don’t take over their space.

  15. anon says

    Oh, and I’m sure doctors have seen plenty of obese people too die from complications of being so.

  16. David says

    In case anyone was wondering… THIS is what what unbridled free market capitalism looks like. Everything is for sale and nothing is sacred.

  17. jase says

    really? …. now the only thing missing iz hot bois, bangin music, mad light show and oh, the LIMELIGHT! I’d love to continue but im on my way to McDonalds for a afterhours rave !!!!

  18. Sarika says

    Dear Limelight neighbors – sell your apartments now. I live in one of the apartments behind the hellhole on E 14th Street, and I and all my fellow shareholders are praying for the day when the “Going Out Of Business” signs go up. The noise from the heavy equipment never, never stops, and the smell … The SMELL!!!! It comes in through the windows in hot waves that are so strong they can wake me out of a deep sleep. My apartment stinks like a cheap hotel kitchen after the breakfast rush now. If you own an apartment in one of the neighborhoods slated to get their very own IHop, get out now. Because once the doors open on the new grease palace, you’ll be trapped. No one will buy your place once they see, hear and smell what’s going on. IHop corporate won’t take responsibility for the actions of the local owner, and the local owner just dodges the problems. Repeated calls to 311 and city government haven’t helped either. So, you’ve been warned. IHop is a neighborhood-killer. And no one will help you.