1. Pixelwizard says

    “Ah, poor thing.”

    With excruciatingly poor taste in husbands. Yechchchcch – that slimy, rodent-like neurotic! How anyone could get near him is beyond me.

  2. Tagg says

    She “wrote” that song? Hmmmm…me thinks she wrote that much like Madonna and Beyonce “write” their songs!

  3. jamal49 says

    “Poor thing”, indeed. Forgive me, but whoever writes this weekend stuff is major, low-life snark. Don’t have anything better to say about the comments, either. A bunch of jerks.

  4. Robert says

    No, this is not like Madonna. J. Lo isn’t even a credited writer on this song. So if she’s taking credit for it…wow.

    Now to Brandon. “Raw” performance? “Post-divorce pathos”?? Like, if you’re a fan, fine, but good lord, pretending Jennifer Lopez is a serious musician and/or artist is hilarious at best, inaccurate journalism at worst.

  5. says

    Oh yes Brian, I believe her mom won two casino slot machine jackpots. And Jamal, I don’t think you have to worry too much about poor Jennifer, she’s already been seen dating Bradley Cooper. I’m sure she’ll recover very soon. Oh and did you know that she dated Ben Affleck while still married to her second husband Cris Judd? Don’t worry, a girl like her recovers from these small things VERY fast.

  6. says

    Dear Robert:

    Nope. Not a J-Lo fan. That said, even a bad karoake singer can occasionally perform well. In this vid, I like how J-Los voice tapers to an awkward little squeak when she switches to her head voice. She sounds tired, and a little wistful.

    – BKT

  7. Tagg2 says

    Oh Jamal…get real. No one thinks of J-Ho as a serious…ANYTHING! She is one step above Kim K. The women whores herself out at any given chance to make a buck. On the lighter side…I do think she makes great dance music but I never think of her as a singer.

  8. stevenelliot says

    she crying because she was forced by contract to give up her bentley for a year to drive that new fiat. ay caramba!

  9. Gail says

    Jennifer is still very upset and her portrayal of her life on stage was too much for her to handle.

    Yes, I believe that the fans always touch her in a beautiful way, but I believe she is hurting and the moment was intense!

    She is a human just like all of us so maybe a vacation would do her some good!

    Just saying…

    Still love ya Diva Lopez…Be Strong..Everyday is a battle for all to endure…You encourage us; we need to do the same for you!

  10. ajjanthony says

    It’s sad that she gets to be married multiple times for fun and I can’t even get married once.

  11. Barbara says

    I am a fan but whether or not one is I can’t understand why some people have to belittle a person’s heart ache. Jeez, yeah she has money & fame but that doesn’t mean she can’t hurt. I agree, poor thing!