1. says

    I just love this guy. He doesn’t let the Fox interviewer win the conversation and it is clear why Fox won’t come near this interview – it stands for everything they are against. The real power today is not with the media but with the Internet. The more this type of message is seen the more people see the light. Make sure you and everyone else you know sees this clip. Here’s hoping the GOP falls flat on their faces in this next election.

  2. walter says

    in 5-4-3-2-1- this man will be the talking point on all the fox news shows about how the left wants to destroy fox and their fair and balanced reporting. they will edit this piece to make their point of view.

  3. Alan says

    I’m confused. Fox News did the interview, but, according to this site and the NY Observer, won’t air it. But if its their video then they released it, so it didn’t really end up “on the cutting room floor.”

  4. Danny says

    Alan, to clarify what Andrew said, this was shot by somebody who was probably one of the protesters. What’s posted here was not Fox’s material at all. It was an independent shooting of Fox shooting an interview.

    And I hope it goes viral.

  5. Moonie says

    I was blown away with how articulate, informed, and intelligent this seemingly ordinary man turned out to be. I’m glad to have had my preconceptions proven false, and I’m glad this man’s words are gaining popularity.

  6. Sean says

    Jamie… Did you read Andrew and Danny’s posts? Come on, keep up here.

    What we’re seeing here is not what Fox recorded. They have their own, unaired, professionally filmed version of this interview.

  7. princely54 says

    HAHAHA! If this DID air on Fox, their audience’s heads would have exploded. They want raving nutjobs, not somebody who is articulate about the reasons they are doing what they do.

  8. dms says

    All great and surprisingly way overdue. But they still need a catchy name and better message. The tea party has been (i hate to admit it) genius at this.

  9. Mark M says

    Why is there a despicable ad for Family Research Council appearing in the bar at the top of the Towleroad page ?

    Shouldn’t Andy and/or the FRC keep tabs on this, and not have it appear here? Or do one or both perhaps want it on here for some bizarre reason of their own?

  10. Nathan says

    This guy needs to become the leader of this movement,because right now,although there are quite a few people out there protesting,there is no organization to this thing..they need someone to bring everyone together and project a unified voice for what the people are feeling and saying…he seems the right one to do that..he is articulate and knowledgeable and can hold his own.

  11. ohplease says

    Please, no talk of who should be a “leader”. That kind of talk gets us nowhere. Let’s just all do our part and not put that burden on any single arbitrary person, no matter how smart and charismatic. We don’t need a leader, we need to get off our own asses. This isn’t the 1960s. We’re all connected everywhere all the time. We are each our own leaders.

  12. says

    OHPLEASE – I disagree.

    For the majority of people; people who aren’t 100% immersed in politics and are working towards other goals…. those people need a leader to focus and direct their energy.

    Tons of liberal and progressive Americans are fed up and mad, but have nobody speaking to them in the language they are using in their thoughts (I’m looking at your Obama).

    This guy’s articulate, stand up to and speak to power kinds of politics is EXACTLY what we need.

    Progressives need somebody who can take the partisan war to the republicant’s instead of trying to ally with them. This is a guy that can be our offense.

  13. AJ says

    Yes!!! And not once did he resort to the disgusting playground bullying tactics the far right generally use. No yelling or screaming or name-calling. Just articulate and well-spoken.

  14. says

    If only every politician did as much research and was as prepared as this man there would be more productive debate in Washington. He was articulate, well mannered, non-confrontational and accurate. I hope we see more of him soon!

  15. jamal49 says

    Whoa! Dude’s got his sh!t together! See, try to imagine if this was a Tea-Party rally. Try to imagine a Tea-Partier giving a similar, articulate answer. Try to imagine a CPAC attendee giving a similar, articulate answer. What we need are hundreds more of this guy. It’s the only way we are going to stave off the Return of the Republicons, which will be a REAL horror show for sure.

  16. M. says

    This guy is great. In addition to being articulate, informed, impassioned and persuasive, he actually makes his points about Fox News quite respectfully, calling them out without resorting to cheap namecalling (like Fox News itself often does).

  17. one of a kind says

    He’s great. I’m sure Fox News will feature him as a reason to close the Dept of Education and defund public schools. It creates too many articulate wise asses who don’t respect “job creators.”

    I’m hoping Colbert and Stuart will pick up on this.

    But it also makes me wonder how many of those protesters would ever show up at a primary election? How many are even registered to vote? Fair weather protesters or willing to put their votes to use?

  18. mattgmd says

    Jesse is too articulate for the Fox News audience. The Fox sheeple are trained to digest short, simple talking points; they would choke on complete sentences with substance. A courteous yet direct kick to Fox’s nads.

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