1. Mark says

    All 3 Republicans in this video have anti-gay voting records. I appreciate the effort, but they’re actually in a position to help make it better and they refuse. It doesn’t take much courage to appear in a video telling gay kids not to kill themselves. I’m a fan of these videos, but I am not a fan of political opportunism, which is exactly what these anti-gay Republicans are practicing.

  2. Graham says

    Just an FYI — the title is poorly worded and quite misleading. They are not the first Republicans to make an IGB video. They are the first Republican Members of Congress to do so. Huge difference.

    That said, it’s still kind of sad.

  3. says

    Remember when Dan excoriated White House staffers for daring to make an “IGB” video in light of President Obama not being on board with full marriage equality?

    Anyway, it’s surprising any Republicans made these videos considering their party’s official stance can be summarized as, “It gets worse. Go die.”

  4. Nathan says

    Just another example of hypocrisy by politicians..this is nothing but grandstanding because the republicans fall on side of bigotry and discrimination..when it comes down to it, their actions speak louder than their words. The only message, especially by the republicans that appear in this video, sends is that of that I may tell you it gets better, but I am not going to do anything to make it better.

  5. h says

    only 1 rep voted for nj marriage equality, and it wasn’t ANY of these assholes.

    nj reps keep us gay njers second class citizens, including ubercatholic (unlike privately catholic ny governor cuomo) governor christie

  6. VSo says

    Hmm, interesting. Just last week, here in Canada, the first Conservative MPs participated in such a video, though with distinctly lower production standards and conviction levels. Wonder what’s going on…

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