1. Mike says

    Everyone with half a brain knows that Obama supports marriage equality – he is playing a lame political game. It wouldn’t change any votes but definitely would energize the liberal base… but at the same time energize the bigots… he obviously believes the bigots would be energized more…

  2. yonquersconquers says

    He’ll keep this up until it’s more of a political liability to NOT support marriage equality.

    And since that moment has already arrived expect him to stop working on it and actively support it by 2012.

    The country knows he supports gay equality. He should just say so.

  3. yonquersconquers says

    By the way, the economy imploded on September 2008 when George W Bush was president, I seem to recall – and after a decade of unregulated excess by the banks and loan industries.

  4. Kenton says

    I agree with most people here that Obama supports marriage equality. The problem is that Karl Rove and George Bush put marriage up for a vote in 2004. Moderate voters who were against gay marriage back then don’t want to be told that they are bigots. That is why Obama has to use words like “evolve”.

    Gay people themselves are evolving on gay marriage. Rufus Wainwright spoke out against marriage before changing his mind.

  5. anon says

    Herman Cain. He is waiting to see if Herman Cain will be nominated, because he knows he can siphon off the conservative minority vote. There is no doubt Obama supports marriage equality, but he doesn’t want to be outflanked. Any republican, no matter how racist, will vote for Cain over Obama. Very few black voters, no matter how socially conservative, will vote for Perry. Give them Cain as an option and they just might go for it. Obama doesn’t want to give the GOP incentive to pull in more votes.

    YES, Obama has a soul, but he also has a brain.

  6. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    Obama’s “evolution” is just a ploy to keep the Gay, Inc. ATM cash-machine operating through the 2016 Presidential election-cycle on behalf of the President and the Party. Since the Gay Left will not hold the White House and the Democratic leadership on the Hill accountable, it’s a cynical-but-winning strategy for the DNC money-raising machine.

  7. jw says

    a dreadful equivocator
    Afraid of whom exactly? blacks? Hispanics?
    He’s gaining few votes by this game of his
    Makes me despise him ever more
    In 2011, this bigot who got in with gay votes, is still not out there for marriage equality
    He needs a primary challenge –

  8. Moonie says

    People seem to be assuming that the entire United States electorate is watching the gay marriage debate as carefully as we are, and that they are just as aware about Obama’s position on marriage equality as we are.
    They’re obviously not.
    The scores of bigots that saturate the heart of the Bible Belt and other places in our regrettably conservative country have no idea that President Obama is “evolving” on anything, because the media doesn’t consider that an attractive enough headline to spread across the US and the world. And while they would be more than willing to restrict our rights, these uninformed bigots simply aren’t motivated enough to search “gay marriage Obama” on Google. So even if he’s literally on the line between civil unions and marriage, until he makes that declaration none of them will no.
    By staying away from complete advocacy of gay marriage, he is making sure that those bigots who would otherwise support him based on economic policy/foreign policy/party affiliation won’t switch to Republican because of their dislike of “dose freaky fuhlootin gays up yonder”.
    This is especially applicable to Black Democrats in the south, many of which are relatively conservative but vote democratically due to historic ties to the party.

    Make no mistake, I am as idealistic and emotional about this as you all are- Hell, I’m a 17-year-old that’s basically grown up with the marriage equality movement. I would love a President that proudly carried the rainbow flag with him on the campaign trail. I would love for Obama to just be honest about what we know he believes in.

    But I’m tired of losing to those bigots. It’s unacceptable that prejudice is triumphing over love. I want results, plain and simple. And the only chance we have of obtaining marriage equality, through DOMA repeal and appointment of liberal SCOTUS judges, is through Obama. The only way Obama will be able to enact any pro-gay change will be if he gets elected.
    Therefore, we will only see progress in the fight for equality if Obama gets elected.
    Anyone that closely follows the same sex marriage debate knows Obama supports marriage equality. He’s not fooling us. But those that don’t follow it have no clue. On the one hand, it’s likely that anti-gay people will vote for Obama without realizing his pro-gay stance if he doesn’t declare his stance. But everyone who considers marriage equality a top priority will already be supporting Obama, and so it’s unlikely that many people will change their vote on to his side if he declares his pro-gay stance.
    That means if Obama declares his support of same-sex marriage, our side will be less likely to succeed.

    We must make progress; we must succeed. For the sake of marriage equality, Obama should not declare his support of same-sex marriage.

  9. Markus says

    “Just like I predicted back 3 years ago, the economy killing leftist can’t even support gay marraige. He’s evolving. Yeah, right.”

    This comment paid for by the Republican National Committee.

  10. jersey says

    He will evolve after he leaves office. And that’s 100% okay if he keeps moving the ball forward on gay rights, which he is doing and will continue to do, and if he presents a vastly superior alternative to the tea party-captive Republicans, which he does.

  11. Sue says

    Prez is not gonna come out in favor of full marriage equality until after the election. Come on, folks, this is politics. He will do absolutely nothing that could possibly cost him a vote to the other side. When/if he gets reelected, as a lame duck, he can do what he wants, and say what he pleases, because it will cost him nothing.

    There is no moral leadership in America any more.

  12. elg/edwin says

    “and Im still ‘working on’ ie ‘mulling over’ supporting an african american president.”

    In that case, I hope you get the Republican president you and your kind so obviously want.

  13. BobN says

    I firmly believe in religious freedom. Do I “support” Mormonism? Do I “support” Buddhism? Do I “support” them both equally and simultaneously?

    Why don’t politicians have to answer stupid questions like that?

    Obama, whether he “supports” SSM marriage or not, support the LEGAL RECOGNITION of them, and that’s more than enough. But, thanks to the stupid “journalism” on display in the White House pressroom, all we get is a silly argument about “evolving”.

  14. Randy says

    I wonder where the US is headed when the way to get elected is to appeal to bigots (lie to them) in order to do something like repealing DOMA.

    The country is in favour of marriage equality. Even a few Republicans, and a candidate or two (depending on who’s counting) favour marriage equality.

    I don’t see what Obama has to lose, given his numbers are falling anyway. He could energize the LGB vote, and get himself a larger ground campaign if he simply said what we think he thinks.

  15. andnowwhat says

    President Obama:

    signed DADT repeal.
    ensured hospital visitation for LGBT families.
    will not defend DOMA.

    every likely republican nominee will:

    introduce a constitutional amendment against marriage equality
    defend DOMA
    punish those who challenge LGBT rights.
    repeal marriage equality in DC.
    stack the supreme court against marriage equality

    the LGBT community needs to stay united and support the progress that has been made.

  16. FunMe says

    Tell you what … when the President finally “evolves” and is for gay marriage and does whatever is necessary to make it happen (you know the “fierce advocate” thingy) … then AFTER he does that, I will open my GAYATM, give my time and vote.

    Otherwise, it’s all talk and no action (so typical of Obama).

    Evolve this!

  17. h says

    i think it’s code–he’s telegraphing that he will support marriage equality if elected for a second term, but can’t say so before the election because the republicans will use it against him. it’s going to be a tough race; he’s going to need every moderate vote

  18. stevenelliot says

    YES I AGREE “he could energize the LGB vote” if he fully supports SSM as randy said. And @ wonderman? calling me an “idiot” is irritating. To use wishy washy, blase, non-committal words like ‘evolving’ and ‘working on’ shows no backbone. S0 why shouldnt I still be still mulling over his legitimacy as our first african american prez?? He’s still mulling over our fundamental rights as gay americans. Fence standing gets you no where. If one stands for nothing, one stands alone.

  19. Bill Perdue says

    Really, is there anyone left besides the Obot croiwd who cares what a right wing hustler like Obama says or thinks or if he evolves or not. It’s just not important.

    What’s important is the radicalization of a whole generation of younger GLBT militants and activists, pissed off by the Obama 2008 generated defeats of same sex marriage in California, Florida and Arizona. They took to the streets in nationwide demonstrations that peaked with the 2009 200,000 strong March on Washington.

    What really matters is the radicalization of the new generations of union activists, youth and students enraged by Obama’s attacks on the UAW and the copycat attacks by scabs like Democrats Brown (CA) California and Cuomo (NY) and Republicans like Walker (IN) and Scott (FL). At Madison and in the anti-government, anti-Wall Street demonstrations they’re flexing their muscle, organizing and talking without letup about their social deal breaker, the general strike.

    Obama and the Democrats betrayed everyone but the banksters and the military industrial complex, and were summarily abandoned by 30 million of those who voted for Obama in 2010, many just walking away and many switching parties.

    Now we’re in for more election hoopla and hopey/changey/evolvey. But with the WH, Congress and the courts firmly in the hands of right wing Democrats and Republicans not much is going to change except the masks they put on.

    Whoever wins in 2012 will continue to be our enemy, trying to slow down our fight for equality, trying to bust unions and still sending American Gis to kill civilians and be killed fighting for oil companies.

    Whichever rightwing hustler wins in November 2012 the left – activists in the GLBT, environmental, antiwar, unions and socialist movements – will go into opposition.

  20. elg/edwin says

    “S0 why shouldnt I still be still mulling over his legitimacy as our first african american prez??”

    I’m sure you know that a Republican president will start off by repealing the repeal of DADT. He (or she) will then support a federal constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage in ALL 50 states, including the states where it is now legal.

    Go right ahead and KEEP mulling. That is your right. I hope you get the WHITE Republican president you want.

  21. says

    ELG/EDWIN: A nimble mind would realize that STEVENELLIOT is making the point that sexual orientation shouldn’t take a back seat to race. And he’s right, because [you might want to sit down for this] it is actually possible for more than one distinguishing human trait to exist at the same time (and you don’t have to pick one over the others, either).

    A non-nimble mind sees everything as a polarized dichotomy (us/them, dim/repug, rich/poor, black/white).

    Steven’s quid pro quo is a rhetorical device to illustrate what happens when the non-nimble minds run amok. It’s a strawman (look it up) and you attacked it. Congrats.

  22. elg/edwin says

    Guess what, Anastasia, I was making a “point” too. The point being, Obama is not perfect on gay issues, particularly marriage equality, BUT consider what would happen under ANY of the Republican alternative(s).

    “A nimble mind would realize that STEVENELLIOT is making the point that sexual orientation shouldn’t take a back seat to race.”

    An even more nimble mind (lol) realizes that the U.S. Supreme Court will ultimately decide the fate of marriage equality in this country, not Obama or any other president. Obama saying ‘I support marriage equality’ might make you feel good for a minute but it will not change in any way the fact that MOST of the states have outlawed same-sex marriage.

    I remind you that in 1967 the U.S. Supreme Court decided that interracial heterosexual couples could legally marry in all 50 states, NOT President Lyndon Baines Johnson.

    I would much rather Obama do the picking for the U.S Supreme Court (and the federal judgeships) than any of the Republicans currently running for president. But in order for Obama to do the picking, he has to be reelected.

    If you and STEVEELLIOT want to ‘fall on the sword’, so to speak, for the cause so be it. But if Obama loses next year and we lose what we’ve gained under Obama, that’s on you and the people who think as you do.

    Politicians are NOT moral leaders and I don’t expect them to be.

  23. Domino S says


    “Disgusting! The man has no soul.”

    This coming from a person who sends vulgar tweets promoting “snarky” and “raunchy” commentary on your so-called “consciousness raising” blog?

    Repeatedly calls trans women “sugah” and mocks their anatomy as “pointed little breasts”?

    Andy, have you read Stuffed Animal’s lewd and snide blog? Stuffed Animal snarks about Dan Savage and Andy Towle’s “butt cheeks”.

    Thankfully Pam and Aravosis banned Stuffed Animal. At the Blend we knew he was crazy but not crazy and slutty!

  24. says

    ELG/EDWIN: STEVENELLIOT was making a philosophical and logical argument (that our orientation is no less valid than Obama’s skin). You’re making a political argument. Your error is in attacking someone with a valid philosophical argument with your political argument which completely misses his point. Let me quote you:

    “Go right ahead and KEEP mulling. That is your right. I hope you get the WHITE* Republican president you want.”

    You misinterpret STEVENELLIOT as a racist repug when all he was doing was asking his President to exhibit some spine and state what we all (you, me, STEVENELLIOT, and Obama) know is true: That sexual orientation is not inferior to race. But Obama won’t go on record about ‘us’ the way LBJ did on race.

    *now who’s racist?

  25. ProfessorVP says

    It’s pretty silly to say he’s secretly in favor of marriage equality, although he signed on to it back in 1996. This man has no particular POV on that issue, and on a host of others, most notably the environment. What a choice the electorate is often stuck with. Ballsy Republicans who say exactly what obsolete garbage they think, or weasily, evolving Democrats, whose thoughts we have to speculate about, as if we were Karnak.

  26. elg/edwin says

    @Anastasia Beaverhausen
    I took steveelliot at his word. I don’t know him. Unless he spoke to you personally, how do you know what he meant?

    What do you mean “go on the record about ‘us’ like LBJ did on race”? I’m assuming you know that LBJ was a crude, old style southern racist before he became president! LBJ’s biographers have written that LBJ freely used the “N” word. But LBJ “evolved” on race? Why can’t Obama to “evolve” on marriage equality? What’s the difference between LBJ and Obama?

    You know, this conversation MIGHT make sense if at least one of the Republican candidates supported marriage equality, but NONE OF THEM DO. And they are NOT “evolving”. Ever. In fact, the Republicans want a U.S. constitutional law that would outlaw same-sex marriage in ALL 50 states.

    The bottom line is that the U.S. Supreme Court will have the final say on marriage equality (unless the Repubs get their way with a U.S. constitutional amendment), not Obama. His picks for the U.S. Supreme Court will be on the court to decide, hopefully in our favor, long after he is no longer president.

  27. jhr459 says

    Yeah, what Moonie said!! You watch the fruition of Obama’s evolution when he wins a second term – I predict that he will move things along even faster than he has already done and he has done more for our community than any other president – ever. So, go ahead and vote for someone else or not vote at all you myopic misanthropes (love that alliteration) and see how quickly things change with a Republican president.

  28. says

    ELG/EDWIN: You mean LBJ didn’t go on record about race like this:

    There’s PLENTY more, but I think you get the idea. Speaking before Congress is pretty much ‘on the record’ (and published in the Congressional Record if you don’t trust pictures and sound).

    Obama, meanwhile, is a separate-and-unequal back-of-the-bus segregationist in his public statements. Only the immutable human characteristic has changed. He’s pondering whether or not he thinks you deserve equality!

    And I recognized the point STEVENELLIOT was making…without even talking to him! I’m amazing! (or it’s that obvious.)

  29. Attmay says

    If paranoid and manipulative scaremongering about the other guy is the only defense of Obama (along with the credit he took for the work other people did), that’s no defense at all.

    The lesser of two evils is still evil, and Obama is not necessarily the lesser. Nevertheless, I’m not putting my support or my vote behind evil.

    I think some of you hate Republicans more than you want equal rights.

    Meanwhile, Tory UK PM David Cameron is about to evolve ahead of both Republicans and Democrats.

  30. karin1492 says

    Seriously? That Obama is even questioning his marriage equality stance show how far we’ve come as a nation in the past 5 or 6 years. We’ve gone from a President who advocated for a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage and who got reelected in 2004 partially on the basis for his opposition to same sex marriage to a guy who has stopped defending DOMA in the federal courts, done away with Don’t Ask, Don’t tell, and implemented a bunch of regulatory rules that help the federal government recognize limited domestic partnerships. Anyone who thinks that all of this won’t be repealed in the first 3 minutes of a President Romney or President Perry is, at best, ignorant, or, at worst, working against the very cause they say they support. Anyone who is gay or supports gay rights has no business supporting any Republican for President. Don’t kid yourself, “don’t ask, don’t tell” is not dead until it’s been repealed for several years and has the weight and force of time behind it. Any of the limited progress we make will surely be destroyed by not only a Republican President but also all of the other appointees to the federal government. Sure we should push Obama to do better, but if anyone is thinking of supporting the Republicans or staying home (which is exactly the same thing as supporting a Republican and what they want you to do) we might as well just line up a circular firing squad and just be done with it.

  31. elg/edwin says

    @Anastasia Beaverhausen
    LBJ was a white man who routinely used the “N” word before he became a national figure as JFK’s vice president. A white man who uses the “N” word says RACIST to me, regardless of what you or anyone else has to say about it. He did “evolve”, however. Good for him and good for the black civil rights movement.

    You read stevenelliot’s comments one way and I read them another way. You are entitled to your view of his remarks and I am entitled to my view of his comments. I believe he was dead serious when he said “So why shouldnt I still be still mulling over his legitimacy as our first african american prez?” This statement is not ambiguous TO ME. I believe that whether steveelliot is a Republican or not, HE MEANT EXACTLY WHAT HE SAID. In other words, he may or may not be a Republican but he is a RACIST.

    But someone like you who apparently doesn’t know OR refuses to acknowledge the FACT that LBJ used the “N” word routinely before he reached the national stage would, of course, see nothing inappropriate about steveelliot’s comments.

    I see very clearly that you and stevenelliot are two chips off the SAME block. You think you understand him so well because you think like him. You and stevenelliot deserve each other.

  32. says

    ELG/EDWIN: You’re trying to let Obama off the hook for being a “evolving” homophobe by calling LBJ an evolved racist.

    I had relatives who went to school with Johnson at Southwest Texas State Teacher’s College (although they mostly still called it ‘Southwest Texas State Normal School’ back then; now it’s Texas State University) and according to them he was no racist. He championed the cause of equality for minorities and the poor, but you know nothing about that, of course. The word you keep harping on proves nothing as it was the accepted term in Texas back then; they didn’t have a time machine to know it would one day be offensive.

    LBJ was born in 1908 and had fully-evolved (your term) by the 1930’s — his 20’s. Your hero was born 53 years later, is now FIFTY YEARS OLD, and is still an outspoken homophobe.

    STEVENELLIOT was masterful at making a point you’re too dense to understand. All you see is race because you’re a racist. I proved that earlier when you claimed, without any substantiation whatsoever, that STEVENELLIOT wanted a white president.

  33. says

    @Randy….i agree. Obama may have not lived up to our expectations for LGBT issues. But every other Republican will do even more damage. Going backwards in regards to LGBT issues is the last thing we need right now, and OBama is our best chance for the moment.

    But he really needs to come out of the closet and just admit that he supports gay marriage. Get it together.



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