1. K in VA says

    Despite the Australian government’s resistance, I’d wager Australia will get marriage equality long before the United States does. Actually, I’d wager on quite a number of other countries beating the USA to the alter.

    “We’re Number One,” as Americans like to chant? Not bloody likely. And definitely not down under, mate.

  2. TampaZeke says

    So Mr. Pocock, who MARRIED his WIFE this last December, won’t WED until gay marriage is legal?

    I’m I the only one who is confused by this statement?

    Anyway, I appreciate the support from this man, whatever his marital status.

  3. MattCA181 says


    He wasn’t legally married. I imagine like many LGBT people he and his wife had a ceremony without any of that pesky official paperwork with all those annoying rights.

  4. nick says

    The theocratic state of America will be among the last to allow gay people to marry uniformly–perhaps right before Saudi Arabia and Islamic Republic of Iran.

  5. Rad says

    A delightful photo of the appropriately named Mr. Pocock taken from the corner of “Oh” and “Woof” streets…

  6. Charles Lemos says

    He’s actually from Zimbabwe but his family emigrated to Australia in 2002.

    He was the man of the match in the Wallabies 11-9 win over the Springboks just the other day at Rugby World Cup quarterfinals. He recorded 26 tackles. Australia coach Robbie Deans labelled Pocock’s performance as the best individual display of the 2011 tournament being held in New Zealand.

    His nickname is BamBam as he is 5’11” weighing a stout 220 lbs.

  7. luke says

    As it stands at the moment none of the major party leaders are in favour of absolute equality when it comes to marriage. The Labor party is the most likely to switch stances but eh…

  8. TampaZeke says

    @MATTCA181, then it should have read that he and his PARTNER, who were WED (not legal) in December, will not MARRY (legal) until gay marriage is legal.

    The original headline and story got it exactly backwards but it’s been fixed now.

  9. Bryan says

    I’m really starting to love rugby a little more everyday, it seems to be the sport with the most players who are confident and secure in their sexuality, despite the fact that it’s supposed to be such a “manly” sport.

  10. jaragon says

    These men are clearly confident about about their masculinity and sexuality after all the practice a very “manly” sport which features a a lot of man to man grabbing : )

  11. Paul says

    Pocock is not a Christian, and supporting gay rights the way he has just confirms his own statement, “I cannot see what’s wrong…”; perfectly true, he has no idea because he cannot see. Homosexuality is sin, sin gives birth to death, and the only one who can set you free is Yeshua, the Christ, by His sacrifice. Australian Marriage Equality national convener Alex Greenwich, also has no idea about either marriage or Christianity. Any marriage between two men or women is illegitimate before God…period.

    As illegitimate as Pocock’s stand as a believer….strong in body but weak in spirit, how unfortunate.

    Furthermore, from now on I doubt whether any true rugby loving man will feel comfortable about supporting him in his career, personally he went from hero to zero with a few shallow statements.

    If you stand for nothing you’ll fall for anything; Pocock has denied his God, faith, and morality by these words, how foolish!!!

    I’m gutted

    Paul Hunt, South African & Rubgy fan, but first a believer

  12. Matt says

    Paul, Thank you for reminding me just how deluded people are in this world! I am hoping for bird flu and swine flu to become an epidemic so we can rid the planet of a species so filled with hypocrisy and hatred all stemming from a mythical so called “loving” god. You make me sick.

  13. DAVID says

    Paul: Your total lack of humility is proof enough that your experience of Christ’s sacrifice is a perverted sham at best. You and your Pharisaic brethren will eventually see the light, but I regret that we have to endure your toxic spewing in the meantime.

  14. jean says

    Mr Pocock has True Christian spirit in every way,not only is he a Great Rugby player and a supporter of Gay rights as well as other minorities but also in the Off Season he goes to Zimbabwe where he and his family were driven from by Mugabes evil crew and spends his money and time helping the native people who are oppressed by Mugabe and co.

  15. James says

    If that story had been a paragraph or two longer I would have been crying. I felt it coming on. Thank you, David. You’re a great man.