News: Liam Fox, Seed Vault, Boise, CVS Attack, Turkey, Gay Frat

RoadSame-sex marriage was legal before Christianity was.

RoadBoise, Idaho state senator worried about “horrible rash of anti-gay hate crimes" in that city.

AcRoadAnderson Cooper is a jack of all trades.

RoadWhitney Houston almost kicked off Delta flight, allows flight attendant buckle her seat for her.

RoadAndrew Sullivan says straight boys didn't cuddle in bed when he grew up in the UK.

RoadMars may have been Earth-like for a few hours each day: "The research, which analysed the minerals in a four billion-year-old Martian meteorite, provides the first strong evidence that Mars used to be warmer and wetter than it is now."

RoadBeyoncé laughs off fake baby rumors.

RoadGays in Turkey increasingly target of "honor killings": "Honor crimes against lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transsexuals are hard to document in Turkey. Human rights advocates say they are often quietly covered up by families and that police often avoid investigating such crimes. The Yildiz murder has been closely watched by activists and now a new case of "honor killing" is drawing considerable attention."

RoadMan surfs Great White Shark in Oregon: "I'm just screaming bloody murder," he said. "I'm just yelling: 'Shark!' I thought for sure I was gone."

RoadA male underwear model speaks out.

DoomsdayRoadInside the Doomsday Seed Vault.

RoadWhy is Coca-Cola sponsoring 'Murder Music'? "A protest against Coca-Cola's sponsorship of a 'murder music' festival in Jamaica has hit a dead end as the company has stopped negotiations with activists."

RoadUniversity of Iowa gauges interest in gay fraternity: "Specifically, Karnes said UI is interested in starting a local chapter of the Delta Lambda Phi fraternity, a national organization for gay, bisexual and progressive men, that was founded in 1986, according to its website."

Road9th Circuit throws out death sentence of man charged in fatal 1981 anti-gay beating: "The judges found that James' lawyer at the time was ineffective for his "complete failure" to present evidence of James' troubled childhood, bipolar disorder and chronic drug abuse – factors that could have gotten him a sentence of life in prison."

RoadJohnny Depp and Armie Hammer will be riding horses together in 2013.

FoxRoadUK Defense Secretary Liam Fox fights to save job amid gay rumors: "As questions continue to mount over the nature of Dr Fox’s relationship with Mr Werritty – whom he met on at least 40 occasions in the past year, including 18 foreign trips – the prime minister called for patience as an inquiry into the matter continues."

RoadRosie O'Donnell chats with Howard Stern.

RoadMan in Tyler Clementi case seeks to shield his name: "The man who prosecutors say was captured by a webcam in an intimate encounter with Rutgers student Tyler Clementi has 'substantial fear'' his privacy will be invaded.  The man, known only as M.B., has asked a judge to reverse his order to turn his name over to attorneys representing Clementi's roommate."

RoadSecond lesbian dies as result of NYC helicopter crash.

RoadObama campaign manager Jim Messina discovers Republicans are up to no good.

RoadGay couple endures homophobic rant at NYC CVS: "After about a minute, we heard a man in the pharmacy begin muttering under his breath, 'Faggots. Those are some faggots right there.' I looked up at him and he continued his rant, “Biblical abominations. It says it right there in the Bible. It’s not right.” And so on, for over a minute. In about the same tone, I spoke back to him, 'Excuse me. You can’t talk to people like that.'"


  1. Rick says

    “but his in-depth studies of American jocks and frat boys, those expected to be the most homophobic, have revealed them to be increasingly comfortable with same-sex physical and emotional intimacy, he says”

    Uh-huh. As I have said, homosexuality, male intimacy, and masculinity are all not only compatible with each other, but complementary and natural.

    Just as effeminacy and woman-worship are incompatible with male intimacy, masculinity, and true love between men (as opposed to impersonal sexual encounters that result from an objectification of other men, which is characteristic of the prevailing male culture)…and entirely unnatural.

    How ironic will it be if masculine, “straight” and bi men turn out to be the ones that foment the revolution that will free men entirely from their dependence on women and revolutionize the entire male culture, rendering homophobia obsolete in the process, while “gay” men are prissing around and falling at the feet of women like Lady Gaga and trying to destroy masculinity, as the world just passes them by and renders THEM and the culture of woman-worship/effeminacy obsolete at the same time?

    Quite ironic…..and astounding on one level, but entirely consistent with my own worldview…..

  2. PLAINTOM says

    Interesting Roman history, the empire was strong and flourished when Christianity was illegal but same sex marriage was legal. After accepting Christianity and ruling same sex marriage illegal the empire and civilization collapsed. This make sense.

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    “foment the revolution that will free men entirely from their dependence on women ”

    Then men better start formenting the ability to make babies by themselves.

    “As I have said, homosexuality, male intimacy, and masculinity are all not only compatible with each other, but complementary and natural”

    Oh, fiddle di dee, Rick, that’s just an excuse to excuse crotch and foot odor. Heavens!

  4. Michael Bedwell says

    WOW! So Anderson Cooper—fulfilling his declaration that “we owe more than just words” to bullied gay kids—finally publicly came out, and, as predicted, was immediately fired, so, now, he has to work in a fast food place for minimum wage while covering up his gorgeous hair in an unbecoming hat. What courage! What sacrifice! I’m tearing up a bit.

    What’s that?….He didn’t finally stop acting like being gay is something to hide?….It’s just another stunt for his show like the tanning segment?…..Never mind.

  5. TyN says

    I’m gonna say that man at CVS was probably just wackadoo. You see a lot of mentally disabled people yelling obscenities and being offensive all day every day here.

  6. BobN says

    It’s ironic, isn’t it, that the few historical records we have of same-sex marriage in Rome come largely in the form of Maggie-esque rants from the Roman equivalent of our modern-day, anti-gay prudes.

    Let’s hope history doesn’t repeat itself in this case.

  7. Rick says

    @Derrick Feeling a little threatened, Derrick?

    As for having babies, once men have united and freed themselves of emotional and social dependence on women, then they can pretty much demand whatever they want from women and get it…….including forcing them to bear children, if it ever actually came to that.

    Besides, with the leaps and bounds technology is taking, I suspect that we will soon arrive at the point where the entire embryonic cycle can be achieved through artificial means, with no womb, uterus, or vagina involved in it in any way, shape, or form.

    Imagine that, Derrick–a world devoid not only of vagina, but of sequined dresses, high heels, and big hair, to boot.

    Your worst nightmare come to pass, huh, sweetie? (LOL)

    I can only hope that I live long enough to see it come to fruition.

  8. ravewulf says

    @Rick Someone sure is sexist. I don’t even want to know what you think of the feminist movement (here’s a hint: it’s about treating the sexes equally instead of men dominating over women)

  9. Rick says

    @RAVEWULF No, feminism is nothing but a power-grab on the part of women who will take as much of it as men allow them to have….and its effects have been disastrous, particularly on children, whose well-being has plummeted over the last few decades due to abandonment by their mothers.

    So why have men allowed them to get away with it? Because up to now, a homophobic male culture has kept men emotionally and socially distant from each other…..and dependent on women…..which, in turn, has given women the upper hand in terms of social power, since they are not so dependent on men, being free to be on intimate terms with each other in a way that men have not been.

    Destroy that dependence of men on women and not only does homophobia fall by the wayside, but so does feminism and all its ill effects…….

    And I really think that “straight” and bi men are beginning to realize this, which is why you are starting to see a real sea-change in their attitudes, which is demonstrated not only by studies like this but by the increasing willingness of them to take on homophobia, even as many straight women become more and more overtly homophobic…..

    It is a shame, a crying shame, that so many of you have been so damaged by your own oppression that you cannot see the great potential this holds to make all of our lives so much better, but instead are trapped in the paradigms and mindsets of the past, wrongly seeing straight women as your allies and people you have common cause with when just the opposite is the actual truth.

  10. wtf says

    Thanks Alex! I thought it was Wikipedia, but I couldn’t find the citations. The footnotes for this timeline are quite the wealth of info for anyone interested.

  11. Cassandra says


    is your last name Perry?

    On other matters:

    “Rome’s decline more or less parallels the rise of Christianity.”

    That is an oversimplification, and as such, nearly as wrong as the fundie claim that homosexuality destroyed Rome. The Roman empire collapsed, which took several centuries, for a variety of reasons.

  12. anon says

    RE: CVS

    Perhaps this management person was inexperienced or even *afraid*. Security at CVS and every other drugstore is pretty much a joke. They can’t really do anything to help if something serious happens.

  13. PLAINTOM says

    Cassandra, I know it is an oversimplification and not a rational analysis proving causality but it is a damn fun comeback to throw in a fundie’s face. I do not attempt rational discourse with delusional hate groups.

  14. mike128 says

    Anderson Cooper disappoints again. Can’t come out as a gay man but can make an absolute fool of himself serving fast food? Pathetic.

    As for the misogynistic comments from Rick – I just want to say the desire for a woman free world does not represent my point of view at all.

  15. Scot says

    What most people don’t know, and history books never seem to mention, is that same sex marriages were very matter of fact right here on this continent – before christians. Many North American tribes recognized same sex marriages and many were held in very high regard. People of “Two Spirits” were found in most tribes and their unions were celebrated.
    The Navajo had same sex marriage before christanity was rammed down their throat and many indigenous tribes have had 4 gender identities since time, for them, began?

    Check into this:

  16. JC says

    Uh, no. That is a complete misunderstanding of the Roman texts. There was no recognized same-gender marriage in ancient Rome. The texts are all sophisticated humor (Martial), satire (Juvenal), and personal attack oratory (Cicero). Indeed, Cicero’s point is that Curio’s relationship with Antony was a sign of the latter’s debauchery. I do wish people would learn a little before grabbing a text and wielding it as a weapon (that applied to Christians and the Bible, as well).

  17. Jerry6 says

    There is no reason to believe that the percentage of the total population that is homosexual now (10 to 15 percent) would have been much different in early Roman times. But the “Religions” that predated Christianity had multiple deities, (Both male and female; not just one male.) And the various countries had their own collection of Gods and Goddises that may or may not have been the same as the country next door. Therefore, it is difficult to equate homosexual acceptance with a country’s overall well being.

    Christianity, on the other hand, is a religion based on hatred. Just look at what the “Good Christian” Churches are now doing all over the country.

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