1. Mary says

    This annoys me. I can’t stand decadence in the elderly – aren’t they supposed to be setting a good moral example? I actually would be a lot more sympathetic if it was a 100 year old gay MAN who wanted a male stripper. Then I could say that he’s had to hide his sexuality all his life and now that society has changed to make being gay acceptable (well, its close to it anyway) he wants to express himself a bit. But this elderly woman is straight and has no similar case to make. Isn’t the culture decadent (hetero decadence) enough for her already? Where has she been living for the past 40-50 years? And people blame all decadence on baby-boomers. …..Just two cents worth from a right-wing visitor to this site!

  2. Sarah says

    Mary, I entirely disagree! as a woman growing up, even assuming she’s a heterosexual woman, she definitely wouldn’t have had opportunities to express her sexuality. How many times do you hear about women in the fifties hiring out strippers? Or women who are in their fifties? because that’s when you are suggesting she should have done it. it definitely wasn’t the case. sex was – and some would argue, still is – all about pleasing the male partner in a heterosexual relationship.

    I say, good for her.

  3. Chaq says

    Gee, some of you blokes are just negative kill-joys, aren’t you? Always something to complain about – someone to put down.
    It’s really sad that you can’t just say “Oh, fantastic, what a sweet story – good for that lady that she has some fun”.
    Try and see the joy in life – love one another. You’ll be happier for it!

  4. winston says

    You take care of your own before you tae care of others as bad as that sounds, its not obamas job to take care of the rest of the world lgbt community, yes he should have said something, spoke out against it, but what wuld that accomplish. just more words falling on deaf ears

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