1. vwdavy says

    what an honest and brave man. we need more like him, for all causes.
    NYC is telling because it is the first test of the nearly police-run state that has developed over the last ten years. there will be many successes and mistakes by both sides while sorting out things like protester’s missions and activities, and of course by the opposition’s leadership and reactions.
    but this is the United States of America. the protests of the 1960’s and 1970′ and 1980’s didn’t all reach their goals immediately. they were fighting generations of prejudices, way’s of life, established community and illegally obtained and kept way’s of doing business politically, economically and socially.
    splintering can’t be an option. patience and leadership is what is needed now. i see a young man who has served himself and his country well, and continues to search for a way to do more of the same. let’s find some more, they are out there and they are not always the ones who raise up their hands to volunteer to stand at the head of the crowd.

  2. say what says

    the goal is known

    econimic inequality with the 1% controlling more of this nation’s wealth than they ever have in the past while the middle class is destroyed

    Now the specifics on how to deal with that issue is what people debate

    The AP article is idiotic particularly since AP bias is well known and documented. Right wing and many former karl rove and mccain staffers working for AP

  3. merkin says

    So a trained military man screaming at a group of cops is nothing to worry about? I support the aims of OWS, but you dont get a pass to gather large groups of people whereever you want without a permit. Its not even productive

  4. Chris says

    When your exercise of freedom of assembly/speech infringes on my rights, then we have a conflict.

    In spite of the conflict, you can obtain a permit, in which case my rights are properly infringed-upon in a specific way, for a specific time.

    This is how we all coexist with minimal conflict.

  5. Inside says

    I wish the overwhelming hatred of Jews in general and unwarranted abuse against NYPD was covered on the nightly news. It goes against the narrative, so it won’t be covered.

  6. say what says

    LOL Inside

    do you have bill kristol dancing around in your head?

    Ed Koch supports OWs and is he anti-semitic?

    There are many Jews taking part in OWs. In fact one could argue there are more Jews involved with OWs than work on Wall Street

    First they ignored OWs

    Next they laughed

    Now they are pulling out the desperate card and trying to malign OWs

    Anyway; The majority of Wall Street people are white anglo saxon protestants ripping off the middle class

    Are there some people out of thousands upon thousands who might spout nonsense and or be anti-semitic? but so to could someone find 1 or 2 wackadoos at any gathering of humans

  7. ratbastard says

    say what said:

    ‘Anyway; The majority of Wall Street people are white anglo saxon protestants ripping off the middle class.’


    You know this how?

  8. Max says

    This guy’s a hero for screaming at cops? If the police mouthed off like an angry black man at protesters, we’d never hear the end of their alleged brutality.

    Say What, I posted a lot of videos in the comments over the weekend documenting anti-Semitism at OWS events. If the MSM can’t whitewash it out of existence, your “desperate card” trick isn’t going to work either.

  9. James says

    The degree of frustration and sense of disempowerment is the driving force for this growing global protest against the concentration of wealth to a select few in the society at the expense of many. While I agree that we cannot have anarchy on the streets many people have simply lost all faith in government and the so called democratic process and simply don’t know what else to do except take to the streets and vent their anger. Both sides of politics will ignore this growing social unrest at their own peril as has been demonstrated throughout the centuries.

  10. say what says


    I did not deny a few coocoo people there and it has also been documented that Breitbart is sending staffers there with anti-semitic signs taking vids and pics then screaming see see anti-semitism

    You are going to have to do better than that since a huge segment of the OWs leadership is JEWISH

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