1. enough already says

    I really love it when the christians insist that this is not true christian behavior.
    Almost as much fun as when they say this couple provoked the reaction by coming to church while gay.

  2. James says

    Man this weird thing happened to me the other day, I ran in front of highway without looking and almost got hit! oh and there was that time when I ran into burning build and almost got burned!

  3. Matt says

    There is obviously a lot more to this story–a prologue of many years. My heart breaks for what the couple experienced and I absolutely condemn what occurred.

    I do confess to being a little perplexed why this couple would want to go to church, and why this particular church, and why on a Wednesday? But like I said, there’s a lot of background to this story that we didn’t see.

  4. Francis says

    Tennessee+fundamentalism. Horrific story, but sadly, not surprising.

    The biggest issue I have when it comes to religion and religious followers in general is, I already knew plenty of these fundies were total bigots and use religion to justify that, but those who say they aren’t or aren’t legitimately, for the most part don’t say anything or do anything as a way to combat actions such as this. They don’t take a stand and speak out against this sort of hate, it happens under their noses and in front of their faces, and nothing is done. And that ultimately is one of the main reasons it continues and will continue. Because not many who identify as religious and not total bigots care enough to do their part to prevent their sects’ continued terrible representation to the public and continued war against LGBT individuals.

  5. says

    Listen to that video again and see if you can pick up the part where the Sheriff hadn’t yet talked to the Deputy who investigated the incident and whouldn’t allow them to press charges, but was already defending his inaction and attempting to turn the incident around on the victims as the ones who may have caused the incident to take place in the first place.


    And don’t get me started on what I think about the pastor and his “Christian” thugs.

    Love the sinner, hate the sin my ass!

  6. Marius says

    To me seems more like a family feud than anything else. I’m not surprised at the way the Christians acted but lets be honest he probably knew it before he wasn’t welcome there. To go to a church where you know you are not welcome to me it is a bit silly. Especially that there are some churches out there who welcome gays…

  7. Steve says

    Sure, it’s a family issue. And it’s almost certainly about the pastor having a problem with his son being gay. And even more about him bringing his boyfriend to his church. He probably thinks he is being embarrassed because his flock knows about it instead of keeping it a secret.

    Going there wasn’t a smart idea, but that doesn’t give these scumbags the right to beat them up.

  8. chica63 says

    If what the boys say is true, (and these two dont look like the type to initiate a fist fight) this is a hate crime committed and endorsed by the church. Sorry “christians”, but this behavior has been going as long as I can remember (just not as blatant or open) and why I will never trust or join your demented little club.

    I dont care why the boys were there on a wednesday, why they wanted to go to church or if it was a “family fued”, being beaten by deacons of a church on church property at the request of the pastor is … I dont even have the words to describe it!! Its just effin WRONG! Even if they ‘provoked’ the attack by having the nerve to show up, it’s still WRONG! One does have the free will to choose or not to choose to physically attack another person. If the pastor thought the boys were there to start trouble then he should have called the police to handle it and escort them away.

    Im not religious but even I can see that this church (and many others) is NOT about Jesus or about being a christian and if members dont speak out against this then they all deserve whatever they get. Karma is real.

  9. Dave says

    Those 2 gay guys have completely misinterpreted what happened. Christians love homosexuals so much! We are all they think about. That’s how much they care. So this couldn’t have been an assault. It was just their way of sharing Christ’s love.

  10. RuralGay says

    What a fine, upstanding Christian and Father-figure this excuse for a man is. He’s merely a sperm donor – not a father. The son owes nothing to him at this point. Where’s the mother and the rest of the family in all this or is this one of those freakish Westboro Baptist cult churches where the head male is the preacher and lord to the clan??

    If the son is pushing the hot buttons as a way to embarrass the church and his father – he should STOP. It won’t repair familial decay or truly fix anything. Let the preacher and his followers take this up with a higher power they, given their actions, obviously have no concept of. This is on their heads and hearts now to reckon and seek forgiveness for. It will haunt them forever.

    To the son, GET OUT NOW. You have a huge loving and accepting Family out here and you deserve better.

  11. Frank says

    Terrible story, but to any who want to paint all Christians as hateful bigots, please know that there are many churches who would gladly welcome and embrace these two young men. Not in an effort to change them, but to accept and love them for who they are while acknowledging their relationship. I know it’s easy to say all Christians are right wing nuts when you read stuff like this, but there are many Christians who are horrified by the type of behavior exhibited by the men who assaulted these guys. The Episcopal Church, United Church of Christ, Evangelical Lutheran Church, and Presbyterian Church USA have changed their policies to allow the ordination of gay clergy. In the United Methodist Church, while there is a certainly a conservative element, and some official church policies on gays that make liberal Methodists cringe, there are many churches that gladly welcome all people to their church and have become “Reconciling Congregations.” Finally, not to be Protestant-centric, there are also some Roman Catholic churches who disagree with official church teachings on homosexuality and have declared themselves welcoming to all people. Check out for more information.

  12. Steve says

    This is what blind ignorance does to people. If God is Love, then these ill-informed people are not of God. The are, more likely, misguided by their negative egos. Wake up people.

  13. Ian says

    Yay!!! Andy is back!! Now I can go back to reading Towleroad! Andy bring that tool Andy Browski (sp?) back again and I swear I’m done for good. Awesome blog, but your writers are taking it in the wrong direction.

  14. says

    I’m not surprised that the police officers did nothing. I’m sure may of us have had the experience of going to the police for help only to have them be as useful as tits on a fish as they didnt’ want to deal with “the gays.”

    it’s a shame. there are great Christians, and there are great police officers – there are also may many LOUSY examples of each. it’s a shame, though no surprise, that the lousy ones banded together here.

    what an ugly story. i hope it blows up.

  15. says

    I hope those boys end up OWNING that church and that the “bystanders” involved are charged with abetting the attack. The officers that arrived on the scene should be investigated and the rest of the “Christian Community” should be vocally outrages. Their silence indicates their endorsement of this reprehensible behavior!

  16. Derek Pearce says

    Well the violence is absolutely wrong and I hope those deacons are convicted of assault. But those boys needs to ditch that church and find a denomination where they’re welcome. Actually they should ditch religion altogether IMHO, but if they insist on going to church they can obviously do better.

  17. David says

    Not that it changes the deplorable response they received, I question whether these two had sincere intentions went they went to church. His father must have spewed this hatred before, and the son must have known the reaction he would receive. This doesn’t make the reaction right, but I suspect the son’s motive in attending church was to expose and draw public attention to the discriminatory behavior of the congregation rather than to participate in worship and fellowship.

  18. walter says

    give me that old time religion with hate for all and charity for none. it is amazing that 95% of the time there is a natural disaster in this country it occurs in the bible belt. maybe god is trying to tell these so called christians something?

  19. Rowan says

    It’s sad but especially a lot of Southerners want to stay in their home town. NY or LA isn’t for everyone, sad but true.

    I feel so sorry for these people brought up in those places.

  20. thunderboltfan says

    @David, what’s deplorable is your trying to blame the victims for what happened. How can you possibly know what was in their minds? You give ammunition to bigots with your comment.

  21. jamal49 says

    Christian=hate. And it’s time we end the pretense that it doesn’t. Especially when we must consider that christianity is a myth, a goddam fairy tale and in its death throes. No more “tolerance” for this despicable religion or the other two demon spawn of of the mythical Abraham and their incessant hate and bigotry against LGBT people. That one of the young men’s FATHER ordered and participated in this attack is as disgusting as it gets and as emblematic of christiantiy as it gets. It’s time to fight back, burn their goddam churches, mosques and synagogues until they get the message: we’ll give you back what you give us. If it’s violence you want, then, by god, it’s violence you will get!

  22. says

    ….and Christ cries at what is done in His name. These people really aren’t Christians. They are hate mongers who use the Church to further their bigotry. They drive more people away from Church more than abusive priests. The victims needs to get the hell out of that hillbilly state and move to one more civilized and cut that so called family out of their lives.

  23. Bryan says

    I’m always lead to believe gay hating Christians like the ones above are in the minority, but with each day, I just can’t believe that. Where are all the “real” Christians who actually don’t believe in this? I mean if the hetero gay hating Christians can form their own alliances to fight a cause, why can’t the hetero pro gay Christians also form an alliance to show us that they exist and that there are indeed some religious people on the side of gays.

  24. Yoforchrist says

    Thoes guys named Jerry Pittman Jr. and his partner Dustin Lee are really want to provoke the church and disturb the ceremony. i think they are gay bully. because they know the church doesn’t approve the homosexuality, if they choose to be homosexual that is their damn free choice which is against the word of God, unnatural and stupid. church is a place to come to worship God and obey God, its not a place you go when you get board of your gay life. you are out of church because of your choice, and stay out. unless you want to come out of your sinful choices please dont Go to church that is for all gays… and its the truth, sorry to say this but stay at your gay bars……..

  25. vanndean says

    Fruitland, TN does exist. It is about 101 miles east northeast from Memphis and about 2hrs and 22 minutes west by northwest of Nashville or 147.8 miles.
    It is located on Highway 45W north between Humboldt and Trenton.

  26. walter says

    @yoforchrist i thought the teachings of christ taught love thy neighbor judge not lest you be judged and turn the other cheek. where did christ teach about homosexuality. the common phrases used to condemn homosexuality are b.c.
    so not taught by christ. but he did preach against hate and divorce so who breaking the teachings of christ.

  27. Yoforchrist says

    Hi Walter: – You are so right and sorry about some of the words, it’s just frustrating to see people choosing the homosexual way. About the teaching of Love, A Christian and a follower of Christ should be filled with Love and love everybody as Christ did. Thanks for the reminding me, and you are also right about that Jesus didn’t teach about homosexuality. But Paul the follower of Christ and the writer of most of the New Testament have taught clearly about homosexuality is a sin. You can read (1Timothy 1:9-11) and (Roman 1:26-27) I am saying it’s wrong to be homosexual according to the bible, and the church is an institute based on bible so there is nothing we can do about that. we should love homosexuals but we shouldn’t let them to be Our church members unless they stop their unnatural ways, there is nothing anybody can do about that, it’s a basic principle, if a certain church accepts homosexuals then, that particular church not a body of Christ, it will turn out to be a gathering of people with no Christ in it. By choosing to be homosexuals they choose not to be part of the church.

  28. Jay says

    I admire these young men. Of course they knew what the reaction might be. The boy grew up with his father’s bigotry. He appears to be quite young, perhaps just able to lead his own life. If I was him I’d like to think I had his courage to confront this bastard.

    I think this has nothing
    to do with this church as a church and nothing to do with his father being a “pastor”. It’s about a young man being a man. Good for him.

  29. Rin says

    I would go to that church if it were in driving distance. How DARE THEY throw people out of GOD’s house? Not their frickin’ house, God’s.

    If God wants them removed He can smite them with lightning or a flood.

    Why doesn’t this stuff happen around me? I’d have some serious words for that congregation!

  30. Rin says


    you’re either a troll (which I suspect) or you’re completely totally ignorant of the faith that you purport to believe in.

    I’m so sick to death of so-called Christians and their love affair with Paul who… has no legitimate Biblical authority as did Jesus.

    Did any prophets speak about him in the Hebrew Bible? That this other dude would come and interpret for Messiah??? Don’t you think if Jesus were Messiah he can speak for himself and said what was needed to be said???

    Paul was a minister, no more, no less…well, maybe less. I happen to believe he is the apostate that Jesus spoke about who would come in his own name and ruin the works of Christ.

    Paul has been used so many times to justify cruelty, judgmentalism, and a plethora of unkindnesses nowhere justified in the Gospel accounts.


  31. Southern Comfort says

    A point of clarification for all the Yankees and/or those fortunate enough to have lived lives free from the blight of organized religion: Here in the South, lots of churches hold bi-weekly services, typically on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights.

    No day of the week is safe from man’s desire to indulge in lunacy, irrationality and bigotry.

    As for “Yo,” the New Testament was not written by the apostle Paul. The books written by various authors were assembled hundreds of years after Christ and all of his apostles (assuming they actually existed) would have long since been dead and buried.

    Or “dead, buried then risen/resurrected/reanimated/zombified to live again with God,” as the case may be.

  32. Edwina Ola DUKE says

    wow…………i am ashamed of my fellow “christians”.
    and Frank is right. not all christian people are like that but i see why you think that way.
    even if it’s a family feud or whatver, maybe he came to talk after the service to his dad.
    even though he didn’t, that does not give anybody the right to beat anybody up!

  33. Yoforchrist says

    @ Rin it’s surprising how much you don’t know about Jesus and Christianity at all and still you blame me. You said so called Christians,…… those whom you called so called Christians are the true Christians facing as well standing the pressure that modernizations and Disobedience brought towards them. You blame Paul about anti homosexual teachings…, well Christianity is not Christianity with out Paul teachings, let me tell you something Jesus said “if you believe you can do more things than I dd” . Paul believed and Jesus used him to do more miracles than he himself did and to teach more basic teachings that Jesus himself did teach directly. If you blame Paul you are blaming Jesus who used Paul. So Rin you are not christian, you don’t like Christians You don’t like Paul, you don’t Like Jesus, but Jesus Loves You. So go to the nearest ” so called christian church” and Love him Back… stop your wrong ways. for your own good.

  34. Yoforchrist says

    @ Rin it’s surprising how much you don’t know about Jesus and Christianity at all and still you blame me. You said so called Christians,…… those whom you called so called Christians are the true Christians facing as well standing the pressure that modernizations and Disobedience brought towards them. You blame Paul about anti homosexual teachings…, well Christianity is not Christianity with out Paul teachings, let me tell you something Jesus said “if you believe you can do more things than I dd” . Paul believed and Jesus used him to do more miracles than he himself did and to teach more basic teachings that Jesus himself did teach directly. If you blame Paul you are blaming Jesus who used Paul. So Rin you are not christian, you don’t like Christians You don’t like Paul, you don’t Like Jesus, but Jesus Loves You. So go to the nearest ” so called christian church” and Love him Back… stop your wrong ways. for your own good.

  35. Dessica says

    Find a Mennonite church at You will find a whole different attitude and not only acceptance but a welcoming. There are many of us in the Mennonite church that do take a stand and are doing so right now, sending messages to Grace Fellowship and many other places and taking physical action to stop this kind of behavior. It is so sad that people are turning from a way of faith due to the ignorance and hate that so many churches display against groups of people, not just due to sexual orientation. There are places that still believe that Love and Peace are the only way to live.

  36. friend says

    This couple came to the church to start a fight! that is a fact. I know all parties involved. This couple has been going to this same church for many years. His father the pastor has known that the son has been openly gay for 8 years. So whats the reason for the fight? Well the father and step mom are divorcing. The step mom happens to be the one footing the bill for the gay couples life style. So when they see the divorce happening, they stick with the step mom! They were not attacked, Jerry Pittman Jr. got out of his car and ripped his shirt off and started saying homophobic slurs about himself and hit a 64 year old man who was a deacon. The deacon defended himself. This is not a hate crime! It is two gay boys looking to break the law and gain favor of the public by saying this is a hate crime. This is a family feud nothing more. what is a shame is when someone gay or straight will sell out their own father for the scraps that fall from the step mom’s table! So no gay bashing, no hate crime! just two scared little boys who wont have a meal ticket if step mommy don’t like them. So my advice, gay or not be men and lets all worry about some real problems!

  37. says

    I think that God’s stand against homosexuality is written in the Bible. Evidently these 2 young men went to church, where the pastor was the father of one of them, to try to cause trouble. Homosexuality is wrong and should not be condoned by the church.

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