1. Steven says

    I suffered through the first episode – and I’ve got to say Frank needs psychological help. He claims to be bisexual and proceeded to crazy-stalk one of his female roommates. The boy can’t handle his liquor either.

    We should by no means be propping up this clown as some sort of warrior for LGBT rights. Regardless of whether Nate is a homophobe (or whatever) – Frank’s violent tantrum should not be tolerated.

  2. Hal says

    Maybe you should watch the episode before making random, incorrect statements. It’s definitely not a lover’s quarrel.

    Frank is a good example of what being conflicted about one’s sexuality does to a person’s mental health. He sees any hint of disapproval as complete rejection, he drinks way too much, and overreacts like a crazy person. It’s actually quite interesting (and saddening) to watch. You know that if he just believed that his sexuality was okay and trusted that other people will come around eventually (and that he can’t force them to do so by berating them), he’ll be fine.

    Overall the season’s not been too bad (better than the last few), I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss it. Yeah, most of the rest of the cast (except for a really cool lesbian) are quite blah.

  3. Francis says

    I’ve seen bits and pieces of the show this season. Almost all of the cast members are totally f’d up, to put it bluntly. They showed Nate drinking a lot (which the other castmates called him out on) and crying about something during the promos, directly after the clip between Frank and he fighting, so I wonder if they set it up where Nate ends up struggling with his sexuality as well.

    The show has long passed it’s expiration date as a relevant show, but it’s still OK on occasion for laughs. That’s about it.

  4. Albert says

    That was freakin’ hilarious! This Frank dude should be on Real Housewives of New Jersey; he’d give Teresa Giudice a run for her money. Totally contrived. I used to watch the early seasons of this show in the 90s. It’s run its course and should be shut down, since it has no relevance these days.

  5. Jeremy says

    Hal is right. Frank cannot handle rejection. He has trust issues based on a previous relationship and as he told his housemates in a previous episode his father called him a faggot and kicked him out of the house a week before filming the series. To say he is a bit vulnerable and raw would be an understatement.

  6. Tom says

    When did MTV tolerate another “cast” member hitting or pushing another one? Wasn’t that immediate grounds for being evicted? This has got to be somewhat contrived in order for Frank to still be on the show.

  7. Bryan says

    What are bunch of tools, I hope most of the people in the house are just playing it up for the cameras, because I’d hate to know them in real life if the show is an accurate portrayal of their actual lives.

    Also, it’s funny how Frank says he feels a lot of people are against him because of his sexuality. Has he looked at the rest of himself, bisexual or not, being a TOOL will most likely get you disliked, and he’s an absolute tool, so it might not actually be the bisexuality that people have an issue with.

  8. matt says

    Not that I don’t enjoy seeing the one guy get naked, damn fine looking boy, but was there a reason he stripped down to yell at the other guy? i don’t watch the show so I’m not familiar with the house rules. Like all fights must be conducted semi-nude or whatever.

  9. Chace says

    This show went from being groundbreaking and dealing with real isssues to another stupid reality show where peope drink, do drugs and fight. MTV has turned totally classless.

  10. Hollywood, CA says

    “We were BESTIES!” – BAhahahaaha! The straight guy said that?! That is some classic reality right there. PS – Frank is $*it House Crazeballs, USA! He’s mental and an alcoholic AND still dealing with his sexuality and being kicked out of his home by his father… the producers must have wet their pants in anticipation of a meltdown…

  11. AJ says

    He never hit him. Pushing is allowed. Frank is a mess but there is another out cast member, a girl named Sam who should not be ignored. She is confident and together. And she rocks! Frank is a total mess. This is his 3rd drunken tirade. When he came home he couldn’t even stand up. QUIT DRINKING and get some help dude.

  12. Liam says

    Hal, Hon, you really need to look into better television. If watching someone struggle with their sexuality while destroying themselves is entertainment, I don’t want to live here anymore.

  13. Chris says

    Frank is really a master manipulating everything around and never ONCE taking responsibility…I bet Zach punches him out because while Frank may like Nate a lot, Zach is one big wrapped package with a bow on him that Frank won’t be able to resist when he’s drunk…and homophobia has very little to do with an acting out alcoholic putting sane people on alert….he’s a drunk and shames himself and the community and SAM is amazing by the way!

  14. GregV says

    I’m glad that MTV has always cast a diversity of characters, but it bothers me that they tend to choose a gay or bi housemate who has just experienced trauma and feels vulnerable, and then put him in a house with “uncomfortable” straight guys to watch the drama ensue.
    I’d much rather see either a confident and happy gay or bi housemate, or a vulnerable one who has allies as housemates. Understanding allies could build him up instead of tearing him down further.
    This wasn’t a lovers’ quarrel. Frank has a crush on the Zimbabwean-Oregonian girl.
    What I’ve noticed is that Zach and, especially Nate, act two-faced toward Frank in regards to his sexual orientation. When Frank said he felt their negative attitude, both said to his face that it wasn’t an issue. Nate said he loved Frank from the first day and that he was offended that Frank would suggest he is uncomfortable with bisexuality.
    Then behind Frank’s back, Nate says, “I can’t live with a guy who does dudes” and both straight guys seemed freaked out just driving by the gay club to drop off Sam and Frank, and couldn’t drive away fast enough, squirming as if they’d catch gay cooties just seeing the building.
    Frank is definitely in need of therapy (which he said he’ll get) and is acting in extreme ways. But I think he may be subconsciously so sick of his sense that his roommates are pretending to like him, and tries to outrafe them to just get the satisfaction of bringing the truth out in the open.

    As for Sam, I’m not convinced “she’s” gay. I think “she” may be a trans guy who, like Chaz Bono, just hasn’t figured himself out yet.

  15. says

    Why oh why can’t we just go back to some RW Seattle when the show was actually decent and not filled with little babies. At least in that season, we saw some love drama with a MTV staffer and David, some lime disease case, and then some face slappage in a car. And afterward, we saw Lindsey become a radio personality here in Atlanta. The days of a good RW are behind us.

  16. testing" ton says

    What I wonder is how they always manage to find such old looking young 20-somethings. Their age cute off is 24, don’t both of those dudes look closer to 30?

  17. John says

    @ STEVEN
    Frank does not claim to be bisexual. He IS bisexual. how Do You feel if someone says you claim to be gay rather than you are gay? stop hate and stop it with yourself.

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