UK Passports Update ‘Mother’ and ‘Father’ Language to Accommodate Gay Parents

Uk_passport Language on UK passports is being updated to accommodate same-sex couples, the BBC reports:

New forms including "parent one" and "parent two" alongside "mother" and "father" are expected to be brought in by the end of the year.

The Home Office says the additional terms will ensure passports are issued securely and safely to the right person. Gay rights groups say the current form is "discriminatory" but family values campaigners say the changes denigrate the roles of mothers and fathers.

The proposals also include sex-free passports to allow transgender people to opt out of identifying themselves as either male or female.

Christian wingnuts are predictably flipped out by it:

Norman Wells, director of the Family Education Trust, said: "To speak of 'parent one' and 'parent two' denigrates the place of both fathers and mothers. Fathers and mothers are not interchangeable but have quite distinct roles to play in the care and nurture of their children."


  1. DB says

    How about ‘Mother / Father’ and ‘Mother / Father’? That way you don’t have to ‘de-gender’ the parents but you allow for the fact that there may be two fathers, two mothers, or one father and one mother.

  2. BobN says

    Why people are flummoxed by this issue is beyond me.

    Passport holder: ______

    Person A:
    Name ______
    Relationship to passport holder: ______

    Person B:
    Name ______
    Relationship to passport holder: ______

    Person C:
    Name ______
    Relationship to passport holder: ______

    Person D:
    Name ______
    Relationship to passport holder: ______

    Works for parents, spouses, guardians, etc. Let’s parents choose order on forms. What if mom and grandma travel with the kid often while dad stays at home? Why does dad get first billing?

  3. Oscar in MB says

    I guess christians are against men staying at home and taking care of the children.Also men that are fathers and have lost their wives to death or divorce and are single parents must be condemn by christians as being not good parents.Christians are such hypocrites.On the one hand claim that only children in households of a man and a woman are properly brought up but in their churches single parents are accepted and so are the divorced ones also.Hypocresy max.Ridiculous people.

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