1. Paulie says

    I like how each year the “Sexiest Man” acts so surprised and humble when it’s his team that aggressively pursued the title.

  2. Raleighrob says

    Wait, what? “I think it’s really cool that a guy who doesn’t look like a model can have this title.” Um… DO look like a model you dingy. If I looked HALF as good as you, my life would be set. Jerk.

  3. AG says

    Oh, lala.

    I don’t think he is the sexiest man alive, but he is damn hot.

    I will say, Andy, that you chose a much more “interesting” photo of B.C. than Kenny (212) did.

  4. JCW says

    Well good for him! I think it’s way overdue for an openly gay man get this honor. The f…. oh….wait….. nevermind.

  5. BEAHBEAH says

    I’ve never found him that attractive, something about his facial features has always seemed off (one of his eyes is significantly lower than the other).

    But his body is amazing and he has a very nice smile. I wouldn’t throw him out of bed.

  6. JayKingOfGay says

    One man’s model is another man’s hatchet face. Sorry, not on board with his supposed “dreaminess” The nose, the uneven eyes, the scrawny body. He’s not a model, and that’s fine.

  7. say what says


    People owened by Time Inc

    Time Inc subsidiary of Time Warner

    Time Warner owns Warner Brothers

    2011 Time Warner movie The Hangover part 2 made over 254 million dollars from an 80 milion dollar production ivestment

    He is Time Warner’s $ maker for 2011

    That is all and he is sexy to time warner’s bottom line. He has no actual sexual attraction for many outside of time warner

    If one were to check every single year’s “sexiest man” one would find every single one was part of a time warner project that year

    People is one of Time Warner’s propaganda arms

  8. KM says

    I definitely agree with him about sometimes looking good and sometimes looking horrifying. There are times when I think “Damn that guy is hot!” and other times I have looked at him and see a muppet.

  9. mattsy says

    why do the internets keep insisting he’s gay & dated Victor Garber?
    Is he another Hollywood closet case or what?

  10. Hoya says

    Went to college with Bradley. Def better looking in person. I get what you all are saying about his eyes being uneven, but in person, his eyes are just mesmerizingly beautiful.

    And the rumors of him being gay did not start in Hollywood. They’ve been around since at least college. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.