1. Derrick from Philly says

    Lord. Lord. No matter where they go in this world…no matter where they seek sanctuary–African Gays surely see a hard time…even in liberal Canada.

    Let those guys live their lives the way nature intended. It’s their orientation NOT a choice, dammit! What a cruel azz world.

  2. ah123 says

    I was outraged by that assertion about forced separation and mating with females, too, at first. But the article also mentioned that because of their species facing extinction, that was the impetus for doing so rather than any purported homophobic motive. As long as they let them back together later on, I can understand the necessity.

  3. say what says

    yeah, its not because they are gay they will be separated but due to species survival

    “…given that African penguins are endangered, the move falls within a species survival plan among zoos….”

    Though I would support such only on a temp basis to get the females preggers and popping out kids. They should then allow the 2 males to rebond

  4. Chuck Mielke says

    I’ll take a different spin in sympathy with AH123: Surely the effort to mate them with females is well-intentioned. It may be only a first step in dealing with this endangered species. Frankly, I hope that the effort fails and the researchers must resort to extracting sperm from these guys and doing some artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization.

  5. Jack M says

    God, can’t we even let penguins alone without imposing hetero-BS values on them? Hope they don’t commit suicide.

  6. Syrax says

    “The two, bred in captivity, were part of a group of 12 penguins — six male, six female — that came to Toronto from zoos in the U.S.”

    From what I understand there are at least four more heterosexual penguins they could use. Why separate these too?

  7. Chris in MN says

    Okay, I can see the need to make every attempt to mate for the sake of the survival of the species. But, for God’s sake please monitor them and if there appears to be a negative behavior change (i.e., Penguin depression), then put them back together.

  8. daftpunkydavidavid says

    ok, this is quite the anthropomorphization, if there was ever one haha.

    penguins cannot be gay. penguins can display homosexual behavior, like pretty much every other animal it seems, but they cannot be “gay”. that’s a term that is used for humans.

    all nit picking aside, what is happening to these poor animals is quite sad.

  9. Danny says

    Dear DaftPunkyDaviDavid: I’m amazed that you are such an expert that you say that because certain language is used for people it can’t be used for other animals. It’s obvious from the other behaviors described in the article that these guys are a COUPLE. GET IT? I dunno what made you such a narrow-minded “expert” but you really need to get over yourself. Your posting sounds like the fake-christian haters who reduce “gay” to genital activity. the fact is that the whole area of attraction remains a mystery–even for humans. Evidently you’ve never been in love or you’d realize that sex is only one part of mating–and often not all that important a part either.

  10. Steve says

    If the human species faced extinction, would you take one for the team and – reluctantly – mate with a woman?

  11. Married in MA says

    This is sad and perhaps doomed to failure. I hope they put them back together at some point soon.

  12. jim says

    If it meant saving the human race, I would definitely bust one for the team. My pride isnt that fragile. We may be gay, you guys… but we’re still men who make sperm.

    Now, I wish we would stop projecting our issues and values on animals. The experts are trying to save a species from extinction… Lets let them try to make penguin babies. Simple.

  13. say what says


    one assumes it is due to genetic diversity or lack there of issues

    the other 4 may all be related while buddy and pedro might not be related to the other 4 so they would offer genetic diversity / improving the gene pool

    IVF is probably the best option but due to budget constraints it is the 2nd option if forced mating fails. Forced mating is cheaper & the zoo board/ budget might be forcing it as the primary option

    David E

    oh come on, if Humanity was doomed to extinction (in a lot of ways we deserve it) you should take 1 for the team. If you and I were the last 2 males and there were a bunch of females….I’d get you drunk and force you to mate with some females due to the genetic diversity issue of me dominating the gene pool with whatever recessives I might have

  14. say what says


    ideally a viable gene pool needs at least 36 non related mating pairs thus 72 non related individuals

    That is the ideal & in this world the ideal is rare

  15. daftpunkydavid says

    @ Danny:

    hahaha… do you realize how you basically just make my case better than i did?

    you’re conflating humans and other animals. and that’s precisely my point. while there are obviously similarities, they’re not the same.

    i never reduced human sexuality to sex. had you bothered to read my comment, you may have realized that.

  16. George says

    There being forced to mate because of they have top notch genes? Well Duh!! THERE GAY of course they have top notch genes

  17. says

    You cannot change human nature. I know the penguins are endangered but it seems very harsh to separate them. I hope the zoo puts them back together once they find out that they will not mate with females.

  18. Derrick from Philly says

    “I wonder when these penguins chose to be gay?”

    Well, no, Laura. That would only be the case if they met while in prison…or an all boys school (but those are usually temporary Gays).

  19. just_a_guy says

    I hope it works and they extend and enrich this otherwise nearly-gone penguin gene-pool. More than that, I hope these two get back together and live happily ever after as a couple :–).

    So what if a guy is perfectly equipped to mate with a female? If he has found love with a man, respect that love. (But the end of species seems a legit reason to encourage a little opposite-sex nookie, if just a hook-up or two…)

  20. MichaelD1026 says

    Maggie Gallagher and NOM are having no luck forcing gay men to mate with women, so, now, they’re trying to force male penguins to procreate with female penguins? I’d bet gay penguins get just as pissed as gay humans…and they would probably attack the zookeepers. OOPSIE…

  21. RichB in PS says

    At this zoo there must be numerous other available ‘top-notch genetic’ penguins — why split these two guys?? I honor their match and object to such an arbitrary decision to separate Buddy and Pedro!

  22. corvidae says

    One. Penguin orientation is often fluid.
    Two. Sex with female penguins will help save their species.
    Three. If they don’t want to, they won’t, they are not drunk college students.

    All clear?

  23. says

    The way I see it, if the human race was in danger of going extinct due to underpopulation, I would mate with a female even though it’s against my nature. I’d even help raise the child(ren). But I’d still be with my male lover. After Buddy and Pedro have accomplished their mission, will they be reunited?

  24. says

    Have they ever heard of artificial insemination? It’s done all the time. With today’s technological advances, it shouldn’t be a problem.

    Extract their sperm and impregnate the females with it, but for christ sake, leave them alone to be themselves.

  25. say what says


    artifical insemination is probably the 2nd option if this doesn’t work

    Most likely due to budget issues

    IVFT is not cheap

  26. says

    This whole story is depressing. If we are imagining that these cute little birds feel emotions similar to human, which I think they do, then this is horrible and might not even work. This raises many questions. Why should they be forced apart? Why should a female be forced to be with another penguin who doesn’t want her? Do they make strap-on penguin dildos?

  27. anon says

    Corvidae?? Penguins are in Spheniscidae.

    Anyway, the worst part here is that the breeding program is run by evangelicals.

  28. If only they could talk says

    Evangelicals? Do penguins believe in Jesus? Did they make the really gay one wear the pink arm band?

  29. Rovex says

    How exactly can you ‘force’ penguins to mate? If they dont want to, they wont.

    By the way ‘Say What’, i wouldn’t take one for the team and mate with a female, and alcohol wouldnt work either. Alcohol reduces inhibition, which in my case would just make me say what i really think of heterosexuality.. It would have quite the opposite of the desired effect.

  30. Bill Michael says

    I hope they don’t die of broken hearts from being separated, seriously. Something about this seems so wrong…

  31. bayhuntr says

    It will be interesting to see how this is suppose to work. If I was taken from my spouse and dropped on an island with another women, I can pretty much guarantee, she will not get pregnant from my actions.

  32. Dudelet says

    For the people talking about IVF: when you try IVF, if it does not work, you are wasting eggs. If penguins/birds are like mammals in this aspect, I’ll admit I don’t know for sure, then females have a set number of eggs from the day they were born. This being an endangered species and all, it’s not like you really should go about wasting eggs. For the same reason, you should also try to avoid testing out things on them, too. I’ve never even heard of IVF on birds!

    I can say I think it is very sad that the pair is going to be split up, but I do not question their motive at all. They have a good reason. As for putting them back together again, all for it! But then they’d also have to be careful with breaking them up from their female mates, should they actually mate. Because if this does end up successful, it will mean Buddy and Pedro have found another mate and are bonded to them, too. So that would be kind of sucky, being torn apart from your mate twice!

    Basically, I think you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do. But they should be very careful doing it. The penguins are obviously going to be stressed out, at least for a while, but measures should be taken to make sure things go at least… kind of smoothly. And like someone said, if they obviously aren’t doing well split up, put the penguins back together!

    Syrax – I’m sure they will use the other four males too, but to keep a species healthy there needs to be genetic variety, to avoid recessive diseases and all. Even if the four males are unrelated, the addition of two different males to the pool greatly improves the future breeding possibilities.

  33. lurker says

    So take their, uh, penguin dna, fertilize an egg, and then give the egg to the couple to raise. No big deal.

  34. Gil says

    It’s a temporary separation. I’m kinda surprised that Andy neglected to mention that the pair will be getting back together after they go breed.