1. Jerry says

    I would rather see Fassbenders cock than a beheading anyday. Male sexuality always gets an NC17, unfortunately.

  2. says

    Check out this clip from the movie Fish Tank, at about 4:15, the way those jeans hang off his ass made him an instant hit with me.

  3. say what says

    yeah but he is 34 & was dating 23 yr old zoe kravitz

    There is something just weird about anyone dating someone 11 yrs younger than them.

  4. SFShawn says

    It would be amazing if more men(straight,gay and bi) had his highly enlightened and refreshing attitude about their bodies,their cocks and their asses!
    If you’ve got it then why not show it off?
    Bravo to confident men who aren’t afraid to show some serious skin.

  5. say what says

    heck chris it is weird america elected an actor as president let alone his 10 1/2 yr age difference from nancy

    Anyway; yes 10 1/2 yr age difference is weird though nancy married reagan when 31

    At 31 it could be argued she had been around the block a few times and learned a thing or two. 23 is still very immature for a 34 yr old to date (he looks far older than 34)

  6. Zlick says

    Bravo, MF. Great actor. And yeah, can’t wait to see that opening scene.

    Say What: My boyfriend is dating someone 11 years younger than himself. That would be me. So why don’t you just stop saying stupid stuff? Thanks.

  7. say what says


    Well best of luck to you but it is a safe bet if I put money down on you 2 not lasting long

  8. Andalusian Dog says

    “It’s no big deal to see a penis. NO BIG DEAL! Why’s everyone gotta make a BIG F-ING DEAL about seeing a PENIS! IT’S NO BIG DEAL!!! NONE! NADA! PENIS!!!”

    And so on, and so forth…

    Eh ehm. Were the above statement reflective of MF’s purported feelings on the subject, and say, oh, I dunno, not a line fed to him by the producers and PR reps to pump up ticket sales (to what is probably a very good movie, granted), I think it would more appropriately read: “I showed my penis. So?” My two cents.

    P.S. Yes, he’s very handsome and probably talented.

  9. MichaelJ says

    I saw “Shame.” Michael Fassbender has A LOT to not be ashamed of. And as in his previous films, he’s quite good.
    That said, I didn’t care for the “Shame.” It seemed to trade in pre-conceived notions about “sex addiction.” And there is one scene worthy of a lengthy back and forth in his and other websites about whether it is homophobic.

  10. Kris Avalon says

    Actually there’s rumors that Zoe is dating Penn Badgley from Gossip Girl. besides, who cares who is dating who. Shame sounds like it will be a great movie. I just wish America’s hypocrisy towards sex would come to an end and that people would take some movies for their artistic integrity. The nude scene was there to enhance so to speak not to exploit.

  11. Jimmy says

    Fassy, as we like to call him, is THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE. He makes friggin closet case Bradley Cooper look like Pee-Wee Herman. He shows quite a LOT in “Shame,” although the movie isn’t as good as his performance. Plus, he’s got that SEXY Irish accent going on..No wonder he’s in such hot demand.

  12. shanesoho says

    @ED, thanks! so hot. he was beautiful in the x-men prequel, with a few amazing shots of him in those grey sweatpants…

  13. say what says



    he is attractive, but the 34 posted at IMDB and on his wiki page must be a publicists lie cause he is more like 44 looking and a hot 44 at that but no way is he 34 (44 would make him 21 yrs older than zoe when they dated and yeah they are not dating anymore)

  14. Steve says

    There’s one scene in the X-Men prequel where he’s walking facing the camera……and he dresses a LONG way right…..if you see what im saying.

  15. Troy says

    How much longer is the American public and the movie industry going to tolerate being controlled by the MPAA? Why don’t they revolt and a put a stop to it?