1. Aedan says

    Ah. I miss the classic Super Models lip-synching to a male-vocals-song. And damn- these women have all aged so WELL! (well, taking into account all the makeup, lighting, hair stylists, and designers).

    That was thoroughly enjoyable. I wish it hadn’t been QUITE so choppily edited, but still a blast.

  2. jason says

    I am sick of these female supermodels and I am sick of Jonas Akerlund. He’s a sexist pig who props up the sleazy straight guy fantasy.

    As for the female supermodels, all they did was act as beards for male pop singers who are gay or bisexuals. These females contributed to the homophobic cover-up. I have no respect for them whatsoever.

  3. benjamin says

    Love Duran Duran. So nice seeing them in the video as the day-to-day guys (elevator operator, interviewer, bartender, chauffeur…of course!). Bringing back the gluttonous glamour of the 80’s…and the allusion to the polaroids…not just from their first major video…there is a stack out there that could reveal a lot of interesting tales of their early days…let’s just say a certain Taylor loved to take polaroids of himself with his bath-mates…both boys and girls together…how do I know? I was one of the boys in the bubbles…February 1984, Los Angeles.

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