1. Justin says

    Interesting that of all the nightmares in the world…some choose to fear gays. A person that finds the same sex attractive is something to fear vs human hunger, changing climate, anything out of our control…yet homosexuality makes the list. What would be more appropriate then would be political and religious brain washing of the masses. I watched it in its entirety, the different cultures are so varied, I cant imagine what it would be like to grow up like some of them. I feel fortunate.

  2. justme says

    Instantly one of my favorite movies. Thank you very much for posting. All of it is masterfully done, but I was particularly moved by the woman at the conclusion who provided the perfect ending to a perfect day.

  3. jaragon says

    Fascinating portrait of our complex world-the scariest sight to me was the crowd- I can’t imagine been afraid of dogs- I use to be afraid of death but there are worse things than dying.