NEWS: Police Vs. The Occupiers, Darth Vader Vs. The Bureaucrats, Herman Cain Vs. Women, Sadie Crabtree Vs. Irrationality (VIDEO)



  1. C says

    Ms. Elmahdy (the Egyptian student) is very courageous. She’s not just posting nudey pictures, which technically anyone can do; she’s directly standing up and screaming against oppression. Wanting to respect women is one thing, but forcing them to be invisible is not a good way to provide that respect imho.

    Sounds like Ms. Elmahdy’s bf has guts too. I hope their voices are heard and that the two of them are protected.

  2. doug says

    There are more and more typos on this site on a daily basis. Is anyone proofreading posts/links before they get published? I’ve been reading this blog since I was an undergrad, I expect more from Towleroad.

  3. Michael Hargreaves says

    I’m surprised by the strong rhetoric in Sadie’s speech. What is so threatening about the possibility of a higher power that drives her need to win people over to her viewpoint that there is not? Her “all or nothing” stance is more like her opposition than not. There is middle ground where “logic” and faith co-exist.

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