1. tranquilo says

    Eliminating federal agencies for the sake of eliminating federal agencies, with no thought of the consequences. This is what passes for serious policy debate in today’s completely whacked GOP.

  2. Mike says

    Compared to how bad what he remembered to say was, what he forgot to say was almost nothing. It isn’t bad enough we have Republicans in Congress trying to destroy the US, their presidential candidates don’t think the destruction is happening fast enough.

  3. He's Good enuf for Texas says

    Wow! Obviously he meant to say the IRS.

    That way the federal gov’t collapses and no one has to pay taxes, the Republican dream!

  4. Jack M says

    Looks like the American people are the ones that need to have their boots on, to wade through the inane and empty comments from Candidate Sheriff Ricky Repubican.

  5. HadenoughBS says

    Perry and his fellow GOPers have been, as Perry puts it, “stepping in it” for years here in Texas. Believe me, I’d be the last person to foist this Rethuggist joker on the rest of the country. Now you understand what many of us Texans have to put up with from this know-nothing braniac and his minions ruining, I mean, running this state back into the 19th century!

  6. Larry says

    But remember, many of those who support Perry and Cain and Bachmann and Gingrich and others think that Perry’s gaffe was caused by the whole “gotcha” mentality of the “lame stream media.” So he’ll probably make some money.

    No one cares how stupid the president is. We elected a man with early stage Alzheimer’s twice and then W twice.

  7. Billy says

    Not a fan of Perry, but I don’t see this as a big story. Debates have turn into scripted reality shows and he just forgot his line. It’s clear that statement was written for him, like 90% of what everyone else said last nigh.

    Now if we want to talk about what he actually said, getting rid of education bad move buddy.

  8. Chris says

    bigger story was Cain’s denegrading “princess Nancy” line and Romney’s epic flip flop right after he claimed to be steady and consistent…each one of those candidates for the Republicans is a clusterfuck of stupid…

  9. say what says

    he is done

    alone, this wouldn’t have hurt him but on top of

    1- bad debating skills to start with

    2- called repubs heartless because he didn’t hate brown kids enough to deny them public schooling

    3- appeared drunk or high recently

    4- appeared drunk or high the next day and held his tax xcard upside down, noticed it was upside down, kept holding it upside down during the rest of the interview

    5- and now this “OOOOps”

    he is done and his biggest fundraiser last night even said so. His biggest Fundraiser told CNN reporter last night……….its over & time to go back to texas and look at exit strategy

    He makes G W Bush Jr look like Einstein

  10. say what says

    & PS

    now everyone knows why he refused to debate at all when running for Gov of Texas

    If he had actually debated then he would have lost the race for Gov of Texas

    It is amazing that texans are so stupid to have elected someone their Gov who never once did a debate. They should have realized something wasn’t right.

  11. Bobby says

    I know it’s wrong for me to be laughing so hard, because this idiot is seriously trying to get into office, where he would totally screw up the entire country. But that clip is just hysterical in the way it shows him for who he really is.

  12. Jake says

    Yes, perhaps many have had moments like that but how many of those people are aspiring to be the leader of our country?! Our leader need to be sharper than what slick Rick displayed.

    Lets not forget, this was not just stumbling over answering a question. Perry forgot one of the three departments he himself plans on dissolving. He forgot his OWN agenda!!! Perry is a complete idiot and incapable of leading this country, actually he’s not even qualified to run Texas but hey, it’s Texas.

  13. JCMS says

    This guy didn’t get this stupid overnight. This is the governor of one of our biggest states and he has been governor for quite some time. Didn’t anyone in Texas notice?

  14. Paul R says

    Republicans have hated the Department of Energy since its inception. Surprised that didn’t make his list.

    Commerce, on the other hand, has never been a major target.