News: Congo, Alan Carr, Black Rhino, Karl Slover, Pittsburgh

RoadIn which Sullivan and Breitbart are seated next to each other on a plane

RoadDenver Zoo euthanizes rare black rhino: "The Denver Zoo says George, a 28-year-old rhino, was humanely euthanized because of health problems including diverticulitis, chronic diarrhea and continued weight loss. George was the ninth oldest black rhino in the world."

Ows_todayRoadThe NYDN has a liveblog archive of today's Occupy Wall Street march.

RoadLady Gaga wears pink sperm hat.

RoadMontana GOP responds to ACLU lawsuit demanding gay rights: "If the ACLU wins the suit, the legislature will be forced to create a law that ensures gay and lesbian couples are given the same rights as traditional couples. This potentially means a civil union, but to be truly treated the same they would have to be recognized as married individuals, clearly not what the people of Montana decided."

RoadGuess who's back to insult celebrities at the Golden Globes?

RoadUK TV host Alan Carr entertains offer to enter into "ex-gay" therapy program: "I've been asked to go to America and make a programme about those nutters who claim they can turn you straight. I'm like, 'Those people aren't nice, I'm not encouraging them'. And can you imagine if they succeeded? I wouldn't have an act."

CongoRoadErupting volcano draws ecotourists to Congo.

RoadDutch MPs vote to stop civil servants from refusing to perform same-sex weddings: "Under current legislation, registrars can refuse to carry out a gay wedding if they are opposed on religious grounds. The cabinet has argued that as long as gay couples can get married in every local authority area, opt-outs should be allowed. But opposition MPs say this is institutionalised discrimination and want a change in the law. Although the anti-Islam PVV is sympathetic to this position, the party had been expected to vote against it because of its alliance with the minority cabinet."

RoadWizard of Oz Munchkin Karl Slover dies at 93.

RoadGeorge Clooney: Ryan Gosling really wants to be Sexiest Man Alive, and Brad Pitt and I coached him.

RoadCalifornia cities report rise in anti-gay hate crimes: "The most dramatic shifts took place in Palm Springs and San Francisco – both cities with significant gay and lesbian populations. In Palm Springs, hate crimes motivated by sexual orientation jumped from three cases in 2009 to 14 in 2010. San Francisco recorded six incidents in 2009 and 24 in 2010."

FitchuationRoad'The Situation' sues Abercrobie and Fitch for $4 million.

RoadJealousy and a broken relationship motive behind murder of gay bartender in Las Vegas: "Police say in an arrest report that 50-year-old Tracy Dale Kauffman of Knoxville, Tenn., entered a gay bar called The Garage at about 5:30 a.m. Monday. They say he then pulled out a .40-caliber handgun and opened fire at the bartender, 36-year-old Phillip Wells. The only two customers fled out the front door."

RoadPittsburgh prison guards surrender on charges of conspiring to sexually abuse gay inmates: "The charges are the result of a grand jury investigation into the sexual and physical abuse of inmates at State Correctional Institution-Pittsburgh and come two months after suspended guard Harry Nicoletti, 60, of Coraopolis, was charged with 92 counts of abusing more than 20 inmates on F block — the intake pod of the Woods Run lockup."


  1. gaylib says

    that post by Sullivan is a rare glimpse of what the village media elite on both sides of the aisle really think. to them its all just a game for them to engage in the most absurd and vilifiying rhetoric to rile up their audiences while they sip a beer and laugh at us as they literally look down on “fly over” country. Meanwhile we suffer the consequences of their profitable little “culture war”. A pox on both of them.

  2. realitythink says

    First his appallingly stupid performance on Real Time the other night and now this? I should have stuck with my first impression that Andrew Sullivan is a serious ass wipe that should be shunned by any rational gay person. Next time I see him in Ptown I’ll be sure to tell him to piss off.

  3. Leah Cass says

    The comments on the Pittsburgh prison case are completely false and misleading. If you read the affidavit, then you will see that Nicoletti is the ONLY person charged with anything sexual whatsoever. The other guards were not even accused of being there when sexual abuse was happening. I suggest the writer of this site check their reading comprehension before spreading malicious slander.

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