1. say what says


    HELL NO!

    His eyebrows are great

    unless you do drag performances then men should leave their eyebrows alone

  2. eric says

    the clip is generating vapid comments because it is a vapid bit of “art.”

    shots of a cute guy and some supers, even in japanese, do not make a short film. they do not even make a story. the director tells the reader what to think and how to respond rather than showing a situation and allowing the audience to think for itself.

    making a film of somebody ordering his pleasure bot and dictating how he wants his lover to respond would have at least been a story and allow the viewer some chance of discovery. or better still: a man criticizing the physical and EMOTIONAL performance of his lover and that lover adjusting for every insulting and dehumanizing comment because he is a robot.

    story, action and character make a film. this is just a very arty, bi-lingual power point.

  3. atomic says

    1. The language used is Chinese, not Japanese.
    2. It’s not so much a “short film” as it is more like a PSA (public service announcement).
    3. The meaning is pretty obvious, even if the actual wording is awkward. It’s just a message encouraging people to live and love openly. Unlike robots, we have emotions and free will.
    4. Can’t say the styling/props were all that well executed.
    5. The guy is SUPER cute. And yes, I *love* those eyebrows. ^.^

  4. atomic says

    Hmmm…browsing through the vimeo account it looks like this is intended to be a trailer for an upcoming short film. Might be interesting, if the production values and acting are good. We’ll see.

  5. jaragon says

    It’s a teaser trailer in more ways than one of course in order to sensor a robot (or in this case a sex toy android) all you would have to do is program it- in Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics- it never mentions anything about the machines sex partner potential.

  6. david says

    oh wow. Am I the only one who thought this was a PSA for anti-domestic abuse? Did I miss by that much!?

  7. gwyneth cornrow says

    Weird science? Strapping the circuit board of a transistor radio to your arm pit with a rubber band is hardly science, but it is weird.

  8. Bill Michael says

    His eyebrows are gorgeous. He shouldn’t shave his body hair, he should just trim it so he has a nice soul patch and a treasure trail. Wow…, so nice to wake up to…

  9. uffda says

    O Eric Eric your immense and puissant thoughts roll forth as a juggernaut of profundity scattering before them all the pismire commentators who dare to scurry before you. Stagger us more with your golden offerings while we, all agog, prepare the way in abased humility.

  10. Eric26 says

    So much snark. “I wish he looked like this” “I don’t like that” “he needs to shave/not shave that”. Just STFU. The world would be a better place if people kept these things to themselves.

  11. says

    Well as the saying goes… Opinions are like assholes, everyone has(and is entitled to) one. Mr Towle and others find him “hot” others and I find him “not”. It’s called “diversity”. Welcome to planet Earth.