1. ESA says

    While I can really appreciate the hotness, you’d think that for all of the incredibly hot GAY men there are in the world, some of them would surely begin showing up in these pictorials out of the rugby world.

  2. Frozen North says

    Um. ‘Cause if these guys were gay, you’d what? Stand a chance? They’d pick you? They’d some how be in your neck of the woods?

    Just enjoy the support, eye candy, and the fantasy. I don’t know about you, but in my mind, they’re not str8 or gay, they just do whatever I can think of…mmmm

  3. Jamesin BCN says

    I want to thank these men for being fearless…for realizing that showing their bodies off is good clean cheeky fun and at the same time helping the cause of their gay brothers. People, these men are are moral giants…comfortable in their sexualities and visionary in their kindness to others. These are the role models that we need for the future.

  4. Terry says

    I WOULD like to see a GAY MAN being a pin up for a gay audience. It’s only fitting, besides there are enough muscle bears out there. Yes, they are cool that they are allies, but come on, I want to see someone I at least MIGHT have a chance with :-) lol

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