1. sparks says

    Stay tuned. By next year we will have seen pictures of this crowd on tea party or NOM advertisements referring to their “tens of thousands of traditional marriage supporters” in whatever state they’re bothering at the moment.

  2. Bob R says

    Good! Shut it down. Push back against the fascist bastards and let them know that the people have at last awakened to their fraud. I support OWS and only wish I had the strength to be there in person. My health keeps me from being there in body, but I’m there in spirit and have sent what little money I can afford to help keep the movement alive.

    Hang Bloomberg in effigy. Clog the courts and sue the NYPD for every brutal act they commit against the body politic. Make them uncomfortable or even afraid. It’s time the 1% realize that freedom of speech and petitioning the government for redress of grievances are RIGHTS, not privileges conveyed by a feckless and arrogant plutocracy.

    Until the government begins to fear its citizens, we will be controlled by it and their corporate masters. It sounds passe, but I say “power to the people” and corporations, regardless of what political whores and the Supreme Court may say, are NOT people.

    Keep up the fight. Make this the winter of national discontent and nation wide dissent. Shop local small businesses this year. Buy American. Move your money to credit unions or community banks. Let DC, the bankers and the corporate masters know enough is enough. Do whatever you can to fight back. I know I will.

  3. say what says


    Not a single person has gone to jail for the economic fraud that brought about the recession

    Bernie Madoff’s ponzi scheme was not part of the economic recession/ bankster fraud in america

  4. says

    I just don’t see how the Republicans stand a chance in hell of taking the Presidency away from Obama. Yesterday nearly a thousand protestors not only picketed the BOA HQ (the big one in the SF Financial District) but they entered, set up tents and occupied the building. The employees fled to the vaults for safety, graffiti was sprayed over furniture, walls… Four helicopters hovered over our neighborhood, hundreds of police in riot gear showed up but there were so many angry people they couldn’t get near the BOA building. We live on the 23rd floor of a highrise on Russian Hill and stood on our balcony watching the streets flood with angry occupiers.

    Eventually the bank emptied, there were a lot of arrests (80?) and this morning the BOA building is back to normal, cable cars teetering on the hills. Still, when I see/hear that kind of anger I can’t believe those same angry picketers would not rise up at the voting booths of America.

  5. david says

    civil unrest is the only tool that the people possess to face corruption, injustice, and oppression.

    people can make fun of these people all they want.. saying they are too hippy, too unorganized, too impulsive, too unemployed yada yada.

    but the fact is there is gross injustice in the current financial system. The middle class and the poor are so disfranchised by religion, party lines, and social class, that they do not even see we are all in this as a whole.

    The stuff that the federal reserves and the big banks do, is so unconstitutional, so unconscionable, and so oppressive that I am surprised the people haven’t acted sooner. The government sure isn’t going to do anything as the congress is pretty much bought by special interest and banks anyway. So why do people who most likely are part of the 99% hate on others who are trying to make sure that the money isn’t horded and collected by the few individuals.

  6. FunMe says

    John: Starting in NY’s Wall St. is a great idea. They have gotten the support of the world. As Rachel Maddow said, this is not a protest … it’s a movement. But I agree, this has to start going to Washington DC starting with the 12 member of the SUPER FRAUD committee, aka as the Cat Food Commission, that is actively working to get rid of Social Security and Welfare.

    It’s not their money, it’s ours and they want to get their hands on it, too. It’s time for OWS to go after them now. Mic chck and occupy their offices!

  7. Max says

    “I just don’t see how the Republicans stand a chance in hell of taking the Presidency away from Obama.”

    Well, OS2Guy, how about 9% unemployment and $15 trillion debt?

    By the way, Obama’s top donors in 2008 included Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, UBS, and Morgan Stanley.

  8. Alex says

    Shut it down. There needs to be big changes in regulation and reform to keep the banks from using their customer’s money to gamble in the markets. I don;t even see how a bank can claim its depositors assets as its own net value in trading.

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