1. One of the CA 36,000 says

    Combover dounchenozzle and horsefaced beeyotch say what…?

    Coulter is at least being candid by referring to black Republicans as “our blacks”. Since just about all of the right-wingers in the US still think of African-Americans as their (former) possessions.

    Donald Trump? One failed businessman sticking up for another failed businessman. He and Cain are perfect exemplars of the Peter Principle (Google it! But only after you google “Rick Santorum”, tee hee…!).

    Oh, BTW:

    Click it. A lot. PLEASE. Years of fun!

  2. Hollywood, CA says

    BAhaha, Donald CHUMP is amazing. You want us to believe you’re not a racist? Do you not remember telling the President he needed to produce a long form birth certificate like a damn slave?

    Why did you disable the comment section on your YouTube clip, Donnie Boy? What an sshole!

  3. Rob says

    Interesting pairing on this post. Trump is rapidly becoming the male Ann Coulter. Increasingly irrlevant and consequently increasingly strident and outrageous – LISTEN TO ME, LISTEN TO ME!!!

    Seriously, put them in a room, they can listen to each other and we won’t have to.

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