1. Jonathan says

    Michigan Republicans are some of the vilest creatures imaginable and have several bills moving through the legislature to screw over our lgbt community.

    The house passed a bill to take partner benefits away from state employees with the sponsor stating: “Taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for benefits for somebody’s roommate.” They’re also trying to pass a bill to overturn any individual city’s protections for lgbt citizens.

  2. J. Page says

    I am sad to say I am originally from Michigan and sometimes I am sad to say I am American. It almost could be equated with writing “loser” on your forehead.

  3. jamal49 says

    We need more of the courageous politician that Sen. Whitmer represents. There can be NO so-called “religious” or “moral” exceptions under the guise of protecting “free speech” in any anti-bullying legislation.

    One day, Republicans, all of this is going to backfire on you in a very nasty, pernicious and VIOLENT way. It will. Be prepared. It is simply a matter of time.

  4. K says

    I’m not from Michigan, but I am often ashamed to say I’m an American. You could substitute “loser” for a lot of words – bigot, xenophobe, moron, pathetic. Off the top of my head.

  5. John Equality says

    So, if I’m a pagan, I can mock and harass the Christian kids all I want for their stupid beliefs in a magical invisible sky-man? And do so with impunity? I wonder how that would fly.

  6. says

    I fear for my beloved Michigan. Since the Republicans have taken over, I don’t recognize it any more. What were the people thinking last November when a majority of these idiots were elected.

    My guess is they weren’t thinking at all. Result? You get the government you deserve.

  7. Bo Bibb 4301 says

    Tell me again why so many gay people trek from Chicago to Michigan to spend their money in a state that does not support them. There are millions going into their hands for roads, schools, etc., and what are we getting…..nothin! I realize not everyone up there is against the lgtb community, but hit those that are where it hurts the most…their pocketbook. Common decency does not seem to work.

  8. Francis says

    And once again we see the reality that the hatred from social conservatives against the gay community holds NO BOUNDS. These people hate us. Now it’s time to expose these bigots for exactly what they are and use their tactics against them. They care more about being homophobia and promoting homophobia, than they do about the well-being of our youth.

  9. Rowan says

    Another day, another sociopathic move by the GOP. Again, we need to ask ourselves why people vote for these people. And why so many gay people would rather vote for the GOP then Obama. Sick.

  10. Peater says

    Wouldn’t this law then make it legal to bully christians on religious grounds, i.e., if they do not share my non-christians beliefs then they must be going to hell and bullying of them is to help them see the error of their ways because I love them.

  11. Rin says

    I have two comments (where’s Jason???)


    allow me to explain precisely why women are not the anti-gay activists you think we are:

    1) with women not everything is about sexual pleasure. with us “kids” are the end result of sex. yes, this is true. we do have sex for pleasure but…we want kids.

    2) women respond to kids being hurt, injured, or bullied. when we see stories about kids being hurt the vast majority of us, by and large, think: what if that was my kid? and we act appropriately. the nutjobs who don’t are just that…abnormal nutjobs.

    why I advocate and campaign for gay rights in my state is because of my children. who knows what they will be someday and I want their world to be good to them.

    My last comment is this:

    “anti” anything never works. The drug war has proven that. You can legislate against gay, racial, or sexual bullying but it won’t stop bullying. We’ve legislated against homicide, murder, and manslaughter, but people still do that because in the heat of the moment they aren’t thinking of punishment.

    Money should be put into prevention. If it is important that kids learn about marsupials or plateaus in school why is it not equally important that they learn about kindness, respect, and human decency?

    Why not reward good behavior? Studies have shown that rewards work better than punishment with school-aged children. If you can go a whole year without a complaint about bullying someone, for example, then you get three free days off from school or you get a gift certificate.

    I’m not kidding about this. There have been pilot programs using rewards as incentive for good grades by schools or showing up at school and all of them have been a resounding success.

    Tell me which would prevent bullying more:

    getting kicked out of school (which they can be now)


    getting $100 if you can go a whole semester without bullying someone?


    getting an extra week off at Christmas or a week early out of school for summer if they can go a whole year without complaints?

    We reward athleticism.
    We marginally reward academics.

    Why not kindness?

  12. Rick says

    @RIN Boys need to be tough. Masculine values need to be upheld for the good of society. And that requires reinforcement.

    Most “bullying”–of males, at least–is just a test, a test to see how the individual being “bullied” is going to react. Is he going to stand his ground and defend himself or is he going to be passive, effeminate, and weak–in other words, masculinely deficient.

    Trust me, most bullies don’t actually want a fight and they will almost always back down when actually challenged.

    The problem is that boys who are gay have been taught by the larger culture–and tragically by the gay male culture, itself–that they are of inferior masculinity and therefore believe that they cannot stand up to a straight guy that is harrassing them.

    The solution is to change the gay male culture from one of effeminacy to one of strength and masculinity, but that would require a total overhaul and most gay men have been so deeply damaged and believe so totally in their own inferiority that suggesting such a change generally results in the kind of hostility being directed at the one suggesting the change, as you have seen in my case.

    I don’t expect a woman to be able to understand masculinity fully–it is a guy thing–but I have explained it to you as best I can because I think you are sincere.

  13. Brian says

    “Masculine values need to be upheld for the good of society” may be one of the most braindead statements I’ve read here in a long time. It’s very similar to inane NOM comments like “marriage is between a man and a woman” and reeks of all kinds of creepy rightwing paranoia. What exactly are these masculine values? Is it just bullying that society needs, or have you attributed more essential traits to masculinity that society can’t do without?

    And even accepting your unsupported proclamation, so what? You say yourself that butching up all the gays requires all sorts of indoctrination and physical training that will never happen. So, we have two choices. Do nothing and watch gay and effeminate kids die, or pass antibullying laws to try to restrain the straight kids flaunting their “masculine values”. Seems like a no brainer to me, but maybe I don’t have enough testosterone to think clearly.

  14. johnny says

    Rick, your world view is about as incongruous as possible. According to you, a smaller, weaker child is a sissy if he doesn’t stand up for himself when a larger, more aggressive child attacks him. It seems that even if he’s not gay, it’s somehow gay culture’s fault that he couldn’t defend himself. Let’s just throw pure physics and strength and size out the window. If he’s beat up, well, it’s because he’s a sissy. It’s a real convenient way to blame the victim.

    Whereas the reality is that often larger, more aggressive kids seek out smaller and weaker kids. Period. It has nothing to do with their being gay or straight, it’s based purely on size and personality. As we’ve seen over and over, there are many non-gay kids who are being bullied as well as perceived gay ones.

    I truly feel sorry for you and hope you can heal. Somewhere deep down you have some issues that stem from your own self image as somehow not being good enough because you’re gay. To cover this, you’re using a stereotypical macho image in the hopes that you can somehow convince yourself and others that being a masculine, macho guy is the only way for all men to be. In your world, all men are supposed to be meat-eating Marines who crush beer cans on their foreheads and don’t have a trace of any stereotypical feminine traits whatsoever, not even emotionally. That’s totally sad and such a narrow and rigid way to view society.

    Thank goodness that is not how the world is and there’s room for ALL types of people. Hopefully someday you’ll be OK with who you were as a child and figure out who you are now trying to be as an adult and you’ll let go of trying to control others.

    Here’s a clue word for you: Diversity.

  15. Rick says

    @Brian Like most gay men, you have been so thoroughly stripped of any masculine identity that you truly don’t get it. By contrast, 99% of straight men reading what I posted would get it, as, by the way, would 99% of straight women and probably a majority of lesbians.

    A society needs to defend itself against attack and a society in which men have been reduced to sissified cowards will lack the will to do so and will easily be conquered and destroyed. This is the principal practical reason that reinforcement of masculine values is essential–because it would be much easier to be a wimp, run from fights, and, by extension, run from challenges posed by other societies in the form of armed attack than it is to stand strong and be courageous.

    Again, your problem and that of other gay men is that you have internalized the notion that your sexuality marks you as being of inferior masculinity and so your attitudes, far from being defiant, are, in fact, conformist in terms of their relationship to the larger culture.

    The notion that homosexuality and masculine deficiency are synonymous has not been consistent throughout history. I have provided examples before of societies in which homosexuality was a respected expression of masculinity rather than being what it has become in the modern West–and that is the sort of situation we should be aiming for re-creating, not reinforcing the notion that we are big ole wusses who run from fights and therefore represent the worst sort of cowardice.

    But that would raise the bar for all of you and apparently you would prefer to pursue some futile attempt to destroy masculinity rather than deal with the real issue.

    I assure you, though, that your approach will fail. RIN is absolutely correct in saying that you will not legislate an end to “bullying” and those of you who continue to behave effeminately and refuse to try to defend yourselves are simply going to get beat up. And most of you who do so will deserve your fate because you, yourselves, could have prevented it by altering your own behavior in such a way that would not only make you less vulnerable or entirely invulnerable, but that would make you more attractive to each other, as well.

    Your choice.

  16. Rick says

    @Johnny You are right, Johnny, about big kids bullying little kids and you would also be right if we were talking about groups of kids bullying an individual.

    But we both know that a) that sort of bullying is not related to sexual orientation–i.e. many “straight” kids get bullied, too, and b) most bullying of gay boys/men does not involve that kind of massive size differential, nor does it involve group abuse of an individual.

    Instead, it usually consists of a straight guy who is no bigger or stronger than the gay guy in question harrassing the gay guy and then beating the crap out him when he is not man enough to defend himself.

    That is all it boils down to, no matter how hard some of you try to disguise the real issue, divert attention from it with the examples you gave, or offer the usual BS that you just did to the effect that anyone who straight guy who attacks a gay guy is secretly gay himself and any gay guy who suggests that gay men act like other men rather than being cowards “has issues.”

    You may win kudos from the home crowd here for doing so, but, at the end of the day, you will still just be regarded as the coward that you are by the vast majority of the population–and you will suffer the appropriate consequences for doing so. And what really terrifies you is the prospect that gay male culture WILL change and leave you as devoid of any support from within your group as you are from society at large.

  17. Rick says

    @Johnny By the way, I laughed out loud at your characterization that I want everybody to be a “meat-eating Marine”–because I have been a vegetarian for almost 40 years now and was “bullied” about it because back then, vegetarianism was almost unheard of. But I stood my ground, rather than whining and trying to get “protection” and was respected for doing so.

    Your use of stereotypes is just another device. There is, of course, plenty of room for diversity among men in all kinds of ways, but what is and should be non-negotiable is a basic level of masculinity. What you and other gay men want to do, however, is throw the baby out with the bathwater to cover up your cowardice.

    Sorry, but that is the honest truth–and you know it as well as I do.

  18. AG says

    “The law includes a section noting it doesn’t abridge First Amendment free speech rights or prohibit expression of religious or moral viewpoints…”

    I fail to see how this can be controversial. We are not Canada.

  19. MikeMick says

    Just wrote to Sen. Whitmer to thank her. Please do the same. Don’t let dipwads like @Rick hijack the debate. He’s probably been on here for years stirring the pot under different aliases.

  20. Derrick from Philly says

    “…but, at the end of the day, you will still just be regarded as the coward that you are by the vast majority of the population–and you will suffer the appropriate consequences for doing so. And what really terrifies you is the prospect that gay male culture WILL change and leave you as devoid of any support from within your group as you are from society at large”

    You missed your calling, Rick. You should’ve been a Pentacostal preacher. At times you can do the “fire and brimstone” bit almost to perfection.

    Hey, it aint too late, Rick. Maybe you’ll get born again. Then you can be another Ted Haggard.

    Rick, some of your rhetoric reminds me of the time I was Googling “frottage”–you know the grinding weenie to weenie action for guys that don’t like anal sex. I ran across this site called “Heroic Homosex”. These White guys were all dressed up like ancient Greeks or Romans with hard penises. And all the writing on the site was about becoming more masculine, and saying that anal sex was a disgusting imitation of hetero sex. It was interesting…for about 8 minutes, and then it all seemed silly. The average Manhattan Drag Queen could whup most of those nerdy motha’ f.ckas dressed in that gladiator garb.

    Did you dress up as a gladiator on Monday night, Rick? To each her own.

  21. Perry says

    @K. Yes…I sent a supportive e-mail to Sen. Whitmer (Minority Leader) this morning, BUT, I also sent a reproachful e-mail to the two Republican Senate Leaders. They NEED to hear our anger and indignation. If you’ve taken time to read this and are planning to post a comment to Towleroad, then take the few additional minutes to send YOUR email to:

    President pro Tem:
    Tonya Schuitmaker (she has a fill-in e-mail page at: Take a look at her photo. She looks like a Stepford Wife, doesn’t she?

    Majority Leader:

    Don’t let them sit smugly in their offices without hearing from the opposition!!

  22. RyanInSacto says

    @Rick: You’re confusing gay kids with gay men. Look back at your posts. You keep saying “gay men” this and “gay men” that. Gay kids are not gay men. They are not yet a part of the gay culture that you seem to be criticizing. They are not adults. Don’t assail them as if they are. They don’t have the wherewithal that you or I have as grown-ups. You are, in fact, bullying them yourself.

    And before you attack me as “sissified” just know that you are probably barking up the wrong tree. I was raised on a working farm. My idea of fun is wrestling 500lb steers in amateur rodeo and I’ve lost count of the number broken ribs I’ve had. I don’t take lip from anybody and I am sure I can kick the crap out of most of the straight guys I know. I’m sure that all impresses you as “manly” or whatever.

    What would impress me is if you could learn the difference between a child and an adult.

  23. says

    the problem is that wimps like RICK were raised by their fathers to hate being gay. they grow up hating being gay and thinking that they only way they can be accepted is by adopting “straight stereotypes”.

    not all of us had lousy fathers like RICK did.

  24. Justin says

    How on earth can there only be 11 Democrats in the Michigan senate? We’re talking about Michigan here, not Alabama or Oklahoma. Is the MI Dem Party incompetent or what’s the problem?

  25. deppy says


    Your idea of masculinity is actually hyper-masculinity and is only really valid in the United States. You are sad if you think that kicking someones ass makes you a stronger or better person. In fact it’s the opposite.

  26. Francis says

    Rick and Jason are both disgusting, and no-one should respond to their comments anymore. They’re desperate for attention, and are sad individuals who bring nothing to the table as far as reasonable discussion.

  27. says

    Amen, Francis. Compounded with the fact that RICK makes constant excuses to not be Out.

    Yeah. Such a big man, talking about Manliness from the confines of his closet. Pity him. His dad never accepted him and he never got over it. No wonder he hates “femmes” – we’re in a new world where a gay man can be “femme” and be accepted, embraced, loved. That’s why RICK’s angry – all the faux-macho posturing and he was still a disappointment to his father, so of course seeing glittery boys having parental acceptance angers him. They’re loved for being everything his lousy father demanded he not be.

    pity him.

  28. eric says

    pity the judges who might be saddled with applying this rule. Is there a difference between making a prayer circle around a tom boy, telling her loudly “REPENT!” or shouting “You’re going to hell, you f—ing dyke!” Is a religious absolute or can it become bullying? The practice of our rights has always stopped short of infringing on others. Does Michigan intend to carve out an exception? Are some rights more important than others?

    and what if the bullied girl isn’t queer? Is moral objection to a perception valid? Is it okay to call Ricky Goldberg a Christ-killer if you don’t know he and his mom are Pentecostalists?

    what are these legislators thinking? That’s right, they aren’t thinking of anything except their own superiority.

  29. Brian says

    For some reasons my earlier rebuttals to Rick’s attack on my “masculine values” didn’t go through, but I gotta say Derrick from Philly said it alot better and funnier than I did, so I’ll just second him.

  30. Mark says

    I am sickened by these republicans actions. Surprised, not so much. But I want to make a point that these guys arent Christian. What they did isnt what a Christian does. NO true Christian would use his belief to do such actions against anyone else. Just because they call themselves Christian doesnt make it so. That is their way of hiding what they really are an thats evil. You will know a true Christian by their actions. These guys an the damned bullies are far from it.

  31. says

    @Justin: The reason the Republicans were swept into office at every level of Michigan government was not because the Dems are incompetent. Quite the opposite is true. The problem is the Republicans are much better at getting their message out to the people than the Democrate are. I guess playing to our darker nature works. And it doesn’t hurt that right wing talk radio dominates the airwaves.

    It also falls at the feet of the Democratic voters of Michigan. They chose to sit the election out(I guess too busy living their self centered lives to give a damn about voting), allowing the Republican voters of Michigan, a distinct minority of the population as a whole, but the majority of voters in the last election, who saw fit to get off their collective asses and vote; determine the outcome resulting is this overwhelming disparity at the state level of government.

    Michigan isn’t alone here, this sort of thing is going on all across this country.

    …when will they ever learn, when will they ever learn. -Peter, Paul and Mary

  32. Rick says

    @RyaninSacto. You said:

    “You’re confusing gay kids with gay men. Look back at your posts. You keep saying “gay men” this and “gay men” that. Gay kids are not gay men. They are not yet a part of the gay culture that you seem to be criticizing. They are not adults. Don’t assail them as if they are. They don’t have the wherewithal that you or I have as grown-ups. You are, in fact, bullying them yourself”

    This is not true, Ryan. The two highly publicized cases of teenaged boys killing themselves, both of which were discussed widely on this website–one in Buffalo and the other in Ontario–these boys spoke in their suicide notes about their adoration for Lady Gaga and other “divas.” They had also, themselves, made “It Gets Better” videos.

    And look at how much good all that did them.

    The point is that they had very much immersed themselves already in the gay culture of effeminacy and diva-worship and that undoubtedly contributed heavily not only to their personal dissatisfaction and hopelessness, but to their having been bullied in the first place.

    The culture of effeminacy is severly destructive to the self-esteem of gay teens and that is what is killing them more than anything else.

  33. Rick says

    @Derrick You know, in a funny sort of way, our views sometimes converge, although you don’t realize it. One of the things I have found so hilarious over the years–and disheartening–is the phony sort of “masculinity” one sees in gay life–the leather scene, for example. When I was young and first went into a leather bar hoping that it would be a real departure from the prevailing gay culture, I, much to my dismay, found that these guys were just caricatures and did not really even understand masculinity at all–instead, they were pretending to be like what they imagined hyper-masculine straight guys to be like–often with rather hilarious results. There was no experience quite like observing some big guy all decked out in leather with a cigar dangling out of his mustachioed mouth open that mouth……and in a creepy Lauren Bacall-like voice start raving about Madonna–or whomever.

    One of my many learning experiences.

    I find it equally amazing that someone like you can be a football fan and talk about slitting someone’s neck with a razor (like you did yesterday) and yet apparently want to parade around Philly in high heels and pink chiffon.

    You would be a fascinating psychological study, if nothing else.

    I guess what I just don’t understand is why more gay men cannot just be the same kind of normal, masculine guy that 90+% of straight men are. Not over-the-top, not caricatured, not weirded out in some way, but just plain old guy-next-door normal–what I expected to find when I first came out all those years ago, but have very rarely encountered.

    What is so freakin’ difficult about that? I just don’t get it.

  34. says

    This comment thread should be about congratulating this fierce ally for standing up against those who use religion to exempt themselves from treating others kindly and use their false brand of “morality” to bully and belittle other people, particularly vulnerable young people. Rep. Whitmer is saying these special exemptions for religious bigotry MUST STOP NOW. She is making a difference in the world. She is important.

    Discussions about personal disappointments in leather bars are not only insignificant, but they cheapen the work of people who are standing up for the humanity of all young people, wherever they may fall on the gender or sexuality spectrum. To respond to Rick or one of his other sad alter-egos is to give him a dignity he doesn’t deserve.

  35. Chris says

    I’m not endorsing or criticizing this said bill, as I’m really not in a position (due to lack of information) to hold an opinion. I will say that no law is perfect. Laws have REAL consequences, and things are rarely black and white. The idea of protecting one’s right to an opinion, should be sought after too. When I was in HS, a Muslim kid came up to me and asked “Are you religious?” My response was “No.” He then proceeded with “What do you think of Islam?” I said, “It’s probably at the very bottom of the totem pole in regards to religion; I find it pretty vile.”. Guess who got sent to the principal’s office? Me. I could have used more tact, sure, but I had the right to state my opinion (especially when asked). A kid has the right to hold the belief that gay kids are going to hell. Him stating that and being considered abuse depends entirely on the context.

    Again, no child should be bombarded with physical or excessive emotional abuse. But we shouldn’t completely shut down opinions and speech, no matter how disgusting, just for the sake of having no confrontation in life. I just feel like people are ignoring the trade offs. It’s a real possibility that this law is horrible, but this article and the senator doesn’t seem to give a concrete example or a compelling case (” ‘publicans want da gays hangin'” doesn’t count)…. maybe I’ll research the law a bit myself.

  36. Contrarian says

    Rowan, I don’t know your nationality but you asked why voters here in the US vote against their economic interest (putting LGBT aside for a moment). The adequate answer would require more space than Mr.Towle can afford to give me here so I’ll touch on the bullet points if you will.

    The electorate is (and will be for the next few cycles) dominated by older white voters shocked by our rapid decline as a country and looking for scapegoats. A black Prez, gays, and “Libruls” fit that bill for those in a panic that Brady Bunch America is gone forever.

    We have always been an anti-intellectual nation (We’re the anti-Europe) and the GOP plays that card. Their new battle cry is: Who needs book “larnin”? Thump the Bible, hate science and knock smart people.

    The Dems are near hopeless because they are the “Pander Bears” pandering to their interest groups instead of the in your face opponents of Repugs. This President has taken “I’m not gonna be the angry black man” meme to ridiculous ends of weakness and.indecision. As Ms Davis said, Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

  37. says

    You know, Rick, the thing is, for straight guys, it’s all an act. It comes out of fear of being considered gay. Once you’ve gotten over that fear, either by just realising that people thinking you’re gay isn’t something bad or by coming out of the closet, you get over these cultural images of what you’re “supposed to be like”. It’s clear from your writing that you have not gotten over those, and you’re very stuck in a very specific kind of view of how men should act and conduct themselves, that has nothing to do with themselves, but some antiquated cultural stereotype. I used to think like you when I was 13. Then I got over it. I suggest you do the same.

  38. Brian in Texas says

    I don’t agree with Rick on everything, but his voice and point of view deserve to be heard just as much as anyone else on this blog. People calling him a troll don’t understand the definition of troll. From what I’ve seen he hasn’t been abusive or vulgar to anyone. I enjoy reading his commentary.

  39. Brian in Texas says


    Just as many gay men model themselves on cultural images of what you’re “supposed to be like” from other gay men as the straight men you describe modeling themselves to other straight men. It works both ways.

  40. Joel says

    What Rick fails to understand is that bullies are using his version of masculinity to justify their bullying in more ways than one.

    1) Bullies feel entitled to their behavior because they are stronger, bigger, and unafraid of fighting (superficially, when it’s a safe bet). In the reverse, they use this train of thought to identify their targets because…

    2) It justifies their behavior by implying that anyone unwilling to fight is suffering the consequences of his pacifism, size, temperament, religious/moral/ethical convictions, etc. In short, the victim’s identity places him in a category DESERVING of the punishment so noblely delivered by his tormentor.

    So while my partner might agree that gay boys need to learn to stand up for themselves more boldly, that’s only part of the story. The other part is fostering an environment that is oppressive to aggression, violence, and psychological abuse.

    Basically, you’re totally clueless, utterly homophobic, and hopelessly lost to the most rigid gender roles imaginable. I pity you.

  41. Lexxvs says

    The U.S.A. must one of the most ideologically split countries in the world. No wonder how some came up with the phrase “cultural war”; such big difference between each other. The only miracle in place is that there is not a civil war as in other countries. Thinking it over I guess one side would be more than willing to wage a real war, yeap, that would make them shiver with enthusiasm.

  42. Southern Comfort says

    I want to be her when I grow up. Also, I’d pay good money to watch her kick Rick’s ass.

    Seriously, Rick. Does your mother know she raised a misogynist?

  43. Terry says

    Hold on Rick…I don’t care if someone acts effeminately, they still deserve to have an education. People like you would bully an effeminate boy but would shy away from a masculine girl who could beat you down!

    Next, PARENTS need to get involved and deter their children from being bullies. How? A nice belt will do the trick! I will take a belt to my child’s behind and tell them that if they see someone being bullied and don’t do anything they’ll get it again!

    The Legislature has done nothing to protect children, they’re victimizing them as well as LGBT adults. This shall be struck down in court, whether the State Supreme Court of the Circuit Courts. Religious beliefs can’t give an excuse for bullying.

    Bullying is wrong, no matter the reason!

  44. Jerry6 says

    Come on folks! Religions do not like Gays because most Gays do not produce children to be raised to go to church on Sunday and put money in the collection plate so the minister or priest does not have to go out and earn an honest living.

  45. islanddreamer says

    Schools have an obligation for providing a safe learning environment for ALL students. When they don’t there are several possible options. One is to carefully document harassment and sue the school district for a large sum of money. This has been done successfully and it is effective because it punishes the entire community. The other is to organize a boycott of the schools. And, of course, vote these republicans out of office.

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  48. blake says

    If adults can’t protect themselves from bullying at work, home, running for office or the media how can they figure out a way to help kids. Bullying seems to be a part of life as long as you live. Adults are just as helpless but no one wants to admit talk about or deal with this fact.

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