1. MattS says

    There’s a big part that she’s missing. People might forgive a person, but only after that person has apologized. Has she done that? Because she doesn’t come across as terribly contrite to me.

  2. nick says

    Ms. Mayor-you don’t want to upset the queer population that spends a ton of their disposable income at the Somerset Collection Mall in your fair city- one of the only areas in the Detroit Metro area that turns a profit…… we will take our business elsewhere…..

  3. Artie says

    There is a more general discussion in American culture in which many people ask, “Can we have more civility in public discourse?” What bigoted people don’t understand is that civility in public discourse is a two-way street. So let’s examine the following dialogue, shall we, ladies and gentlemen?

    Any female speaker: “Hey, fag, don’t call me c*nt.”

    Any male speaker: “Hey, c*nt, don’t call me fag.”

    If you want civility in public discourse, I only ask that you don’t apply a double standard. Am I reaching for the stars? I don’t think so.

  4. bluedogJ says

    “Good” people don’t call other people names. And Anastasia is right, if she’d used the “n” word as her “one word” there’d be no question.

  5. justinw says

    It’s not “one word”. It’s the frame of mind and bigotry behind it. If she were actually contrite it would be one thing, but I have a hard time believing she’s lost her animus because she was caught letting it loose in public view.

  6. Mary says

    Artie, you raised a good point. It is indeed a two-way street. And I didn’t hear the mayor’s apology. When she meets a gay person does she refer to him as a “fag?” If not then the term was inappropriate for her to write and she should say so directly. When I mistakenly kept switching gender pronouns when referring to Chaz Bono I accepted correction and apologized.

    But not to worry. Unless that photo made the mayor look unusually wide I have a feeling that she is in for the Maggie Gallagher treatment, so the “nom,nom,nom,nom give me more food” jokes should be starting very soon around here! When one pisses off Towleroad readers she or he had better be especially thin…….or else!

  7. V-8 says

    I’m so glad this has finally made the national news (sent a tip to towleroad when it first broke here)…

    she is completely missing the point… the problem is not the word itself, but her way of thinking… it is sad that someone openly running with a tea party agenda gets elected….. hoping for her resignation, but I seriously doubt it…

    she does not understand that freedom of speech and expression does not equate immunity….

  8. Paul says

    Oh, sweetheart. You’re a member of the Tea Party. It wasn’t just that one word of yours we find offensive. It’s every word that drips from your mouth, including “a” and “the.”

  9. yonquersconquers says

    It’s the ‘one word’ people commonly hear when they’re being beaten or killed by a gang of homophobes.

  10. Shelly says

    That wasn’t called for, Mary, when nobody’d said anything about that yet but you.

    At first when I read this I thought she might just be so ignorant that she honestly believes people are upset over “one single word” rather than the attitude driving it, but…. Nah. She’s just trying to minimize her action by passing it off as people getting all bent out of shape over “one single word” so she doesn’t have to face that the attitude driving her usage reveals her as not as “good” a person as she wants others (and herself) to believe.

  11. Gregv says

    If she had said “Qu**rs deserve equal rights,” then she would have been correct that many people (like me) would have been offended by only one word… And an apology and change of wording in the future would be happily accepted. But this isn’t about that one slur word; this is about the bigoted essence of the message she was conveying.
    Likewise, if a white, male mayor were to say, referring to women and blacks, that “b****es and n*****s deserve equality,” then the problem would not be the idea itself but rather the language. If a mayor says that he won’t visit South Africa now that Apartheid is gone and “b*****s and n*****s have constitutional rights,” then the problem is not just the two words but the very essence of prejudice conveyed in the message.
    Where in the world did she get the idea that nobody would mind if she more “politely” worded her support of discrimination against others?

  12. Tone says

    All valid comments, but the most powerful is by yonuersconquers…it’s the word people (us) commonly hear when they are being beaten or killed by a gang of homophobes.

  13. Ray Sager says

    Okay, I’m going to make this clear and I know I may step on some toes while doing it…but here goes:

    First off, to make the context a bit clearer: I am a gay person…no wait…I am a PERSON first before any other title. And as a person I am proud that we live in an America where we can say what is on our minds in private and in public and not fear being arrested for it. I would like to think that that freedom extends to even those who we disagree with. Should Janice Daniels have written that on her personal blog site…probably not. However, the First Amendment guarantees her the right to write it or say it without fear of repercussions. Just as we, a gay community, are allowed to write and say what we feel about those we disagree with, so should she be allowed to say or express how she feels, as well.

    Is she being a bully by saying what she felt? No…hardly. She has the right as a citizen of the USA to say what she wants and write what she wants In the marketplace of free ideas, is it right to silence those we disagree with by threatening their jobs or their positions? Would you, as a gay person,like it if your positions or job were threatened because you are gay and you hold to a belief that is unpopular? Oh wait, that is happening to us! Nevermind….

    The point I’m trying to make is if we are going to ask peopole to respect us for who we are and what we say then we should be respectful to those who we disagree with, as well. You may not have liked what she wrote or commented on, butg it is her right to say it or write it. To say otherwise you make yourselves no better than they are…CAPECHE???

  14. Mary says

    Shelly, I wasn’t making fun of the mayor’s weight. I was just trying to show (humorously) how after a while you can predict what a website’s readers will say on a subject. People in the public eye get these comments about their looks – I realize that Towleroad isn’t the only place where people get joked about.

    And actually, it shouldn’t be long before the mayor is also accused of being a repressed lesbian. And if she were ever to join GOProud we’ll know that it was only in a vain attempt to get her homophobic parents to accept her.

    Despite being from “the other side”, I still love Towleroad. Truly. Heck, Andy could have told me to take my homophobic ass elsewhere a long time ago!

  15. Pete n SFO says

    One word? Yeah, that’s the problem.

    How an elected official can actually believe that two private citizens shouldn’t be able to have legal protection for themselves & their families, is just beyond comprehension.

    If people have to take a test for a license, how come they don’t have to pass an initial exam in order to run for office???

  16. DanSwon says

    She is beyond stupid. It was not just one word, it was the meaning and intent of the whole thing. And to be forgiven, one must first apologise

  17. peterparker says

    @RAY SAGER: You clearly do not understand the First Amendment. It does NOT insure that a person can write or say whatever s/he feels without fear of repercussions. It insures that a person can say whatever s/he feels or thinks without THE GOVERNMENT stepping in to silence them. Big damn difference there, RAY.

    This bigot, Janice Daniels, has not suffered any abridgement of her right to free speech. She is only suffering the consequences of that speech when people step up to call her out as a hater. There is no reason to show respect to someone who fosters hatred and intolerance of us as a community.

  18. miheal d says

    i wonder how she would feel about being called a jesus freak?

    of course, i’m only “supposing” she is

  19. says

    You earn forgiveness.

    Stupid cow.

    And, “queer” is fine as an adjective…queer music; queer film; queer studies.

    It’s not acceptable in the plural form as a noun. Same thing for “the blacks”. Anyone who uses “The Queers” or “The Blacks” in a sentence is pretty much making their feelings known.

  20. E. Thor Carlson says

    @Ray Sager: You are sadly mistaken about the First Amendment. In no way does it guarantee anyone the right to write or say anything without repercussions. It only says that “Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech…” That means no laws to stop speech; not a prohibition of repercussions. In fact, I feel we are morally obligated to speak out in an effort to stop ignorant and hateful speech. If someone says that they support removing or denying my civil and human rights I will speak out forcefully and vigorously against them and support repercussions such as picketing, boycotting and public shaming. Don’t let these hateful people claim the high moral ground!

  21. Gregv says

    @RaySager: Do you really not see the difference between an elected official potententially not being re-elected after using slurs against gay people (and simultaneously suggesting we don’t deserve equal rights) vs. an accountant or store clerk being fired for just BEING gay?
    Is a Klan member or a misogynist or anti-Semite who makes hateful slurs against blacks, women or Jewish people the moral equivalent in your mind of someone who minds her own business and happens to be black, female or Jewish?
    Do you think public officials shouldn’t have to be accountable for ANY statements they make about anything, or just when they are making hateful comments about fellow citizens?
    It’s baffling to me that you don’t see the difference between using slurs against innocent others in society and simply existing in society as one of those “others.”

  22. Michael Bristow says

    I’m not sure which “one” word she thinks is offensive… I think I find two words offensive “throw away” now if she changed them to “framed”, or “wear proudly”….

  23. JJ says

    @Ray Sager: Freedom of speech is not freedom from criticism. That’s the entire point of the 1st Amendment. It restricts the government. It doesn’t restrict anyone else, not even in principle.

    The California Constitution puts it more plainly: “Every person may freely speak, write and publish his or her sentiments on all subjects, BEING RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ABUSE OF THIS RIGHT.” (emphasis added)

  24. Grover Underwood says

    I don’t have to respect anyone who calls me a queer; screw her and anyone who attempts to defend her hatefulness

  25. rafi says

    RAY SAGER, just to add what others have already said: Yes, she has the legal right to say whatever she wants. But that means we also have the legal right to criticize her for it as vehemently as we please. The First Amendment doesn’t protect you from public criticism, only from legal repercussions.

  26. jaime jones says

    I think I am going to throw away my I Love Michigan sweatshirt now that pigs can get elected there.

  27. paul b. says

    This “mayor” has the right to free speech…and it was hate speech. We also have the right to free speech and we should do everything we can to see her discharged of her duties. We also have the right to be at her place of work, her residence & her employers residence to voice our outrage.
    We can call her office, write her letters, peacefully engage her on the street and a million other legal actions…that would make her life pure hell.
    If Fred Phelps can exercise his right of free speech in the offensive manner that he does, and be protected by his constitutional rights…so can we.

  28. says

    it’s amazing, isn’t it? how she has completely missed the point?

    it’s not the word, it’s the intention, it’s the root. we dont’ object to the word, we object to the disgusting bigotry. this is lost on her.


  29. Jeffrey says

    She is a Teabagger. She needs to do some research, Aileen Wournos a female serial killer is from there. Too bad she’s dead, because she would be next on her list! LOL!!!

  30. Tarc says

    I’ll be direct: I WAS going to the Sommerset Collection in Troy (a large, high end mall) to buy my holiday gifts. Since the people of Troy seem to have selected this woman to represent them, I’ll be spending that money elsewhere. I’ll go find some gay-friendly stores to shop at and buy from.

  31. Randy says

    Troy, recall your mayor, or you’ll never see my money again. There are options in this area.

  32. says

    All people have to be held accountable for their words and in this case she should be removed from her job, the appropriate action for a bigoted public official. Forgiveness for bigotry is not dictated by the offender but given by those who were offended. Throw her unapologetic, back pedaling butt out of office.

  33. says

    RaySager, she can say anything she wants but has to accept the consequences of her words, she doesn’t get amnesty because she has the right, she needs to woman up, take the criticism and I hope the loss of her job as a consequence.

  34. lorraine says

    She’s forgiven; she just needs to resign because anyone who is a buffoon (not because of her beliefs but because she didn’t have sense enough not to slur on Facebook)shouldn’t be mayor of Troy. It’s as simple as that.

  35. FunMe says

    It doesn’t matter what words she used, she could have said “those people” … the fact of the matter is that she showed bias and prejudice against a specific group of people.

    She should resign or the people in her city need to recall her.

    City officials are suppose to set the tone for the city for inclusiveness for all citizens. The fact that this so called “leader” of her city is bullying others tells me she deserves not to be Mayor.

    When she resigns … then forgiveness will follow.

  36. Sean says

    The whole statement is objectionable. But the most offensive thing is that she, an elected official, was dumb enough to post this on Facebook.

  37. Hollywood, CA says

    I only stole one thing. I only hit him 1 time. I only lied once. Give me a Gucking break! The fact that she doesn’t really understand why that was offensive is worse than what she said. Until she knows why that was truly offensive and gives a proper apology, this will not go away. I applaud the city for standing up to her bigotry and homophobia.

    Step down!