News: Steve Jobs, Tennessee, Kenya, Kris Humphries, Work It

Signorile: GOP cold-blooded on the campaign trail.

Road48 states now have out LGBT elected officials. Alaska and South Dakota have none.

911RoadThe latest in terrorism fashion.

RoadKris Humphries booed by Knicks fans first game back.

RoadWoman denied hospital visitation of partner in Tennessee: "Rolling Hills Hospital in Franklin denied multiple requests by Val Burke to visit her partner, who is currently a patient in the hospital's residential facility. Staff members excluded her from the room since she was not a legal spouse or family member. 'I went to visit her at the appropriate visiting time and was turned away,' she says. 'We have been living together for three years now, but that didn't matter to them either. The rest of her family is out of town, so she didn't have any one visit her.'"

RoadThomas Jane says he was never a gay hustler and that he didn't mean it when he said, "I was 18. I wasn't averse to going down to Santa Monica Boulevard and letting a guy buy me a sandwich. Know what I mean?"

RoadGLAAD to meet with ABC executives over Work It. GLAAD: "“We’re in communication with ABC, and we’re setting up a meeting,” Kane said. “We don’t know their response yet to our request (to kill the show).”

RoadVIDEO: Britney Spears is very happy to be engaged.

RoadMUSIC VIDEO: David Guetta and Sia's "Titanium".

ChristieRoadVanity Fair publishes 2012 GOP pin-up calendar.

RoadMassachusetts newspaper mocks transgender people: "…if they want, they can change it back."

RoadCan a gay socialist save Belgium? “There was nothing, absolutely nothing, about Di Rupo’s homosexuality in the media here, although in other European countries this historic first was commented upon,” one of the most respected foreign correspondents in Belgium, Jean Quatremer, told Gay City News by telephone from Brussels.

RoadTime to repeal Prop 8 in 2012?

RoadNJ judge awards gay couple custody in battle against related surrogate: "Robinson gave birth to the girls after carrying a donor embryo fertilized by Sean Hollingsworth and was declared her the legal mother. But the judge says the children would be better off remaining with the Hollingsworths in Jersey City rather than living with the sister in Middletown."

RoadLike many places and many professions, gay Irish teachers lead double lives.

RoadKiefer Sutherland mocks the time he trashed a Christmas tree.

JobsRoadSteve Jobs statue unveiled in Hungary.

RoadREPORT: Gay Kenyan men being trafficked as sex slaves in the Middle East. "The report alleges that gay and bisexual men are lured from university campuses –particularly from Kenyatta University — with promises of high-paying jobs and then transported to labor as sex workers for men in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Saudi Arabia."

RoadDavid Beckham and Prince Harry party Arty.

RoadPrince William tries to bust a move.

RoadCalifornia couple files discrimination lawsuit against Hawaiian Bed & Breakfast: "Diane Cervelli and Taeko Bufford traveled to Hawaii to visit a close friend and, based on its proximity to their friend’s home, decided to stop at the Aloha Bed & Breakfast. When they called to book a room the owner, Phyllis Young, asked the couple if they were in fact lesbians. They answered truthfully, says the suit, and the owner then refused them a room."


  1. KP says

    The author of the Repeal Prop 8 ariticle raises some good questions, first and foremost one that a lot of activists seem to be ignoring: What happens if the Supreme Court rules in favor of the Prop 8 supports?

    I really wish our community hadn’t fallen asleep at the wheel back in 2008. This whole Prop 8 mess has dragged on for three years and doesn’t look like it will end anytime soon.

  2. Jerry says

    Re: GLAAD

    The Work It issue is unfortunate, but not for ABC. Crappy mid-season replacements usually flame out on their own, and this one would too if only GLAAD would ignore it like everyone else would but for GLAAD’s free publicity campaign.

  3. Mike says

    The Prop8 case will soon be ruled on by the 9th Circuit. Everyone expects the ruling will favor marriage equality. Then it is on to the Supremes. I know another 18 months is a long time, but in this case the endgame justifies the wait. I can’t imagine the Supreme Court to rule against us. If we lose, then that is the time to do a ballot initiative, which at that point we would surely win. At this point, if we proceed with the initiative after the 9th circuit rules in our favor, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Prop8 people help to get it passed. It would be the best case scenario for them at that point. We shouldn’t pursue the ballot at this time.

  4. GregV says

    Re: 48 states now have LGBT elected officials:

    I think using such an acronym can create a skewed impression. Judging from all the info I can find, 97.5% of those “out” officials in 48 states are gay. A minuscule 1% are openly bi and only 1.5% are transgendered.
    I have no doubt that in reality there are hundreds or (more likely) thousands of bisexual elected officials, but the number who are out is barely beyond non-existent.
    It’s also notable that there is only one Republican out official for every 19 Democrats.

  5. SunnyB says

    I understand that they’re doing it as a joke, but one would think that Vanity Fair would put a little effort into their calendar. It looks like an intern was trying to teach himself how to use photoshop.

    That said, I could look at July all year long.

  6. Randy says

    Prop 8 added this to the California constitution: “Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.”

    It’s very easy to repeal this by deleting it, leaving the “In re Marriage Cases” Supreme Court decision intact, and that appears to be what the Perry case is all about.

    But Love Honor Cherish’s proposed change leaves the Prop 8 section in the constitution, with new text: “Marriage is between only two persons and shall not be restricted on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, gender, sexual orientation, or religion.”

    See what they did? The replaced a constitutional ban on gay marriage with a new constitutional ban on polygamy. (Interestingly they did NOT constitutionally limit marriage to adults.)

    If I had the opportunity, I would not sign this petition. I did not fight for my marriage so I could permanently ban other people’s families.

  7. Tim says

    RE: Belgium’s new leader. She says there was nothing, absolutely nothing? Hmm, I was in Brussels on the day of his ceremony and there was the biggest balloon rainbow I’ve ever seen in my life above his stage! Maybe it wasn’t SAID, but it was certainly NOTED.

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