GOProud Board Condemns ‘Outing’ After Its Top Members Out Perry Pollster Tony Fabrizio and Breitbart Departs


The board of gay conservative group GOProud put out a statement condemning outing after the group's Jinmmy LaSalvia and Chris Barron outed Rick Perry's pollster Tony Fabrizio last week.

On behalf of the GOProud Board and its members and supporters, we want to make it very clear that “outing” a gay or lesbian individual is wrong and should never be used as a political weapon.

Private lives should remain just that — private. The right to disclose one’s sexual orientation belongs solely to each individual. We will continue to oppose “outing” as it has never advanced a political cause but only hurts individuals and their families.

We strongly regret the events of this week.

Over the weekend conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart announced his resignation from the board.

Others on the board of the organization: Ann Coulter, Margaret Hoover, Grover Norquist, Liz Mair, Chuck Muth, Lisa De Pasquale, Christian Josi, Roger Stone, Andrew Langer, Kathryn Serkes and Bob Carlstrom.

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