News: Ambien, Kris Humphries, Chicago, Herman Cain, Gatsby

RoadCampaign announcement coming as Herman Cain's poll numbers dive in Iowa. "The Des Moines Register's poll, parts of which were released Friday, showed the former pizza executive with eight percent support among likely Republican caucus goers, down from the 23% he received in October." Launches 'Women for Cain' website….

Co_signRoadVandals not appreciative of gay highway adoption near Focus on the Family headquarters…

RoadVIDEO: Tom Cruise dances with X-Factor's Stacy Francis on Scientology's slave-run cruise ship Freewinds.

RoadFather of gay teen who took his own life because of bullying commits suicide 18 months later.

RoadAndrew Cuomo reaps rewards of passing marriage equality: "On Friday, Mr. Cuomo is scheduled to fly to Los Angeles for the first out-of-state political fund-raiser of his 11-month tenure — an elaborate event at the home of a gay couple, one man the White House decorator and the other an HBO executive. Other hosts fill a long list of Hollywood glitterati, including the director Rob Reiner, the 'Lost' co-creator J. J. Abrams, the 'Sex and the City' creator Darren Star and the actress Vanessa Williams. The Los Angeles reception follows four fund-raising events in New York in the last seven months that drew heavily on supporters of same-sex marriage."

RoadBritney Spears is 30.

DiazRoadAaron Diaz can be in front of you for the next 12 months.

RoadOne of Chicago's oldest Roman Catholic churches, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, is not happy that the Gay Pride parade has been rerouted in front of it: "Church officials say they may not have morning Masses for the first time in nearly 100 years on the day of the parade. 'Your help is needed,' a post on the church's Facebook page reads."

RoadWaPo columnist rips Michele Bachmann on gay marriage statements.

RoadU.S. Justice Department opens inquiry into prison sexual abuse of inmates in Pittsburgh.

RoadNYT journalist Ralph Blumenthal remembers the first stories about gay rights marches: "But, oh, I was cautioned, it was not the gay march, it was the homosexual march. The homosexual march? I dreaded to write that. Even then it marked me as woefully out of step with the zeitgeist. There was a leaden quality to the phrase, a sniffy retrograde disapproval. No, I objected, they call themselves gays. Gays? Now it was an editor’s turn at consternation. Gay meant happy. Were they happy? No, they were homosexuals."

RoadHappiest dog ever?

WatsonRoadElton John picked up some of Ross Watson's art in Australia.

RoadAmbien is not only putting people to sleep, but it's waking them from the dead.

RoadMore new shots from The Great Gatsby.

RoadDog Day Anniversary.

RoadKris Humphries cites fraud in request for annulment of marriage to Kim Kardashian: "Humphries' rep has yet to comment on Humphries' citing fraud in his filing. But he did shoot down a Star magazine report that the reason for the split was because the NBA player is gay. His rep called the story 'completely false and ridiculous. He is not gay.'"


  1. Dastius Krazitauc says

    “Father of gay teen who took his own life because of bullying commits suicide 18 months later.”

    Technical difficulties: This link goes to the Ambien article.

  2. says

    Of all the news you posted today Andy the saddest is “Father of gay teen who took his own life …”

    We never like to think of such things, especially me. I would have no purpose, no happiness in life and fearful I would never stop crying if I were to lose my son or husband. My sympathy goes out to his wife and daughter.

  3. FernLaPlante says

    I live 1 block from Mt. Carmel and while I understand their position they have multiple services a day and can survive ONE day out of the year without a 10am service (they can still hold the afternoon services.)

  4. RandySF says

    I’m an atheist homo and went to the church article prepared for outrage when I read the following, quoted directly from the article as said by the Rev. Thomas Srenn:

    “Many of our parishioners will be at the parade and some will be in the parade,” he said. “The parish reflects all that diversity. It has nothing to do with the theme of the parade. The change of route and the time brought it right in the heart of our sacred time.”

    It seems like they’re unhappy that nobody will be able to get to church that morning, and it has nothing to do with anything gay.

  5. says

    This is what is wrong with the Catholic Church, they try to censor reality for those not of their own faith… be it a parade, abortions or even a movie. The Church thinks they are moral roll models, yet look the other way when it concerns scandals in their own back yard, be it Chicago, elsewhere in America, and especially the Vatican.

    They do not own the streets in front of their churches and are tax exempt on their property. Just this week in Chicago, another Catholic property complained that they are now being charged for water bills that were way over 100,000. a year.If it was up to me, I would stop all religions and tax payers from getting any tax exemptions for donations allowed on Federal taxes.

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