Help Pay for Funeral for Bullied Gay Tennessee Teen Jacob Rogers


UPDATE: We've met the goal of $5,000. THANK YOU so much to everyone who has donated. I'll have a more specific update later, but I've taken down the donation button.


Many of you saw the news earlier of Jacob Rogers, the Tennessee teen who took his own life after being bullied for years. WMSV mentioned that friends of Jacob's family said that the family is unlikely to be able to afford a funeral, and mentioned that a tattoo parlor was taking donations.

Because it's a bit iffy to send money to a random tattoo parlor, Towleroad, with Slog and Joe.My.God, have initiated a fund for Jacob's funeral - we hope to raise $5,000. Any additional donations will be split between GLSEN, Trevor Project, the ACLU, and the It Gets Better Project.

Use the donate button below if you are interested in helping out. Any size  contribution is welcome. Thanks.

Note: Dan Savage's Seattle newspaper The Stranger (which runs Slog) kindly helped set up the PayPal, so those of you curious about the receipt on your donation should know that's what it indicates.

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  1. done.

    Posted by: Jim | Dec 8, 2011 11:44:53 AM

  2. Yipes! A paypal donate button? Caveat emptor!

    Posted by: NoSleep4Sam | Dec 8, 2011 11:47:16 AM

  3. thanks for doing this.

    Posted by: gaylib | Dec 8, 2011 11:48:23 AM

  4. and done!

    Posted by: Ted | Dec 8, 2011 11:58:31 AM

  5. I donated. thanks for doing this fellas.

    Posted by: Jojo | Dec 8, 2011 12:04:54 PM

  6. Thank you thank you thank you for this.

    Posted by: Christian | Dec 8, 2011 12:26:58 PM

  7. Done. Thank you for posting this, Andy.

    Posted by: RyanInSacto | Dec 8, 2011 12:29:04 PM

  8. Thank you! It's done.

    Posted by: Marcito | Dec 8, 2011 12:32:51 PM

  9. and done.

    Posted by: Kyle | Dec 8, 2011 12:38:59 PM

  10. Sad news from the state I grew up in. Thanks for setting up the PayPal fund. I just donated.

    Posted by: Ford | Dec 8, 2011 12:44:12 PM

  11. Ok, I donated, but it concerns me a little that the receipt shows an email for a Seattle newspaper rather than any of the groups that are associated with setting up this fund. Please advise before I suggest that anyone else make donations.

    Posted by: Charles | Dec 8, 2011 12:45:09 PM

  12. Happy to contribute, if only to ease the burden on Jacob's parents, and to let them know our thoughts are with them.

    Posted by: Jonathan OZ | Dec 8, 2011 12:47:08 PM

  13. Thank you for doing this. His death has shocked a lot of us, especially his good friends and family. Jacob deserves the proper goodbye. This will help out tremendously.

    Posted by: Rebeccah | Dec 8, 2011 12:50:57 PM

  14. Thank you for doing this. I am Jake's grandmother and I am so grateful that people that never knew him care enough to try to help. He was such a loving soul to suffer such torment.

    Posted by: Sandra | Dec 8, 2011 12:52:49 PM

  15. I just donated $25, not a lot but what I could afford. I hope it helps.

    Posted by: Alexzander | Dec 8, 2011 12:55:26 PM

  16. @Charles: The Stranger is the host publication for Slog.

    Posted by: RyanInSacto | Dec 8, 2011 1:18:18 PM

  17. Done. This is a great gesture in a tragic situation.

    Posted by: Francis | Dec 8, 2011 1:38:45 PM

  18. Done. Donated my share.

    Hopefully Jacobs family can find some solace in knowing that he did mean something to a community, our community. That even though we dont know him, that he is loved, even in death.

    Posted by: Danny | Dec 8, 2011 1:47:53 PM

  19. What are the facts of the "iffy" "random" tattoo parlor? I have many friends who own tattoo parlors, including my ex, they are some of the most giving and caring people. I find it somewhat offensive.

    Posted by: CAMPER | Dec 8, 2011 2:07:46 PM

  20. Good job everyone!

    Posted by: Bryce Ageno | Dec 8, 2011 2:18:05 PM

  21. I agree with CAMPER. What the hell is "iffy" about the generosity expressed by the local tattoo parlor? In doing some good here, there was no need to insult these obviously caring people at the local ink spot.

    Posted by: JHoots | Dec 8, 2011 2:30:10 PM

  22. I don't see a donate button anywhere

    Posted by: Paul Carter | Dec 8, 2011 2:48:49 PM

  23. where is the donate button? I feel stupid that I can't find it

    Posted by: Kate | Dec 8, 2011 2:49:38 PM

  24. Let's advocate for change in Tennessee!

    Posted by: H.G. | Dec 8, 2011 3:27:23 PM

  25. Why stop collecting at $5000, keep the paypal donation link up, and let people donate as much as they want... I want to donate!!

    Posted by: Orion >> | Dec 8, 2011 3:35:01 PM

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