Help Pay for Funeral for Bullied Gay Tennessee Teen Jacob Rogers


UPDATE: We've met the goal of $5,000. THANK YOU so much to everyone who has donated. I'll have a more specific update later, but I've taken down the donation button.


Many of you saw the news earlier of Jacob Rogers, the Tennessee teen who took his own life after being bullied for years. WMSV mentioned that friends of Jacob's family said that the family is unlikely to be able to afford a funeral, and mentioned that a tattoo parlor was taking donations.

Because it's a bit iffy to send money to a random tattoo parlor, Towleroad, with Slog and Joe.My.God, have initiated a fund for Jacob's funeral – we hope to raise $5,000. Any additional donations will be split between GLSEN, Trevor Project, the ACLU, and the It Gets Better Project.

Use the donate button below if you are interested in helping out. Any size  contribution is welcome. Thanks.

Note: Dan Savage's Seattle newspaper The Stranger (which runs Slog) kindly helped set up the PayPal, so those of you curious about the receipt on your donation should know that's what it indicates.