Martina Navratilova and Billie Jean King Condemn Fellow Tennis Legend Margaret Court’s Anti-Gay Remarks


Last week I mentioned that tennis legend Margaret Court, now an evangelical pastor, spoke out against same-sex marriage in response to Australia's push for marriage equality.

CourtSaid Court: "No amount of legislation or political point-scoring can ever take out of the human heart the knowledge that in the beginning God created them male and female and provided each with a unique sexual function to bring forth new life. To dismantle this sole definition of marriage and try to legitimise what God calls abominable sexual practices that include sodomy, reveals our ignorance as to the ills that come when society is forced to accept law that violates their very own God-given nature of what is right and what is wrong."

Court's comments did not sit well with fellow tennis legends Martina Navratilova and Billie Jean King, both out and proud lesbians. They spoke with the Tennis Channel.

Said Navratilova: “Seems to me a lot of people have evolved as has the Bible, [for example regarding] slavery. Unfortunately, Margaret Court has not. Her myopic view is truly frightening as well as damaging to the thousands of children already living in same gender families…I have tried to talk to Margaret, but to say she’s completely close-minded on the issue is an understatement…Here is hoping Australia will be on the right side of history and human rights, and become yet another democracy granting equal rights to all her citizens.”

Said King: "I respectfully disagree with Margaret’s position on gay marriage…We have to commit to eliminating homophobia because everyone is entitled to the same rights, opportunities and protection…The more we talk openly about issues like gay marriage, the more we learn about each other. It is a blessing the people of Australia can live freely and express their own opinions because we need open dialogue to help us move forward.


  1. says

    Margaret Court should be publicly condemned as a religious bigot. She is the worst kind of pastor her flock of followers have before them. She should be removed as a pastor and banished from her church.

  2. Robert in NYC says

    Why is it religious hypocrites like Court think that one’s religious beliefs should be allowed to trample of the rights of others? Australia is not a theocracy. Civil marriage isn’t identical to religious marriage nor does it mandate procreation. There is no religious element to it, although Obama of all people thinks there is, oddly, the reason for his opposition to marriage equality. He once said that there is religious connotation associated with civil marriage. I don’t get it.

  3. John says

    As a shift worker i listen to a lot of talkback radio & it is amazing that “straight” people really think we are a different species.
    What is wrong with human beings?
    Why is it we,of all the living creatures have the most intelligence & ability to get it right yet act so stupidly & constantly get it wrong??

  4. truth be told says

    As to Obama’s position on gay marriage: It is carefully honed to maximize votes, and that’s ok, because if you don’t get elected it doesn’t matter what your positions are.

    I voted for him and will again. I know what is in my self interest, just as he knows what is in his interest.

  5. Sean in Dallas says

    For once, I’d like to see these religious imbeciles show some intellectual integrity.

    She’s worried about the ills that are threatened to befall a society that legitimizes the gays…but what does she care? Isn’t she eagerly awaiting the destruction of the world with the return of Jesus?

    Well, let’s get to it then: bring on the proverbial apocalypse. I won’t be holding my breath, though. Hell, I’d even wager Romney’s ten grand that life’ll just go on business as usual.

  6. Andy says

    I love, love, LOVE Martina Navratilova, and I am in absolute awe of Billie Jean King. Not only two of the greatest athletes in history, but two of the greatest people in public life.

  7. Mark says

    I am totally inspired by the grace with which these two sports greats, Ms. King and Ms. Navratilova, responded to this most hateful of public comments from one of their own peers. Ms. Court was a champion of the sport, but has shown herself to be weak and small-minded as a simple human being.

  8. Greg in Oz says

    Dont get too steamed up about this woman guys.
    She’s well known in Oz as one of the (rare in this country) right wing evangelicals who believes that she can cure her flock of any ills by the laying on of hands. I believe that she has claimed to have actually done as much. Not many people pay her attention thses days. Her pronouncements havent hit any of our media over here.
    She’s also the patron of the Drug Free Australia foundation (daughter group to your DFA) and is known for her loony attitudes to things.
    Not that we seem to be getting anywhere with a self-cnfessed athiest Prime Minister who refuses to back marriage equality at the moment.

  9. epic says

    People>Beliefs i don’t how more simply i can explain it, your delusions and fairy tales do not excuse any harm or oppression you inflict on humanity…these are merely the excuses for mental weakness and inherent societal bigotry being foisted as a “right”. we are not born this way; we teach/learn it, its subversive to human progress why can’t we just move on, leave them behind.

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